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Hey everybody!.

Today I actually have a review video for you but also an installation video of the baby lodge and e-tip safety straps. This is what they look like right here basically they are an anti tip a TV and furniture safety strap that can be used to secure heavy furniture to the wall or your TV a flat screen to the furniture or to the wall behind it.

That it doesn't tip over on your children.

Some quick features about this before I actually show you myself installing it on the TV on our playroom is that it is heavy duty straps and solid metal parts there are no plastic parts velcro glue or adhesive all the mounting hardware you need is actually here in the packaging.

Anti-Tip TV & Furniture Anchor Straps Review | The Baby Lodge

I'll show you what comes inside.

You'll find two sets of straps there's going to be two of these long ones here and that's what those look like and then there's also going to be two shorter straps which look like this here along with that you're going to find two sets of screws bolts and washers that you will need to use and lastly you will find installation instructions as well but I'm going to go ahead and show you how I install it.

The long straps are actually great because it makes it easy to use on any size piece of furniture or distance from the wall they're adjustable in that aspect and the fact that there are actually two pieces to the strap is great because you could easily detach it if you need to move the furniture away from the wall of something fell behind it or you need to get back there and clean you can just detach it and easily put it back together alright.

Now I'm just going to show you how I go ahead and install this on our TV. Okay.

We're now in our playroom as you can see and. This is the TV that we have set up down here.

It's just sitting on this kind of entertainment unit here but it's not secured in any way.

If our kids were to climb up on here they could easily pull on it and pull the TV over that's what the back looks like there alright.

I just turned the unit around.

That we could see the back here we've already cut ventilation in the back here.

That's why there's holes here but we're not actually going to screw it into the back of unit because. This is not very solid wood we're going to be screwing it into the top of the unit because it's the most solid wood that we have. This is actually quite simple.

There's the two long straps here and there holes in the straps as you can see.

Basically you're going to line it up with the topmost hole on your TV here.

I'm going to be lining it up here and screwing a screw in right there then all I'm going to do is take the other piece the small piece here and I'm going to be screwing that like I said into the top of the unit here using the two outer holes just like that and I'll show you that as I go along now they're awesome thing to note is that they provide you with every possible screw and washer you could possibly need to screw this not only into any kind of TV but any kind of surface and a wall as well.

There's a long one for the wall the shorter ones for the actual unit there's lots of different sizes for the type of TV that you have and different washers as well.

Anything you could possibly need for any configuration is right here alright.

I'm just taking this screw placing it in the hole and then I'm going to screw it on the back of my TV alright.

If your piece of furniture had a solid backing to it what you would do is take this piece and place it eight inches below the actual TV but since we don't were actually going to mount it right up right here on top.

You're just going to line it up with this drop here where you want it to go take a marker and mark it and then you're going to drill two holes. All right, if I have my two holes they're going to place the piece on top and I'm going to place the screw in the hole and then bolt it down. All right.

I have it bolted down now all I'm going to do is push the button here and feed the top strap through then I'm going to pull it tight.

It's nice and taut and let go and now it's secured alright.

For the second strap we decided we're actually going to show you how to mount it to the wall in case that's an option that you want to do.

The first thing you're going to do is you're going to need a stud finder you're going to place it on your wall turn it on and find out where the stud is. All right, so. This is where the stud is and then you want to measure six inches down from the top of your TV.

That's going to be right around here we're going to place a mark. All right.

I'm just going to drill a hole in the wall alright.

There's the hole there this time I'm going to use the center hole and I'm going to use the longest screw. This is the two inch screw and I'm just going to screw it into the wall. All right.

We are attached to the wall now I'm going to take the strap and again place it through pull it all the way until it's nice and tight let go there we go as you can see the TV is not going to move alright and here are two ways you can mount it.

Right to the furniture or right to the wall either way it's not going to let the TV fall over on the child can't pull it over again you it's not gonna fall on you is it you can't as you can see it was really easy to install and I definitely have peace of mind now that that's done especially since our TV is in the playroom and.

Close to the kids if they were to climb up on the cabinet the TV's not going to fall on them but like I said you don't just need to use these on a TV you can use these on other pieces of furniture like dressers bookcases and our mores and with that said you can not only attach these to the wall but other pieces of furniture as well.

If you're in the market for TV or furniture straps I would definitely check these out they're really easy to use very inexpensive I will leave the link down below if you want to check it out and they are very effective but if you have any questions at all please let me know and thank you very much for watching bye.

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