American Trying CANADIAN SNACKS For The First Time | Prince Edward Island Treats!

I knew the pickle hi guys so today we're doing a little snack box sampling from Canada whoo I'm so excited I've been dying to try this box my sister and I we reached out to a really cool couple on YouTube their channel is called Brad and Nikki but their channel is all about just sampling different foods people send them boxes and they send boxes back of just food from all around the world and it's incredible it was so cool we just had to be a part of it so it's Chinese snacks so the first bag is its massive round that it's a chocolate which I love and there's a baby charlie with his baby journey okay so this looks like it says lucky fox snack Co I would say it's essentially just um like caramel covered corn maybe called island mix looks really good it's so cool seeing all these products that have like French the French language okay we're just baby charlie that's good that's good stuff just just careful porn maybe you think baby Charlie don't take it that she's too picky here but she likes it okay next in the bag is some world of play balls poutine french friendships gravy I was wondering I'm not exactly sure what something is if that's even how you pronounce it but I think it's kind of like crazy right Oh pretty good I think they're pretty good mmm you know this tastes like like the brown gravy you just put over your mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving and I love it it's so good it's very good I like that see what kind of hesitant next out of our bag is creamy dill pickle chips we've got the cute little pickle in here it looks like you almost have the cowboy hat I knew that the heat pickle not a nice reaction sorry man good oh it's some strong Oh weird it's exactly there's like a very very strong like dill pickle chip okay Roxanna these little bad boys move on let's keep with the chip your Humpty Dumpty basic basically Cheetos like those sounds are pretty good moving on there are four little jelly sticks in here I'm not exactly sure how to eat these I'll just cut it off the first one huh it's goopy my gosh this is I got a gusher alright so I'm to try one more since there are you know supple but I have to try his broad one because I'm curious what flavor this could be Oh don't drip I think it's like soda flavor like coke like a coke gosh art that's interesting I don't really like the consistency but it still tastes very good very sweet next piece of snack this looks interesting this is like the essence of Canada in a candy bar there's like a little maple leaf in the corner it's called a pal of mine fudge and peanut open it like little chunks so here's the piece I was expecting it to be harder it's actually pretty soft this is kind of it reminds me a little bit of like a milky way kind of just like a normal candy bar but softer pretty good so that's five in peanuts so it's kind of expecting like a Reese's but pretty good curious okay next one oh yeah my first all if I thought this was so strange hello Roman nougat it's a chewy fruits nougat bar so we're up anything like this here so very fancy to dry click a little white bar with candy isn't it Oh oh so stuck to my cheese mmm it's like sour very sticky oh my gosh this is just something else how'd you like gatorade Gatorade and this appearance and for next one just some love hearts candies cute oh yeah so these look a little different like this and they're kind of candy hearts here so these just come in like little circles with outlines of hearts very cute very crunchy there's our sweetheart exactly like big sweet hearts and it loves meters alright next treat we have those gummy lobsters it's with an intriguing Gable's chocolate I guess that's the story I bought it from depression viviana queen of fish these are good this was a good guys nice treat in the box you have two little cherry blossoms and upset with this because I don't like cherries chocolate but I'm gonna eat it for y'all so it comes in this little box little present of aluminum foil let's just rip it open get it over with this is massive so we're gonna take a bite just go right in this huge I can't even bite it the rock is expansion we have set hike this here that is similar like in our little candy hard Valentine's gifts you know they have to never chocolates that are stuffed with cherries I'm not a fan of it thank you for sending here we have little pop ice candy sticks please look crusher I love that show going up oh okay these are good I remember reading it as a child a lot harder than I remembered next street there's a lot of candy and hey love that it's some Smarties and hot dudes before but no it's filled everywhere here I'm gonna try this pink one oh these are different they're not like regular sponge we have Smarties here too but they're not chocolate this one I just like big M&Ms I'm so happy it's very really good thank you next packaging we have here the fizz in double bubble this games awesome I love double bubble Oh so anything that's double bubble fizzbin it's probably gonna be great so this is pretty big I'll show them I'm really feeling in my mouth it's like chalky delicious bubblegum sick frothing my mouth this is really good a publisher to save us for the end cuz it's done next one we have is a mars bar I feel like I've heard of this before but um yeah so another cute little reminder that it is Canadian as they have all these awesome little needs on them the maple leaves it's very cute mmm thinking about it smells like syrup that's a great kind of scent to trigger this is really good it's very very sweet it's just like a maple syrup chocolate candy bar also there is a massage of little candies in here I think there's a chocolate coin even small little maple leaf candies and carrot I love this it's so cool I feel like such a little tourist let's try this guy hard tastes just like similar to let the butterscotch candy and I love those those are delicious mmm yeah it's just like it I mean in a way more adorable shape really sup so then there is this in this look o at the Canada dollar I've tried this before so I'll try this next oh and the next piece it looks like a little in her clients this flavor is exactly like the candy I just tried only in like a soft gummy form I would say this is like the equivalent to a tootsie roll just kind of consistency and everything for like butterscotch flavor pretty good at last we have that a can is a dollar right here cool oh it has like queen elizabeth ii on it that's pretty cool where's luck chocolate coins sure she'll look very familiar it's really good isn't it y'all fault so the last piece we live in here is a little kinder surprise and this I was actually informed that it is illegal top here in the US because it comes with like little toys on the inside so it's very easy for small children to choke on them I have happens before but it's so delicious it's like a little chocolate egg and then it has white chocolate on the inside and then a little toy in here which I'll open and show you is just so darn cute oh that reminds me of Easter like little chocolate eggs so here's the egg on the inside oh yeah oh how cute and it comes with all the little toys and like a little picture and instructions oh I'd like a little book or something oh it has the points on it so this is a little angry bird toy so here we go it took some figuring out so I guess your fingers like the little golf club you just hit this Angry Bird Lake so yeah oh my gosh and we were so lucky to receive with some historical calendars which is always great to get yay thank you so much this calendar is it shows all the different cities inside of Prince Edward Island which is so cool maybe we hang this up as soon as we finish this so I guess that finish of it this was so fun and this was a great experience thank you so much Brad and Nikki for just collabing with us and if you like this video go check out their channel and you can send them stuff too and so if you guys liked this video please click thumbs up or comment if you have any questions or if you want to say anything yes I know I'm sitting on the ground like a hobo this is my living room so yeah subscribe please and go check them out and thanks for watching yeah this is the weirdest thing in the box the name of it is really cool gummy and bloody bears and it says it is sealed for safety and freshness what why do you need to be kept safe from candy
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