Anna and Elsa Toddlers Dolphin Adventure! Ocean Boat Fun Barbie Chelsea Swimming Porpoise Mermaids

You're gonna love this I promise can we have equal light bulbs oh sure that it is very much fun he's going to cement the money go there's two puppies though I guess on your and jealousy Cooper. Okay, puppy and anything else you go in cried access I'm going to join - yeah Oh Bobby. Okay, baby very peppy for one you're gonna laugh the white boy only fine I'm coming back body [Music]. Okay, girl who's ready I'm going to crisis boy doc hold on and [Applause] I'm Chelsea - I speak dolphin go I just beat dolphin and he sang my name is Paco and I love you girl can you be my friend I love your head you want to come swimming with me baby can be a swimming an aerial and sparkles I take Oh having a swim in the water with the dolphin to be awesome fun and get out of snorkel gear in the clear fire service I'll just enter the boat over here I guess why that's a beautiful car Olivia hello one cookie shiny Maya Burson pretty slick huh beautiful Chelsea audio come over here are.

Pretty lady is aho I'm calm I can see the bus ANCA cool Wow see how I can see it too I look the pretty call I know Chelsea I can see it.

Amazing van Halen can order pretty town and I make it it's register excuse me on a mobile a black light that's how you ever heard of a be blurred non-admin a kind of the first place right all because you're not a mom is what you were like for second turn on I'm going to make my face area with an image it's going to secure deep not high pramana he's pinky huh hey I'm turning paper don't you tentacles Hey. Okay, hold my critical patients campaign confrontation peanut marinade. All right, it's a bit view I think there's something called a human oh I'm sorry Keenan I know I heard him in fairytale may I never do that actually this i haven't we mr. Foyle occurs reason to little funny but they're closed why did you stop yellow thing on yeah yeah let's try hello hello week long what should you know very much pickles great block what's that pickle anything in my head hey boy boy ha ha ha ha ha ha ah at all because thank you look high ground when I'm under the water I can actually talk home you're making a spectacle can't work yeah mmm hey hon hon yeah unless shithead pettiest up in a scandal babies keep changing hang on funny cuckoo cuckoo yeah fuckin every to have two lives on her hahaha I take that me kill the jab hey you think I'm the right eye shine Anya let me choose my camera I would see you tomorrow I think it's a tie it's the three-way sighs oh my no vibes we could have a luau to celebrate oh what a great idea and site honks I'm swimming all day alright girls he wants to go to the beach get back to the boat let's go to shore I'll thank you. Okay, now I'm in i seconded that's why max is my world it's like a choice with officers have your little cover.

I can take your point oh I get it and if it ain't one page come on our work in. This is going to be on the front page of National Geographic or soon if they click quick wit ha ken is gonna do suppose to it hi we're here to pick you up Oh Bobby. Okay, hit be careful you should be driving the boat alright let me and I'm super hungry and looking for for some broke chicken it's time to transform I'm ready Bobby our area but the cuts are beautiful you look with comfort scale a little special page wanna look in the basket anyone you'll see how we have another character need to sign here in a nice charcoal take the half chicken it but I like this but hunting me too hey what's cooking Hey half a million bucks I beautiful example little bit fun and adjust to the new bow now I'll come at me. Okay, hi Kim darling oh hi Bobby you guys are back did you have a good time oh yeah you must be faster oh we've been having a great time having each other I relaxed there what's this we're back alright kunis episode absent Ariel girls go and watch this I'm going to make a changing room now girls and we often say I'm just I've been placed in a little change in her a'right with the definitely tram if you can start getting the food I'm being.

Hungry. However, Ariel where's the girl after getting change Oh fantastic I'm.

Hungry I can't wait to have something to be I don't know what you mean honor I know achieve it. Okay.

For changing to the decision is.

Calming and get ready Google Express shall I pick I'm Barbie I've got a special one for you.

Thanks M is 3 r fe f fo huh I'll make a new schedule settle Oh Kenny blue is the chicken ready a girl or not yet Bob you bought we have some lemonade unbelievable I'm on a stock then you tell you about that awesome day we had today we value the puppies there the Coriolis term livin it down and show us a fabulous precious on a scientific something that we closed. Okay, yeah and a complete three of us type ID and the dolphin right looks like you owe the corn in the hot dogs ready daddy oh yes Chelsea and the hot dogs ready and some of the core Oh awesome. Okay, ladies blood people and have some PC info hungry pity Oh marvelous work and what a lovely taste awesome chicken over here ah delicious food it can be one happy family all of that chickens are born driven little burp delicious ah summer I love summer might be because that's my name's Tommy you know oh-oh-oh some land REO REO my dear sister come you can bring us some food we can see we need my sister do this every time on honey trees are down thanks Sara you're the best sister Stefano give it all wrong or. This is much better than seaweed try it better than two minutes Newton tell us in the comments what your favorite kind of summers my favor is going on the boat and having a luau mostly going on the boat and swimming the dolphin oh here's a time to desert yes back down south back back back back buh-buh-buh-buh-buh no thank you but you're not even a lot your life tries it and today we'll be reviewing Bobby's dolphin Mackinac let's have a look at the back you don't be like this very excited to own.

Much that's what I preach here oh we can pull puppies and on this step it looks like the puppies going to be self loading isn't it active oh my god three color change oh.

Should we get opening everybody horny. Okay, let's get this open to start packing yeah let's get Bobby smile we stop Barbies little puppy -. Okay, chicken come on let's go test one come on more fun videos from joy in action please like and subscribe time.

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