Three hey guys Stan McDonald Lou Corona the light four generator and the enzyme king what's going on we got another video for you today thanks for watching the PowerPoint presentation we had a really good time doing that we're happy to bring this to you today we're gonna do a couple of recipes today that are more on the side of building a lot of people believe that the raw foods is only a detoxification diet Lou and I highly advocate detoxification but for long term success on the raw food that you needed to have some building diets so today we're going to do some almond milk just a basic almond milk to help replace Dairy Milk and cereals for children as well and then we're also going to do a gorilla milk which is a for bodybuilders athletes or anybody who wants to maintain strength and power or after the detoxification phase when you get into the building phase so remember today's recipes are a little bit more on the building side and later on hopefully Lou and I can get into some more detail spacian stuff but right now I just wanted to let you know that of course we've got the almonds this is how these or this is alluded beef right this is what replaced your beef years ago 38 years ago stay nice and hearty ever since so these almonds you can get them check the link below but send an email to the almond guy at raw bunch at and you can order a five-pound bag for 60 bucks shipped to your door there is international shipping it costs a little bit more is that correct yes just a little bit more for international shipping but send an email and work that out with the almond guy and this is the new crop so they're nice fresh tender and delicious very fresh almonds are my favorite nut of course they're the most versatile that the king of the nut and potentially hopefully soon I'll get you a chance to educate you on why that is but for today let me just share this these recipes with you so this will be just plain old almond milk from Lou we can get him up here sure so what's up Lou go ahead man okay first we're going to make some spreaded almond milk we've already soaked the almonds of 24 hours we remember as we explained to you before you fill up the almonds about halfway through on the jar and then fill it with water to the top and then the Solomons will swell twice the size so the jar fills up with almonds and then just soak them for about 24 hours change the water about every 8 to 10 hours and that way 24 hours later the enzyme inhibitors are gone which are toxic to the body the tender gas expand they're ready to go now you can make milk you can make yogurt you can make smoothies dresses Ponte straps Prada base ice cream so the enzymes editors are gone and there's all those some astringent properties in the skin and this is just plain old almond milk I'm just gonna get straight on the milk first of all and then we'll make almond coconut milk and that's my favorite almond coconut milk just like almond coconut this is good for kids or is this is good for anybody who's trying to keep on a little strength extra protein boost right I don't think I have kids with asthma I put him on sprouted almond milk they love it and their husband goes away and they feel great in the canals know well how homogenized milk is actually pretty harmful with people and with mathematics especially so during colouring so this is something that's that's alkaline that acidic and it's system because it's true it's high in minerals and calcium everything else I usually don't use a spoon myself so this is called nutritional essentials it's a protein complexes get all 22 amino acids essential fatty acids put a couple tablespoons in there this tastes so good it's a problem as well it's wrong as plant-based and why is it wrong because it's not heated right so it's technically a raw food in this case all they did was they have other components in there they don't tell you about if it's all plant-based it's all wrong but the main portion of what this is is basically rice brown protein complex and they also put probiotics in there other plant sources in there to complete all the amino acids in product rice for the protein I just that was one of the components of main component and the other components balance out the 22 amino acids plus tocotrienols to confer nose with your vitamin a's so the powerful antioxidants in here besides the amino acids and the fatty acids and the carbohydrates and the probiotics it really enhances not only flavor but enhance with the nutritional value of what we're putting in here so I just put some in there and then I'm gonna put a few dates in there so that it's more nutritionally equivalent to like cow's milk or something a lot more nutrition in it than just the almonds well you know that we're the only species that continue drinking chamomile for any kind of animal milk after we've been weaned from our mother right we're the only species that does that so what I'm saying is if you want if you want to continue drinking animal milk we're all organic goat's milk is the better milk because it's closer to your mother's milk you know human mother's milk but you know what's even better than that is almond milk and wait until you taste the almond coconut milk that's like off the charts and talking about rich creamy tasty but full of amino acids fatty acid carbohydrates calcium and minerals and the whole but we're gonna make a ruling - so if they don't have this but then they can still just do with the dates the almonds it's jitan and it's really good - it's really this is just boost it up to another one takes it to another level and their shirts and tastes oh yeah it's really smooth a tasteful Nevel but nutrition wise it's it definitely enhances the nutritional back so some people don't make it on the long term on the raw food because they're not