I'm pretty sure Santa arrives on Christmas Eve like I don't think I'm ruining toys hey I was just thinking I don't really have anything planned for Christmas i have my ghosts of christmas past videos hopefully it'll be 24th evening but i don't really have anything for christmas day planned I don't have any like Christmas toy or anything nothing that's really all you know what i just opened some time in front of the tree stuff that I bought myself can see some really excited about those today you're going to be opening some advent calendars to playmobil one Barbie we're going to start with the police detective sets 23 today and tomorrow the best Christmas ever never had this many presents pretty awesome 23 24 days of presents 23 it's kind of disappointing as we know what we're going to be getting on the 24 like you know the big present from each of these avin calendars actually well maybe not the bourbon but you know what you're going to you know what the big prizes for this one dumbledore here because you can see it on the fox right no no giveaways but the 23rd second last day that's the biggest surprise I think so let's let's just see what the biggest surprise is here a lot of plastic I don't know what does this okay I still don't know black that's all I know I still don't know what it is they better not be parts or they 24 is this the right day third what its parts for the 24th wha oh no that's not cool like that that's that ain't cool what if I I don't know this is crazy okay so we have that I think about this maybe they're just supposed to be like teasers you got this because you're not supposed to know like what is this though why would they give you this just two little black things that have no primer reason and then they have this an antenna obviously but nowhere to plug it into and they have this which I'm assuming is some kind of stick shift and then they have this is the best one and you know how I'm going to show this to you yes little organic blue the things that I almost just lost well I see where do so i can put that together that's one of the things that i can assemble goes on here as i saw it in the picture here i got a blue siren man that that that ayah no I know feels like really cool and that that was that not cool I don't wow this was this was a big day than 10 all right it's okay like I mean 24 is a big that's a big gift the big toy okay compose myself oh ok Barbie might come through with a surprise I know that 20 I think 24 is I saw like there was a map it's like was right on top when you bought the calendar and I kind of saw that it was this big thing and I don't want to give anything away like I thought it was too good to be true what it was now that i saw these i think that that's what it's gonna be a plastic drawing of a thing and then yeah so that's what I think 24 is for 23 I don't know but brain yesterday he's on again they were good like that was a good this was a good that was I couldn't wish for something better okay stupid 22 was there 20 is huge there 20 12 13 15 7 24 is here Oh guys 24 is huge 23 right here this calendar is really hard to open the door there you know what from this shape I'm gonna save yourself a lip balm put lipgloss and get some color yeah now what's a lipstick no this is good this is cool because at least it's in a really cool packaging so funny they started to everything I pink and it's slowly haven't in color I can't get it out bro because it's a little case this is cool I'm down with that it looks nice next to these things and it says lipstick this one is the lip shine and this one is a lip gloss and I guess I want to give any little girls eyeshadow or as eyeshadow expensive or something some lipstick we got two matching lipsticks that I think probably look really good together nice huh yeah that was that was a good gift oh and I didn't show you one of these which are also just little lip gloss but they looked good and it's more of a quality package than this piece of plastic alright we move on to the best counselor ever so I don't know do we talk about what well i think i will here because you pretty much get everything we saw everything here we see everything here there's only two things we haven't seen I'm pretty sure Santa arrives on Christmas Eve I don't think I'm learning anything there there's one thing that we don't have now it's cute enough you can see so let's let's just get in there no surprises 23rd I've been anticipating this one for a while just like every boy and girl want oh oh yeah oh yeah look at that this transparent bag of toys magic bag of toys unending unlimited toys who doesn't want this maybe Christmas i will do a special wrap-up of everything well that's what get afraid of doing who doesn't love goodie parade if you're not following goodie pray so smart so funny so awesome she's opening ah ah that's a lot of calendar action on Christmas if you're not following her go over there spend all of christmas all day christmas watching the 24 videos this is talking owners and she keeps it interesting to subscribe to goody parade today so i can load up this lid we put that in there we get the reindeer will get the sledge get the Christmas parcels in the back the meds will stick this one in here another present special program now we're missing one thing one other thing that we need guess that's coming tomorrow huh I want to thank you very much for checking out this 23rd celebration of advent calendars everywhere I hope I see you tomorrow for the conclusion of a two hunky advent calendar Christmas I've never had so much fun I'll see you tomorrow its presence toy
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