Annie's Organic Chicken Noodle Soup - Good or Bad?

Hi everybody it's jeanette.

Today i want to talk to you about Annie's organic chicken noodle soup. This is a time where it's getting colder out there we turn to soups I want to talk to you I love ends it's a great product organic ingredients when you look at this it's certified organic there's the organic label nor official flavors or colors or preservatives grape what. This is to serving size the problem with soups even if you take good company like Annie's even if it's organic its the sodium. Okay, we are talking about 590 milligrams of sodium for half a box and that is why if you're going to consume soups go up take the time get good ingredients and make it yourself I love to put my soups on mason jars I make a big pot put my mason jars and they will last in the freezer for months.

That's you know you look at the ingredients great ingredients just that one thing the amount of sodium I use in emergencies but. This is not something that you want to be feeding your kids or consuming yourself on a regular basis.

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