The 22 22 22 22 day 22 its day 22 enjoys hey guys day 22 no more whispering we got this under control it is time to open up Playmobil calendar police detective and we're looking for day 22 right here right here ready for this I didn't look it good and look I kind of just look this but I didn't see anything I stock colors I don't know I don't know what it is and they don't know what it is and I know what this is but does oh I do see what it is but he already has a hat what ok so you undress him and put on different hat that doesn't make any sense doesn't does that make sense I don't know if that makes sense you can get obsessed we just took 23 dude 22 23 there's only two more days we have the cop we're going to take out his beating weapons we're going to take off his hat I fellows helmet I don't think we have to take off his hair but I'm Selma no it goes on it's a good thing they have a picture of this on the cover otherwise I would not even I thought these might be knee pads though it sounds not even staying on his head all right but then you have a hat that's not being used and how I feel is there left and right for these mittens he's okay these are these are these are cool enough did he have anything he's a megaphone in his hand and a gun that's good but yeah i'm gonna show you his new outfit there he is he's got a new helmet and he's got some mittens on the mittens are Christmasy but i think they're like hand protectors opposed to mittens I'm Barbie the last two days we got pieces of plastic with makeup on them I don't know that's a good thing or it's not a good thing as far as I'm concerned not a good thing 2221 was yesterday 22 22 22 22 22 24 24 no I can't find it 23 22 uh-huh I think that the one on the 24 is one of those pieces of plastic with the lip gloss on it so I'm assuming that this one's going to be the same to like this calendars over as far as I'm concerned be nice if there's one last surprise something good it's a good one it's like the ring and mighty that's another ring its exact see it's the exact same ring it's not even a different color it's my favorite train from the set though so I'm not upset it is so much better than getting one of these or a sticker okay I have to show you these things again if they're just pieces of plaster plastic packaging with like lip gloss squeezed in between pieces of plastic not cool this is awesome however if it's a second one God luckily it's my favorite thing if I wanted to get a double of anything it would have been this because it's like a baked a late 1950s Rick I might just wear now especially I could pull this off I can put a little secret things in there so I'm okay with this I really am sweet the PS delphos oh never mind 20 seconds right of tub it's animal well they can sneak off into the land we still haven't gotten this Christmas bag though which okay with it's not as cute as an animal though Oh guys guys guys I totally forgot adorbs she's so cute it's a little baby angel I have to find her little elf friend though um what can she hear oh you can't see her why she'd wait yeah wait here while I look for look at this sleigh guys it's so nice hey I call it's a sled let a Canadian word for slay or a sled like a smaller sleigh because the little ones we usually call sled this would be a sleigh Oh anyway there he is so the little elf boy which maybe he's not a boy after all because this is a little girl and he's an elf man and she's a little elf girl she's a little angel girl the lil boy or a big elf boy so confusing anyway they can go for a sleigh rides together hoppy don't girl yeah wait they need somebody that pulled us look it could be magic and I don't know um Santa's sleigh is magic but he still needs a mia you think that it was magic it when he is reindeer wouldn't you maybe the sleighs not magic but the reindeer are magic anyway that was a good this but it greatest this has been the best in this is the best one we get up a human a cute little human which is the same as a cute little animal because she's a little animal and what else do we guess oh yeah the the Playmobil stuff was kind of a chip it was a new outfit for the policeman which it's not so bad but yeah um Merry Christmas I hope to see you tomorrow remember to Like comment share and subscribe and check out my latest ghosts of Christmas past videos they're real good they're fun you get you're gonna watch those all right I love you I do Merry Christmas oh it's Christmastime open up your presence toys christmas time new prisons get toys something here I think you can punch something out here or become that is is that Playmobil calendar day 22 which is Oh Barbie Barbie Barbie
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