Apricot Kernels for Overweight and Cancer. Not for Yeast \Candida/ Overgrowth.

Here's my first video of another series I'll start on apricot pits I get mine from apricot power calm you can get yours from wherever you like bitter apricot seeds have put a warning on em big oh no this isn't a warning. This is Genesis hey right well there's your warning the Bible it's good for you um now basically what I have here to show you is the apricot pits various nuts and seeds that are dry excuse me not nuts no seeds that are dry low oil content apricot pits are very dry.

Are whoopsie. This is a bad example these are walnuts chopped walnuts pumpkin seeds dry. This is a golden flaxseed meal and. This is roasted No yeah roast sunflower seed unsalted and I don't care much to salt but you can that's up to you and. This is raw sunflower seed then I have a coffee grinder here a nice coffee grinder it's got a nice blade in here and you push the button and hold it in place to grind up your seeds. This is for creating not merely because these things are hard to eat they're hard and I got sensitive teeth.

It's not only for making these easier to eat but to blend it with all of these other tri seeds the problem is that if you put an oily not in here or anything oily I bet you pine nuts are probably won't work unless you mix it with a bunch of other dry seeds and only put a small amount in the oil cans tense the oily nut tense or seed tent well nut tends to gunk up and get stuck and though because. This is a dry grinding situation if you had a blender and you choose to blend the stuff inside a blender that's a different story but a blender with apricot stage you've got a eat it right away the problem is that yeast in the air will get into the mixture with water and start to break down the apricot pits the POI the the amygdalin that safely locks up the poison and you'll be eating poison and then you'll have to take a lot of potassium iodide now bran 33 milligram per tablet is very a good safety catch to have available because the yeast in our gut creates the problem along with things like conventional almonds that are not natural they are in a graft they put on normally almonds and apricot seeds are bitter not sweet and when you mix the two together the sweet type with the bitter type you poison yourself well you also poison yourself if you have yeast inside your gut but. This is a way to reduce the yeast and the gut add to a minimum and it doesn't eliminate it but it keeps it down and that helps keep our weight down because weight is a combination of factors and one of it it is used in the body it isn't just a thyroid problem or a metabolic problem because then you would think the oil taking lots of potassium iodide or seaweed will help keep you wait down the yeah maybe but there's another aspect to it and that's the yeast in the gut it's a form of alcoholism and one way to alleviate that yeast that self alcoholic condition in the body is to bring the yeast down with lots of well with a consistent inclusion of apricot pits in the diet and it has to be consistent because you have to have apricot pits strewn distributed evenly throughout more or less throughout the alimentary canal from the from the upper intestine but just below the stomach to the anus and throughout that section the apricot pit will help kill off the yeast you see apricot pits do more than kill cancer cancer is started by a virus a cancer-causing virus but it's fueled by yeast inside the tumor in other words the cancer-causing virus gets into a blah of yeast somewhere in the tissues of the body and it hardware's there in safe haven along with the yeast and it causes the body cells to become cancerous the cancer-causing virus but it's the yeast that fuels the expansion of the tumor or the growth of the cancer for that matter yeast and in cancer are hand in hand they're kissing cousins they have the same metabolism they both produce better glucose adays which is an enzyme that breaks down amygdalin and certain foodstuffs such as sweet conventional commercially available almonds contains medical cos'è days rather than containing amygdalin onions to a certain degree the body of the B and consequently the honey that the B produces has a certain amount of beta glucose today's.

Certain foods have better glucose 'days but the ones that have it the most is yeast and sweet almonds and.

These are the foods you have to eliminate from your diet when you're eating apricot pits there's no way going to get away with it you're gonna poison yourself but the point here is to eat apricot pits on a regular basis to keep the yeast in the gut down because yeast has been a problem of humanity for millions of years I mean they've been with us for.

Long and in small quantities it's. Okay, but in large quantity it can get out of hand and create problems and you won't see an overweight Hunza cut living up in the Himalayas because they eat three dozen of these every day an hour after lunch and they don't have yeast problems they don't have overweight problems so. This is a way to prevent overweight and to well keep it off and if you think I'm wrong then try this system out and put the comments down that and tell me on how wrong I am but when you've got used in your system to begin with and you start eating this you will get a poisoning reaction and it's not because. This is poisonous it's because the yeast makes it poisonous but this will kill off the yeast and part of the problem of killing is that we end up poisoning our self in the process.

It's just the initial condition that's the rough part if you keep this up you get over it you get past it you'd but you have to keep it up and then you won't get the poisoning like you would have initially when you first start using this.

You start out using small quantity dilute it with other seeds that you grind up in a little seed grinder.

That you're not taking.

Much of this and it's a good way to mix it's a good idea to mix it anyway, but not with anything orally.

We take the nuts and put it aside I mean you can eat nuts but just don't grind it together with this because it won't work in this dry setup to put an oily nut in here.

Dry seeds blended with the apricot bitter apricot kernel - because it's kind of strong stuff it has a foul taste and when it's working it tastes foul if it doesn't taste foul and well it's still working it's just at the initial stage it's when we make a consistent use of it and we don't have much yeast in our gut that's when it tastes.