getting enough aminos right essential fatty acids so we want to make sure we give them a nice big blast of protein carbohydrates and fat so that they can continue manufacture muscle hair skin and bones and that kind of thing regenerate the organs in the body because people will actually protein deficient they don't even know it I mean all this protein but the question is are they actually digesting and metabolizing it and utilize the net right properly eliminating it no they learned that from the PowerPoint that we went into so if you haven't seen the PowerPoint presentation there'll be a link down below creating radiant health and beauty naturally it was hour and a half PowerPoint presentation we did on on those types of subjects so I put some yeah purified alkaline structured water in from the KO machine or just so kagan or geothermal if you don't have that in just the best water you can get your hands on yeah I'm just gonna run to the big strainer first get the big stuff so I'll reiterate real quick cuz I'd like to make it real simple for everyone a cup of soaked almonds a dash of sea salt four or five dates and to take it over the top a couple of tablespoons of nutritional sample this is going to Anila so this right here the nutrition essentials is going to make the kids go hey yeah mom I'll drink that again and it's natural vanilla so L and then so I was gonna say one cup of almonds - Himalayan sea salt four or five dates and what was that about four cups of water yeah and then there you go pretty simple right I need three cups of water and definitely better over some odd fruit you could make them usually cut up some apples raisins and toss that over the top of Sirach fruit I think that I don't know if we have nut bags we should though Krista will put some on there I bet though one now that you mentioned it it's a good idea to get a nut bag these are great for a lot of different reasons you can take juice take all your veggies and fruit add some water blend them up with the Mik juice this way if you don't have if you only have a blender and you don't have a juicer you can make green juice with the nut milk bag you can also make incredible cheese as you take the sunflower seeds and make the sunflower milk and then you leave the the the C cheese in the bag with the probiotics already in it and then about three or four hours later you have C cheese it's already pre digested and that's the secret to the reason why a lot of people end up going back to animal products when they're trying to be a long-term raw vegan and they feel a little bit better after a while but Lou and I have both been you know you know from the universe told that we shall not take the flesh of animals so that's just our a personal thing and that's what we share with everyone because there must be a reason why it tells us to do that since our intention is to be radiantly healthy and to be the most filled with the allow the light to come through us and it must have something to do with that you can write so that you understand why we don't eat animals and stuff like that what the potential problems checkout definitely again they'll be a link down below linking you back to parts one two three and four of the introduction to Luca Roma stuff we're on mission to get this message out there for the kids for the adults or anybody who's sick or suffering we just believe in the living and the raw food way we don't heat up our food we don't want to destroy the micro nutrients in the food we want it to be bioavailable so that our cells can function optimally that's what we want to share with the world I want to give you just a little taste of it just by itself oh it's I gotta go guys see ya man this is off the hook off the rack yeah it sure is mmm the key to long-term success on a raw vegan diet which I hate titles but you know it's that's what works is making sure you get enough amino acids and fatty acids you know yeah we definitely enjoy fruits and vegetables and herbs but when it comes to the seeds we've learned how to soak them germinate them culture isin this is the you know this really meant that we're about to make but basically gonna take this milk that we're making and we're gonna mix it with marine juice and we're gonna do that in a few seconds so why I'm going to go ahead and do the coconut meat I'm going to add coconut meat coconut water to the milk and make all the coconut well I'm doing that you make the green juice the green juice has seven sticks of celery one cucumber 1 bunch of parsley one bunch of cilantro and one bunch of black kale and throw a couple apples in there to make it a little bit nicer to drink you know that's kind of like for the average person advanced version would leave the apples out right right okay but it goes down very nice phenomena for you so we're gonna take the milk the only coconut milk and mix it 50/50 with a green juice and the milk together okay that's the kind of I mentioned one thing real quick Lou and I both believe in the detoxification process with the fruits and the vegetables but moves got 37 years of experience or 38 years now of experience and he just finds that most people aren't ready to just jump into a real no fat detox diet this is young kokanee mean by the way so we make these recipes to make it possible for the people to get off the heavy cooked foods so that they can be satisfied and start moving slowly in the direction of healing and health that's right and this softens it up makes it so much easier to continue cleaning building at the same time and it tastes phenomenal I'm going to put the coconut water in here all of the wisest healers and that they might have had an intense movement because they were like an emergency trouble but most of the wisest healers end up just getting everybody to slowly but surely