Aiwa Exos-9 vs Klipsch KMC-3 - soundcheck

Hi guys today I thought we will try out something really serious no fooling around with little toys but really heavy stuff look what I brought here. This is the IVA XS 9 and the clips KMC 3 that I got from a friend. This is maybe one of the most powerful speakers.

Far well until the Iowa but to make the clips portable you need batteries or some external power bank but a suitable power bank costs around hundred euros.

I bought eight batteries for eight euros you have to open this door here put eight batteries inside you know it's quite a hassle wet-vac with the IVA you simply buy another battery if you run out of juice it has a sweat ball rechargeable battery here and you won't cost fifty dollars there will be one with double the capacity which should cost about $70.

Despite being bigger. This is the real portable speaker first I wanted to make an auto comparison in the open field but I had to hide myself into the forest because of wind we will have a listen hub of comparing maximum volume later on we will go indoors and have a listen at normal volume levels which sounds better and.

On I will of course be wearing my binaural microphones my head cam.

That you get a kind of first-person impression.

Please put up your headphones and have a listen I will turn both to maximum as we are mostly interested in how loud they can play they equalize a result on the eyebrow it doesn't need any I will play some tunes starting with the IVA the first song is from my biggest Idol opal opal and then we will have a listen hope of compare Oh face with the bitch the father go away and more to solve disappears the I rise still plays 12 the tips is somewhat somehow 12 oh this was a bit of distortion that's for this. This is the IVA eclipse well no base not at this distance I will try going as far away as I can until the group of connection breaks up the Eclipse is already having some problems what the fuck is this Mickey Mouse hip-hop for us. This is the Iver by the way still going well the Klipsch is disappearing not only sunwise but also bluetooth wise I was still going strong let's try a hot strip I'm away maybe well 50 meters or something and I'm still hearing it pretty well the clip doesn't make fun anymore also Bluetooth reaches far notice is wide there is some very slight distortion with the IRA keep in mind. This is still a very early prototype I think my unit is number 24 or something the clip doesn't sound very convincing anymore here you can hear the bass drum I mean if it makes you dance that's for this or our rock stands keep in mind and maybe 15 meters away or even more the Klipsch is stunning is if it didn't have any sub woofer I have another track from opal opal. This is a remix quite bass-heavy let's have a listen how this sounds I'm starting again with the IVA notice why stella comparable it's just that the leaps down to the poor's without base while the Ivor sound still hey body then we simply more powerful now let's have a listen how both compare indoors as you can see I set them up one above the other. This is simply because the table is too small for such big speakers but the IVA is.

Large that it can easily accommodate the clip above you also won't get this disturbing left/right separation but rather be hearing both in the center.

You can also judge better which has better stereo imaging and.

On I will be starting with the IVA I'm playing slightly above half volume for both and well please have a listen the clip becomes pretty muffled if not listen exactly on axis are check out this drivers better in this regard it's for something else the clip sounds somehow stressed there is lots of low best content content in the song and I think this makes the clip suffering I think the sound is a matter of taste but I hope you could hear the differences I think the IVA has a bit more refined sound more bass especially outdoors you could hear that it sounds really powerful why the clips was already suffering a bit.

I hope my video was helpful this time again if you liked it please thumbs up see you then and bye bye.

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