Apricot Power Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds Review

Hello today I'm going to do a review on apricot seeds or bitter raw apricot seeds these ones are from apricot power and the reason why I bought these was because I watched a world without cancer by I believe it's Edward G Griffin and you can see that on YouTube anyways in that they talk about how apricot seeds bitter apricot seeds and bitter almond and apple seeds they have b-17 which is known as a mig de lijn and. This is used it could help to control blood pressure it could be used to some people use it for treating cancer they make an extract called laetrile from amygdalin to help some people with treating cancer and.

This amygdalin or laetrile is used around the world for treating cancer there is some controversy in in America about using amygdalin or laetrile but anyways i'm not going to get into that i just buy it for preventative and you be the judge on whether it's good for treating or curing or whatever.

Anyways the product itself is just like if you ate an apricot and then the apricot has this harsh hard shell pit in it and then if you break those open inside there's this kind of almond looking thing and that's the apricot seed and these are a little different from regular apricot seeds because these are really bitter and that bitterness is the good part that's what has the amygdala in it and i'll be honest it is quite bitter i don't mind it.

Much and what i do is if i'm going to eat it i take a few cashews or something and i just put them with the cashews and eat it like that it also has like an amaretto kind of smell to it but not bad I eat I would say eat around three it recommends to only three seats per hour no more than three seats per hour it says start with one and then don't consume more than ten seeds a day now one bad thing about these other than the bitter taste is that the first time I got them I ate too many I think I ate a handful of them and then I'm very sensitive with like allergies.

My tongue and throat swelled a little bit and that is happened with other things that I've had to because of my allergies.

Especially if you're sensitive or have a lot of allergies then I would suggest maybe even eating just like half of one and then building up a tolerance for them and eating more later but check it out apricot power bitter raw apricot seeds these have they're all natural pesticide free GMO free gluten free vegan and these are not treated they are raw.

They're not sprayed with steam they're not treated with a carcinogen or chemical like some or actually like all of the commercial almonds are I don't know if you knew but the FDA made a law that they can't sell almonds regular almonds raw they have to be steamed or they're pasteurized somehow or with some chemical and then they still allow them to say that it's wrong but actually it's not wrong.

Check that out they passed that law or whatever in 2007 the FDA did.

Anyways these ones are wrong and they have the amygdalin in them.

If you want check those out I buy them on I her and if you're a first-time shopper - hi herb you get $5 off coupons.

That'll be in the video description thanks for watching my review and a good day.

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