You know who's coming prisons and toys Wow we've reached the final day it's been a great time I am so grateful for all of the wonderful compliments I've had a fantastic time it's my best Christmas I don't know why I've never had an advent calendar before getting presents every day is fantastic and watching all of the other great advent calendar videos on here is one of my favorite things to do in recent years it's bittersweet the thing is I can take what I've learned here and bring it it's really been great to make sure that i did a video every day i love your feedback I want you to tell me what you don't like what you do like what you want to see from me what would you like me to review I'm going to open them up we know what this is oh but we'll have to assemble it too so that's just one connect boom yeah yeah it's a police a TV four wheeler come on find these parts from yesterday like this is crazy that they gave this black box of nothing like I don't know where this goes on here well goes on the back well did I know I could have put this together and this goes on the back of oh yeah it goes this way there was this bumper I showed this twice yesterday I was like did I influence I'm not sure kind of loose on there and there's a little antenna that goes on there like that and then there's the siren that goes on back you're like this I'm / doesn't really stay on very securely squeezed it this way a bit and then put it on I think I'm gonna go toy shopping right after this I know 24 toy shopping oh but toys r us it's the last day of the sales they had great sales on now and they get shipments and on Thursdays I'm gonna start doing more toy hunt videos for sure and they're gonna be toy on Thursdays because that's the day the new stuff comes out alright this is really nice I really liked it I liked it before putting the stuff live as well I will sit the little guy in there his club's look good with the new will be badge logo i'm here at the bank there's been a robbery you're under arrest this set was very violent I'm okay with a feat Egyptian artifacts were incredible I'm gonna show you everything so awesome so awesome so incredibly awesome love love them all right Barbie let's see what she's got 20 or it's huge at this whole section here so let's rip this whole calendar of her I should just open the calendar it's like you can open the sides here but I guess I could do the door please don't be one of those plastic trays be like nice toy oh it's plastic tray however this this is nice this I like see these are our little plastic trays of lip gloss they're just like pieces of plastic with dollops of lip gloss on them it's like packaging material the designs are nice though I have to say whoever did the drawings they did a really good job a really cute French like they do think they look visually but see they could of made like real little containers like this where they had fingernail polish or nail polish and then they even lip gloss like this and they have lip glosses like this and they have lip glosses like this and even lipsticks and don't forget the toe separators oh and the oh oh and the nail file which went over very well but oh yeah the hangar I actually love the hangar this is the kind of thing that I like it's just a cute little accessory and it's probably my favorite and most useful like I can use this about for her bad yeah it's a little prop that I could use for making a video or something it's really cute my rings I'm very partial to I don't know if it was a mistake could I get to that or the same again like nineteen fifties Baker leg rings with a secret compartment which is lip gloss right now see another lip gloss it was a lip gloss calendar scrape of that but gloves and I got put secret messages in here all right who's coming see who comes tonight really exciting ma'am it's the only what if it wasn't him can you imagine it's it's him it's a big box maybe there's another surprise in nature no I shouldn't do that oh yeah should I like I'm gonna before I do that I'm gonna see what this thing is right here I don't know what you know you know what that is it's so you can hang it on my wall I'd be fun you hang this on the wall it's a wall hanger oh I forgot 20 these rings make me aggressive he's sitting down in there ask you he's all crouched down there he is there's the man there's the man of the hour Tuesday it's your special day he is the cutest little Santa Claus ever sorry you don't have not even showing them to you look how adorbs we've got the same hat on it's amazing the chances of us wearing the same outfit can you imagine he's being he's a being over he's being over lightened but he ha he's cute isn't he cute isn't he the cutest this set I'm gonna go over everything I should go day by day what we got but I'm not going to do that I think a lot of noise I know when I we've got a fence a little red fence adorable you got two little crates of food because there are many hungry animals among them are Fox a squirrel those of the orange ones we have a family of deer got a daddy dear a mommy dear and a baby deer with spots how adorable ball is how cute is that oh he looks cute they are all cute we got two sacks one of presents one of grain we got two bunnies one has a creepy eye and one has a normal I like the one with the normal eye but one's a chocolate bunny so yum yum yum yum you kiss and we got two gold piggies one baby piggy with spots and we got a big bori piggy you too cute we got a an owl oh we got a dub oh really cute though he's so cute the designs of these you believe this we got a puppy dog oh shoot a present a little gift I like a little gift to little buddies we got an angel and we got a little elf boy oh no I decided that he's an elf man he's just bigger this is a recycled toy like he's really a shepherd he's a German Shepherd but not the dog and we got this tree let me put the squirrel in the tree squirrel track if you want as your profile tree is awesome that's it on day five I believe ya got that early on and the PS don't resistances we got this a reindeer in grey and he is a saddle for the sleigh which who rides the sleigh and Santa that's right I'm gonna sit right in there this little place you can see for his hands and everything so he just fits in there nice and cozy let's see let's let's pack up a sleigh again let's up it some present from their course and let's put this other present is a special present maybe this one is coming for you this is the one he's got for you my special present for me and Santa to you love you and angels gonna watch over him like I said it's been a blast let's that definitely get this next year if you are a child if you are grown up this is so fun i hope they make a new one next year i will be ecstatic thank you so much for watching merry christmas happy holidays and again i love your feedback and i love your support and i love i love you it's a magical time of year Merry Christmas I've been so naughty maybe I should do my thumbnail like this Santa I'm sorry I haven't been the best this year I have all the toys i need this is my last thumbnail this is my last thumbnail why isn't my last them can you pay off my cracker
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