Foul and that's you know well moderation is the key here you know if it starts tasting foul during the meal then go easy on the stuff.

That's why I blend it with other seats.

That it we needn't you know. This is the whole point here is not to create suffering but there are consequences to killing off yeast in the gut when you're taking this and that is self poisoning in the end.

You want to get rid of the poison by taking potassium iodide have lots of this on hand it's very cheap ten dollars a bottle and you get what is it 90 tablets 60 60 tablets per bottle.

You do the math it's very inexpensive but it's 33 milligrams per tablet you cannot take potassium iodide in the microgram dosage and expect to get results in this situation in which self poisoning can happen you're killing off the yeast and the yeast is rewarding you by poisoning you because the yeast is in the gut where it's not supposed to be we're supposed to lead active lives breathe a lot of cold brisk fresh fresh air rich in oxygen oxygenate the blood.

That we don't get yeast in our body or in our gut but the fact that we have yeast in our body and over what conditions shows that oxygen levels in the bloodstream are low they're less than optimal and.

That's because of a lack of fresh air and a lack of exercise those two qualities alone I mean just opening up the windows at night and letting all the cold air come in when you sleep at night would do wonders for getting rid of yeast in the gut but who does that I don't do it i hi I like to sleep warm.

I mean I do turn the heat down though I notice that if I turn the heat off at night and sleep without the heat on that helps tremendously in keeping the yeast down to a certain degree that just means I have to put on extra blankets and quilts over me when I'm sleeping at night.

I can stay warm but the air should be cold at night when we sleep.

That's another little trick to help keep the yeast down if you don't want to sleep with open windows well potassium iodide is one thing you have to keep on hand and buy several of these bottles and keep them on hand because when you get a poisoning reaction you'll want to take a lot of this the other problem is that yeast creates gas and toxins and acids it creates lactic acid and vinegar acetic acid and that eats away at the alkalinity of the body.

You'll have to have on hand a lot of calcium carbonate and take it whenever you need to to neutralize the acidity of the yeast as you try to work at killing off these you're not going to succeed it's a battle and the yeast tends to win this to a certain degree but that you know doesn't mean we should give up the battle it just means that we have to do a few other things besides apricot pits to at least cope with the enduring problem of the yeast lingering.

The acidity is a problem.

Calcium carbonate helps if you don't like calcium carbonate then use bone meal here's an example of a very inexpensive good bone meal these are kravitz I would not recommend using the powder it's a nuisance to use the powder.

Freely have whichever calcium you prefer either calcium carbonate or bone meal version the other item of interest you'll need to deal with the gases and toxins that yeast produces is activated charcoal and you can either take the tablet form or you can get a powder which is kind of messy and put it in things like applesauce and then you can get calcium carbonate powder and mix that with your apple sauce along with the powdered activated charcoal and mix it in there if you want to take big massive doses of the activated charcoal and calcium carbonate that's up to you how you want to do it but the potassium iodide is essential if you're taking the apricot pits and regardless of whether you take apricot pits the calcium and the activated charcoal is a whole nother deal in dealing with the enduring legacy of yeast remaining within our system and giving us problems but if we're trying to get rid of the problem in apricot pits and potassium iodide a nice little dry grinder these don't cost much probably twenty dollars or less at a farm of your local pharmacy or elsewhere and then various nuts and seeds now I have ground golden flax seed here just because that's what's available locally I don't have whole seeds and I like the golden it's a nice nicer flavor pumpkin seeds are very nice and dry then they're healthy especially for guys because of our prostate um let's see sunflower seeds are nice sometimes I don't care much for the raw.

The roasted but I don't care for salted.

The unsalted roasted are not bad I could have gone with some other seed I'm not sure what offhand but it has to be a dry seed low and fatty content in order to grind up in the grinder that's not to say we should eat a fat free diet I I load on the fat you know the oil on salad and the full fat yogurt and full fat cheese's I never get skim milk cheeses or yogurts I always get the full fat it just means that we have to win the battle against the yeast in our gut to help our metabolic rate because see part of the problem is I mean you can take all the seaweed if I have an example here you can take all the Icelandic kelp seaweed in the world and potassium iodide to help your thyroid metabolic rate but that's pushing on the accelerator pedal but then if you push on the brakes by allowing yeast continue to live inside your body and win the battle of your both speeding up and slowing down at the same time and it's going to be difficult to take off the weight I mean raising the metabolic rate with potassium iodide will help tick off the weight but only if yeast is not doesn't have a stranglehold on the body.

That's I think just about everything I have to say these are very inexpensive I mean they're not terribly expensive I mean they might be two dollars. Okay, well no 10 to 20 dollars a pound maybe a little more than 20 if you only get a pound I usually tend to buy them in bulk to reduce the price and then store them store all your nuts and seeds in the refrigerator because the fatty content of all nuts and seeds helps to degrade the nutritional content of the nut or seed if you keep it out at room temperature in the house you have to keep these refrigerated all of these every single last one of them flax seed apricot pits otherwise they go bad um well I'm not sure about the flax seed is especially if it's whole flax seed but anything broken down such as ground and anything without because these are very dry but anything with a fatty content even this has some fat in it but particularly these others more conventional like pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds they have enough oils in them they can go rancid the oil content goes rancid at room temperature and I know lots of people they tend to put their oils out in the cupboard or on the countertop if you use it up quickly you know that's different well if it stays around more than a week or two we can cover it can go rancid in several weeks time and I don't tend to use up my oil or oily seeds fast enough.

