Alt Oberurseler Brauhaus Germany Küpfer Beer Review

Today we're going to cover the coop for beer from all over her salur bra house I just finished editing the two videos and uploaded them to YouTube decided to check on the weather outside it was pretty cool in the house but funny and it showed an 85 degrees.

So let poor this beer and give it an initial taste and take a picture of it I'm moving the operation outside and because it's gonna be outside in the Sun I'm going to try out my stein that I purchased a while back and as you can see it's got a cover keep the bugs out keeps the bees away it will be good for getting some sunshine.

Without further ado let's pop this guy open kept going resurrection like hand little orange tinge to the head oh yeah cause Cooper which means copper it almost has like a copper color into it let's see what we got for an initial faith good mouthfeel white lotus light on flavor I think this got called for a full beer review.

We'll see you outside problem was drinking beer if you don't exercise enough is you get a beer gut.

My apologies for that but I have the alt / Ursula's for beer in here see it's got the nice cover keep the bugs out plus the bugs can't smell the beer which is one of the main attractors you open a bottle of beer it's like man they're all over the place.

Nice and cold time to get some rays get some vitamin D to go with this vitamin beer look beers not bad helping that one of the best uses of yoga man but you gonna make doing a pinch and I don't even have to be on a cruise to get the Sun mmm not good oh we're down to our last swig of the coop for beer from all over Earth allure I think it makes a fine session beer I had to give it a thumb I give it a thumbs up I don't don't see why wouldn't add this to my list of beers to buy when it becomes available oh not a lot of flavor but it's got just enough extra flavor that it's not the typical beer.

I like it for the in in that respect.

Maybe I should mark my calendar for next year when it comes out again.

I get me another bottle or two.

I guess that ends this peer review thank you for putting up with my nakedness while doing this video but 85 degrees Wisconsin we're in the Sun. All right, we love the Sun because you get not enough of it.

Cheers to the beer lovers cheers to you for watching my video even though you're not beer lovers I appreciate it if you knew make sure you subscribe click that thumbs up tweet it share it and I'll see you on the next beer review ladies and gentlemen until then now raw.

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