AGT1 + Plus AuRACLE Gold Tester Deluxe Kit is proud to introduce the updated agt 1 plus electronic gold tester this improved oracle gold tester made by gemoro is still the most user-friendly best performing handheld electronic gold tester on the market today and now it is even easier to use with its unparalleled accuracy you can buy and appraise gold with complete confidence the calibration process has been reduced to a simple one-step process that still ensures the most accurate readings simply calibrate with a piece of 14 karat yellow gold on the testing plate the kit includes a leather carrying case an Ag t1 + tester with a nickel plated stainless steel testing plate and an LED light display a pen probe tester a jewelers file both the wall adapter and a 9-volt battery easy-to-follow instructions and no chemicals the Oracle tester is a non-destructive tester that will determine carat weight in just seconds simply place the gold to be tested on the testing plate touch it with the pen probe and watch the LED screen indicate the carat weight green lights will indicate the metal falls within a gold carat range a blue light will indicate the metal falls between carrots and needs closer examination and a red light indicates the absence of actual gold you don't need any prior training or knowledge to use this tester and there are no messy gels staining chemicals or dangerous acids used.

You can easily test item after item with no waiting between tests this gold tester can test all colors of gold from six carat to 24 carat gold platinum and can even distinguish between gold plate and solid gold the pen probe tester provides immediate test results and is good for 5,000 tests you can easily purchase a new pen probe when the original goes bad for only a fraction of the cost of a new tester find this amazing gold tester at

AGT1 + Plus AuRACLE Gold Tester Deluxe Kit

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