change so there doesn't have to be a lot of do Oh you can tell we get excited right this is what the world needs so ha a little more energy a lot more love healthier your body to function in it's a lot harder to enjoy life when the body's breaking down you know and I don't know about Lou I've never seen the raw food diets with a raw living food ayat' and not work so until I see the raw living food diet not work then I'm gonna have to keep on promoting it I mean I've never seen anybody not do this and not have some type of improvement in some areas of their life no matter what degree of level they end up taking it to and the people that really do what I tell them what I say hey man you know drink drink green vegetable juices and eat fruits and get lose the weight they do it I had a friend who lost 95 pounds in 90 days I've got hundreds of friends on YouTube and Facebook who are just shedding the pounds like it's nothing I just watched the thing on obesity last night man we got a chronic issues in this society big-time and we've got junky food manufacturers who own everything they own the they own it all and so that word is here to counterbalance that to speak a higher truth to get you a chance to lose the weight naturally so you don't have to get cut up you don't have to get liposuction you don't have to get your colon cut up you don't have to get your stomach cut off you don't have to get your gallbladder and thyroid removed God put all that stuff there for a reason don't cut it out just clean it out can you did it I know they can is this the coconut oh boy next level oh man and then amazing thing too I mean you could live off this right here oh it would be I bet you could live off this karela Melford long periods of time and stay very healthy yeah because these all these fatty acids and amino acids these are what the cells need to repair but they're also broken down and so easily to absorb the deficiencies of the amino acids and protein are out the door once you start doing this you'll have your strength and power and you don't have to go back to animal products I have nothing against people that eat animal products I just was told straight up the first day I read that book dead animals are rotting corpses I was like look how I was a 200-pound bodybuilder who ate meat all day every day 12 eggs for breakfast pancakes pounds of butter I was just in bad shape dude my whole outlook on life was in bad shape and when I read that book they have seen gospel of peace I was like wow I mean that was like the first time I'd ever experienced like the light of consciousness shifting and I mean that book just changed my whole life forever to this very day I still think about that book every single day about fasting I'm just going for it all the weight for me it's like I look at it like when it's said to make a place worthy of the Lord to inhabit when I think of that I'm like trying to clear my heart trying to clear my stomach trying to clear my mind so that the lord of this universe can just come in to be fully till I disappear into a flash of light so that's the work that I do it's not just about the food it's about every single level but this here is kind of little a nice it's our gift to the world but that doesn't mean in our personal life we're not constantly working on the heart and the mind as well and inspiring and you know trying to teach other people the same thing to forgive everyone you know because you saw in the last video in the introduction when I was at the pool man if you if you don't forgive it's just gonna be really hard to get that light love energy flowing to make this kind of thing more practical so you're hitting the body with this you're hitting the heart with total forgiveness I want you to make sure that you see this this is the black kale it's very very rich it's amazing super high in protein really high in minerals it's phenomenal we're overloaded black Kayla's got me one of the most mineral rich foods oh yeah this story is this I mean if your mineral deficient I like to eat kale to keep my teeth strong others to on leaves you know I'll just need a whole bunch of leaves in just one sitting you know if I just drink a ruler milk I love it or yeah or you could just drink girl a book and just go get that stuff sucked right in there you know without that's why these modern tools are so great but we're all very busy the stress levels are more than they've ever been so we just use these tools to help maximize our program you know so that we can make the best of this world as it is some people have a lot of utopian ideals and I think that's cool I'm kind of one of them but it's a sense of helping people humility is really helpful and these tools just make it easy I mean drinking juice is fun you know I've enjoyed myself drinking juice every day for the last 12 or 13 years I can't remember but it the juicing wakes you up it kind of wakes up your brain because she's finally start feeding your brain real living electrical type foods from the planet it brings you back down if anything is going around you it's going to the leafy green earth if anything's gonna bring you to an ascending type of consciousness it's gonna be the fruits of the tree so we use a good balance of everything that's why I love working with Lu Corona cuz I'm learning so much when he's 38 years on raw foods you don't find that very often and he's very successful because he's happy energetic I mean 59 years old come on whatever the guys doing I'm gonna shut up and listen okay I'm very fortunate to be able to be here working with him to bring this stuff to you guys and so the reason why I think mu succeeds I'll let him take over here real quick is because he's getting enough of the essential fatty acids and amino acids of course he went through the detox