AHNM Doggie Dash and Dawdle 2011 111211

You you you know if you've never been to doggie dash & dawdle you are missing a great day with your dog this is the best and biggest dog party in Albuquerque it's the biggest fundraiser for animal humane New Mexico it supports our 20 programs and it's a true celebration of your loving relationship with your dog proceeds from Animal humaines doggin dash & dawdle also go to supporting all the cats in our care year-round so forty percent of the proceeds from this event helped cats and the other sixty percent goes to dogs we have over 60 vendors every year that have pet specialty products we have contests we have games we of course have the dash and the datel it is the best morning you'll spend with your dog in the year so next year come on out to doggie dash & dawdle and have a fabulous time you what you the Garcia family loves New Mexico and appreciates any opportunity get to support the opportunity community and we at Garcia Subaru of course appreciate our customers and love the animal community so what better way to support the animal community than partnering with animal humane this year for this year's doggie dash my wife and I both love animals and truly we're very fortunate to have this opportunity to support animal humane because they do a lot of things that we appreciate in our life for the animals as well well I started about oh gosh well 13 years ago when my dog Ellis was about six months we thought to be a really good way to get him socialized with dogs he didn't already know and the animal Humane Association does so much for the community and while I haven't been able to adopt any additional dogs I've always wanted to support that so for me it was important to participate for his sake and for the sake of the animals that I couldn't adopt and this is our 13th year he's been coming since he was a puppy we came when I had cancer in 2005 we came when he had cancer last year and it's just something that I don't know if he looks forward to but I know I do and it's just not a terrific event i love participating it's scooter Sherwood here for all the family at home resort living our parent company and of course that means four seasons home products and those famous renewal by andersen replacement windows and doors happy to be a big sponsor of the doggie dash and Donald this year in 2011 so happen to be an adoption business for animal humane we're on our third kitty cat right now named Rosalynn we call her Roz and we're happy to be a part of it and so many people come in to see our home products in our showroom on menaul 5500 form and all just east of San Mateo and they see animal humane proudly displayed and the pet of the week or month however long it takes us to find a good home and in a depo for an adoption and we're happy to do that and happy to be here and this is one of our biggest events we love being out here sponsoring such a great cause but breaking extra bread we're up all night and just kind of feeding people feeding some of the dogs long as they don't get the chocolate chip muffins we're doing good so it's been a fun day weathers cooperating had a good race this morning and that life is good Oh Oh or in florala you you
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