I have to make sure I preserve their their quality by keep in the fridge along with herbs any of the healing herbs that I want to take such as turmeric or some of the other herbs they also have to be refrigerated um anyway, I think that's enough said.

Post your comments if you've got any let me know how it works out ah one little tidbit of advice if you should want to make your own applesauce when you're on this diet of eating bitter apricot seeds make sure you take the stem of the apple and remove it but use the core and the seeds if you want to or discard them if you don't like eating cores the seeds are very much either a milder version of apricot pits but the stem is a different matter the stem will cause you problems the stem is kind of like eating sweet almonds in that you'll create a poisoning situation the stem is a mixture of both amygdalin and better glucose adays and that goes for the leaves of apple trees and peach trees apricot prune plum cherry pears they all have a mixture of both beta-glucosidase in them and amygdalin and.

Eating the stems or leaves of those trees from which come these seeds and kernels is going to be a mistake it's like eating sweet almonds it's going to also create a self poisoning condition or yeast excuse me that's another live yeast Saccharomyces I believe.

It's. Okay, to use the seeds just throw away the stems and any leaves on stems for sure don't include them I think the blossom end of the apple is. Okay, I'm guessing I think it might be. Okay, but the stems and leaves especially yeah don't include them make sure you exclude them when you make applesauce or peach cobbler or whatever it is that you're preparing from the fruit of this genus they're the Prunus genus Pru and us and they all contain amygdalin in their seeds and nuts.

If you discard the kernel like let's say in a cherry pit if you throw away the pit then it's not a problem but in something like apples in which you have the seeds available um now you've or if you have apricot pits in the diet now you have to make sure you exclude the leaves from the fruit the leaves and stems when you prepare them if you say in this case you're cooking I'm cooking it here I've got chopped uh chopped down. Okay, ginger down at the bottom here and I'm going to make apple sauce with ginger and a little water just enough to cook it down but be sure you get rid of the seeds and stems that's basically what you have to keep in mind although it's good to have potassium iodide on hand for in case of emergencies a good way to take care of that problems to prevent it the problem of possibly getting poisoned by eating apricot kernels by doing what the huns of cuts cuts once a clip on the cut does they have these an hour after the noonday meal they take three dozen of them I'm not sure I would want to eat that many but what I tried doing was since I know the flavor is.

Strong especially when it's working I ground it up with some flat golden flaxseed meal in a coffee grinder until it was a fine powder. This is what it amounts to and then on an hour after lunch I stirred it into some VHS. This is a spicy hot v8 and I drink it down and it goes down very easily and don't have any problems I think what happens digestion is at its strongest in the middle of the day for people those of us who have problems with yeast overgrowth we probably have a weak digestion as well or else we wouldn't have yeast winning the battle.

To speak taking over eating our food that we should be eating instead namely I mean digesting digesting the food that was meant for us to digest.

We fail to digest it and then it ferments due to yeast and the gut.

I think in the middle of the day the yeast is at its lowest point and that's what made it safe for the hunter cuts to eat this in the middle of the day on top of which waiting an hour after a meal is probably a better idea than mixing it with a meal or before the meal because yeast has a chance to flourish and then when we eat it kind of flushes it out of the upper intestinal tract area momentarily until it returns prior to the next meal.

In the morning it's at its height I find throughout the body especially in the gut though since we don't eat overnight while we sleep.

Breakfast is can be some of the worst times for taking this but an hour after a meal particularly after the midday meal is the least likely for use to be present in the upper intestines because that's where the problem is when the yeast is in the upper intestines and then when this leaves the acid the acidity of the stomach acid prevents a better clue cos'è days from breaking down the amygdala inside this kernel and the bed of glucose days is supplied by yeast as well as cancer as well as sweet almonds among other things and.

When the yeast has been subdued temporarily immediately after a meal and then waiting an hour for the stomach to empty and then take the apricot seeds either by themselves or mixed with something else it's a little safer and then there's no need to worry although it's always good to have this on hand but I think that's the problem is that yeast is lived with us for millennia they've gotten used to us we've gotten used to them is simply it's making like I don't want to say come back it's just it's at a high time a high point of flourish in this day and age were for many of us we have this what used to be called chronic fatigue syndrome is now called yeast overgrowth now we have a different name for it a better a different understanding I don't know if it's better because I'm not sure how to get rid of yeast uses very tough um but having this in the gut is a good idea but you don't want to poison yourself in the process.

There is a way to do it and the huns of cuts figured it out I mean they're the remnants of King Alexander of Macedonia czar me when he retreated from India they stayed behind in the Himalayas to establish a community there and have been there ever since.

They know how to eat the stuff they've been eating it for centuries.

Miles will take their role model and model our own actions likewise to minimize problems.

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