phase watermelon for 45 days nothing but the big bowls of greens like this for a few months couple months just a bowl of greens and water so he did the detox but most people aren't as intense as him and I that are just gonna go straight into a no fat detox well I was determined to get well remember yeah so how it determined are you is it on a scale of one to ten or you just need one who's like oh I'll just give up one burger a day or are you like a 10 who's like holy crap man I'm on the juice I'm on the fruits I'm gonna do soak my nuts and seeds I'm gonna do this and regenerate my life and become what I came here to be which is my full potential yeah well what I'm about to put together here just to make gorilla milk so we already made the almond milk or almond coconut milk however you want you can do even coconut milk by itself like sometimes I make just coconut and water together whip it up and I got milk it's the coconut meat and the water again the water okay yeah I'll put a pinch of Himalayan salt in there you know but but I'll use that milk with the green juice but if I have almonds already soaked up ready to go I'll make almond coconut milk if I have the coconuts it just depends what I have on hand but this time we had access to the almonds and the coconuts together so we made almond coconut milk you tasted it it was off the charts right so now we're gonna take the green juice we're just super high in chlorophyll vitamins minerals Thompson's phytonutrients chlorophyll galore look at that super green but if you taste this it tastes pretty strong right yeah in fact why don't you get a thing a little taste now you know me you guys know me I drink this stuff like every day but the average person is gonna drink this and be like I'm done with this raw food trap we'll see the mean that tastes fantastic with the apples in it even it would taste fantastic but your taste buds get used to it and you learn to relish the bitters you know the usual thing okay go ahead but with an average person out there I mean I enjoy this myself because the only kokkonen don't remember with nutritional search excuse me when you Trisha essentials in it it just like completes it so there's so much more than plenty of them you know all the amino acids all the twenty amino acids is in here all the sense of fatty acids carbohydrates in here rich in calcium and minimus right but this takes it to another level so let's call 50% juice green juice so this is a little bit more time consuming than a lot of the stuff that I do but this is so worth it because look what did it take us not even twenty five minutes to do this now we can just drink on this all day long and for if we're in that fit in this type of face like this would be something that a bodybuilder would drink you know drink a quart of this after the workout oh yeah absolutely you're gonna recuperate so fast you're not even be able to believe it because it's gonna be instantaneous recuperation oh yeah for sure I mean this just goes right into every single salad you'll be able to go right back to the gym the next day but if you're a meat-eating bodybuilding carbohydrate takes like three days to recuperate after squat workout this is like a two hour regeneration Wow man yeah it sure does this is life baby its are these recipes in your little ebook that we've got down the road milk actually we're going to to it oh that's not in there yet yeah well I'm coming out with a book in the future yeah that little book there and it's like the book before the book actually comes out in the future it's gonna be like animal let me plug the book anyways it's Lou's recipe book it's got some really cool stuff in there on enzymes and all the principles on how to live a good life 24 different recipes unfortunately this one's not in there and it's a bit down yeah then you have it now I'm usually I'm Way more like you know I can lay it out for real easy this is a little bit more Dan and Lou kind of but you know I'm sure they'll be able to watch it two or three times and get it thanks for letting me make these longer videos but I have to bring you this stuff with Lou I have to bring you this stuff that's coming out of my heart the world needs it right now these videos aren't about my ego getting up on stage I just all this information is in me Lou and I can talk for health on health for hours and we're gonna have to bring you a lot more stuff this spring when we get together to make some more videos because well there's just so much more to share exactly so let's wrap it up a little whatever well I'm just gonna say this I need to go mm-hmm so what'd they do with this whoever's listening to this recording I think you get a sense of our love and our gratitude for this life and appreciation for every moment we get to have to Mellie live but to be able to serve and contribute to all those that are they have ears to hear nice to see you no heart to feel what we're coming from so embrace these teachings so that you can have a powerful life for yourself well that goes to each one of you are the most each one of you amen alright so thank you very much for subscribing to these videos and also thank you very much for checking the links book below before you ask any questions and also I wanted to also put Tyler and Dodie's number down there again vital life foundation calm there'll be a number down there for questions about probiotics and desires and the nutrition essentials there are highly and the enzyme so that we avoid answer any questions you have also if you want to get your hands on some of these almonds these are 60 bucks for a 5 pound bag email my the almond guy at raw Bunch at thank you very much my friends I am so honored to bring you this information choose life today peace
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