Anna Griffin Minc Foil and Glitter Machine

Hi I'm Linda from paper boutique with Linda calm I ordered the Anna Griffin mink six-inch foil and glitter machine with accessories from HSN and I could not wait to do a video to show you the kit the item number is four one zero seven seven one and it's still available on HSN for $99 but I was lucky enough to get mine as part of the today's special for $79.99 the first part of this video I'm just going to show you some of the things I filed and talk about tips in the second part after we pause I'll go ahead and actually show you how the machine works but I want to tell you what you get with this this has just a very small footprint and it's very very light the machine and it also comes with let me just move this out of the way here it also comes with foil and there's tons of beautiful foil and let me just move some of this out of the way a beautiful silver a green kind of a rose gold a pink also a gold and it also comes with four glitter sheets and some toner sheets now for my first video I'm just going to concentrate on the regular foil sheets because I had a few challenges.

We'll concentrate on the glitter in it a different video but. This is just a few of the accessories that it comes with it comes with over 130 die-cut embellishments and some that anna has actually cut from her using her dies and the toner paper.

I'll give you an example on a few of those in just a moment you also get directions with the kit on how to get started and a direction manual the other thing I ordered in addition to her kit was her classic white cards on TV and a recommended that you go with these because most of the die-cuts are white.

I did purchase the set and they're beautiful and they are really heavy-duty nice card well let me show you a card that I made using her dies and I I will be honest I did have a little bit of a problem using some of the foiling and part of it maybe due to my expectations I purchased the kit and. This is my expectation. This is from one of Anna's other kits I wanted boil coverage that was pretty flawless.

My expectations were pretty high.

I just wanted to say that before I show you some of the challenges I made this card and I this was the first thing I made before I learned a little bit more about it and. This is one of the dyes that I foiled and I'm going to move that around.

You can see the pink and. This is a rose gold I'm not sure if your cat can see it in the video but there's a number of places like right here and here and over here where the foil did not adhere and I learned a few tricks in the meantime hours not in the meantime after I did this card and I want to share those with him just gonna and if you were to look at this card not close up and just like in daylight I doubt that you would see the imperfections but I looked at the cards on Anna's blog and a bunch of other people's blog that use this foiling machine and they had a number of black spots as well.

It wasn't the perfect coverage that I had hoped for but let me show you some of the things I learned and then I'll show you the machine I'm going to bring these in and then we'll just talk about them in just a moment when I first started I tried to use the machine like on a3 and I'm not sure if you can see this but there's quite a bit of black showing when I tilt that and just running the more intricate ones through on a setting of three did not see to work and that's what the direction said.

Then I went to this one and there's I don't know if you can see that but there's a lot a lot of black like I said if you were just looking at it in regular light you probably wouldn't notice it and then the same on this one both of these I ran through on three this one I tried running through on a four and still got a lot of I'm thinking you can see that a lot of black.

I tried a few variations and I came up with what I think is the very best settings if you are going to do boiling with something that is wider like this go ahead and set it I recommend that you try setting it on three run it through once and then double check and then run it through again all of these we're done this all of these were done just going through setting it on three and going through once.

If it's a white or one like this I found that the setting of three worked perfectly. However, if you get into the more intricate ones like this a setting of three or four didn't work.

I finally found the perfect setting for an intricate one and there is no black on this and. This is a pretty difficult one to foil what I did for. This is I went ahead and put it on a three and then I ran it through twice.

That was kind of the key to success on that and Anna included some of her dyes that were cut out of the toner paper and on this particular one I did it a three and I ran it through once and I don't know if you can see I'm going to use those there's a lot of black.

When you're using a thicker one like this I recommend that you do a three and go through twice and that seemed to work it's still not perfect but it worked a lot better.

That's just something the other thing I do want to mention about the kit before I pause and we do a demonstration or about the machine is I have to admit I'm not crazy about all of the white and I think it's just too much I like the look on a beige or a color cardstock but the white just seems a little stark to me although it's beautiful it just seems a little stark well I'm going to go ahead and pause and then I'll set up the machine and I'll show you how it works well I went ahead and preheated the machine for about five minutes it normally doesn't take that long to preheat but I like to get it really warm I want to point out a couple of things before I show you if you're feeding the material in it's very important to get it in straight if you get it in crooked and it jams there is a lever back here that you can push to get it out but let me share with you something that happened when I did that using the small carrier sheet even though I backed it out it warped my carrier sheet and I'm not sure you can see that I ran the carrier sheet it warped it severely I ran it through a couple of times just the sheet to try to get the wrinkles out and I'm afraid it's ruined.

My recommendation is that you be very careful that you get it in straight you can also use if this happens to you I haven't tried it yet but I've been reading about it you can use a sheet of copy paper and just make your own carrier sheet plus the machine comes with two additional ones the other point I wanted to make that's really I think a very important point let me move this out of the way when you get like the glitters and the foils they come with this sticky material here if you leave this and try to pull out this the foil sheets they're.

Fragile that they will stick to this and be ruined.

What I recommend you do is just go ahead and totally cut that off and then you can see here you've just got a an opening what I also like to do is store my extra sheets right in this carrier sheet and this carrier sheet did come with the machine and it is also worked a little bit just from the packaging I think it'll be. Okay, the other thing that I learned with the machine is it does a better job if you place your images in the center I know that some of you have tried doing it all the way to the top but I have just had better coverage if it's in the center you want to make sure everything that you're doing is covered with the foil or the glitter sheet and I'm just going to put this in now. This is an example of one that should be. Okay, doing it on a three but I'm going to double check it after after it goes through and it takes about ten seconds and once again I'm looking to get it very centered you're going to push it in until the rollers take it and you can actually feel the rollers going through while it's doing that I'm just going to show you this again I'm not sure that I was able to really you were able to really see the black spots and I thought I'd try one last time and I'll turn it this way.

You can see some of the black overall I would give the machine if I were doing an A to F review I would give it a B I think that the more I work with it the more I'm learning and I think that ultimately I will be able to get beautiful results like this each and every time now I'm what I like to do is just I think it's all the way out I'll just pull this out and I'll bring it to the front I let it cool for just a couple of seconds and I've read in other blogs where people will burnish it with their finger or with a popsicle stick or a burnisher and I seem to get the same result no matter what I did.

I think the best advice is if it isn't working on a three - run it through again and. This is what I'll do I'll pick it up and I'll just really and there's lots of static I'll try to keep it in place and I'll look and see if I've got pretty good coverage and I do and this one turned out absolutely perfect.

I think it's just going to take I'll show you I would sign out of frame here it's just going to take a little bit of practice I think to get it perfect and I'm going to experiment more with the larger sheets in the glitter and I'm also going to try some of the toner into a second video but that is just that one's just spot-on well I would like to thank you for watching and please visit me at WWE boutique with for more projects and ideas bye-bye.

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