Are Feather Blades The BEST?

Hey guys! and welcome and thank you for joining me for another shaving video.

Today's video I'm going to be addressing a question and that's whether or not feather blades are the best safety razor blades on the market.

First a little bit of information about feather blades there may in Japan and they are widely considered the sharpest shaving blades available there's.

Many different safety razor blades out there and these are at least in my opinion definitely the sharpest blades available out there.

Are Feather Blades The BEST?

It's part of being a very sharp blade they cannot view very very close shave but also due to their level of sharpness they're not let's move this blade out there so. This is create a little bit of controversy I remember when I started wet shaving I saw a lot of posts out there.

Many people saying that feather the best blades I gotta get using them as quickly as I can other people saying that they absolutely hate these things and they will never use them again.

I just kind of want to address end today's video I want to do is shave with a feather blade and give you my opinion on these blades and it used to be a little bit more expensive on the prices definitely come down over the past few years I think probably due to the availability in the US market when I start it'd be really hard to get a hundred pack thirty dollars would be a really good deal they're pretty available for like thirty five dollars for a hundred pack now you can easily pick them up for about twenty-five bucks on Amazon for another pack.

That's a really really great deal.

I guess I'm going to be using a feather blade in today's video I paired it in the Rockwell 6c I usually use the for base plate on the Rockwell but since either sharper blades I want to head and set it back a notch to the three base plate it's a little bit more of a mild shape I thought that that would be a good fit for the feather blade I have use this combination before and I know I do like it alright.

They get started with the shave I have two days facial hair growth just got out of shower.

My facial hair is nice hydrate ready to go just a side note it's really important to use a really nice soap in your shower just when I showered this now I have a really nice hand soap I make it home.

Ice use that soap lather up clean out the face you want to get out the dents and skin cells in there and you want to hydrate your skin it just really makes a nice platform for a good shave anyway, for today's shaving soap I'm going with repoint soaps Earl Grey and ginger I love repoint soaps these are tallow soaps and they're herb rating gingers a really really special scent that they make it it has Earl Grey tea scent in there.

A little bit of that black tea sharpness to it but that's balanced with the ginger which is a really warm sweet scent in there it just works fantastically together and I really really do enjoy the scent of this soap.

Soap was blooming walls in the shower you can go ahead and add this to my face. All right, nice base of soap and water on my face there to start my face lather for taste shaking brush and we need once again with some old owner club badger hair brush for the money this badger hair brush is really hard to be it's a tube and finest I absolutely love this such soft gel tips on this thing beautiful wood handle I just recently pulled out a hand used in a couple months.

Excited to be back using it and that was obviously soaking was in the shower alright go ahead and load up.

I'm definitely under the opinion that I'd rather load up more soap than I need then less.

I think it also gives you a little more leeway with the water content in my lather.

I definitely spend a little more time than I need to loading up but I just want to have that level.

Available in my brush it's not hard to do right there I'm happy with that I just check the bristles put me in pasting this between there alright clean off the top of the puck you rinsed off that goes to the drying rack. All right, and into a face Lila that one needs more water are you very very thick leather very happy at that love the sentence on this really really nice.

More much more of a calming scent - it's really good. All right, go ahead I didn't start to shave it's like I mentioned Rockwall Dixie with a fresh set of blaming here at these three baseplate I'm heading for a three pass a first pass with the grain and the second third pass cross grain and opposing interactions alright first pass with the grain.

From my periods experiences cutter blades I keep the pressure really light and its really has never been a problem for me we go oh yeah there definitely no other blades on the market that have this level of sharpness we can field immediately just the ease with which it cuts through hair it's incredible I don't really do a lot feather blade it is.

Sir first path that's already feeling great is that the first path there's a significant amount of hair behind I.

Spot two hair around but it just takes off.

Much hair in that first pass which I really really like just set you up for future path is giving you a little bit closer shave because they have less work to do. All right, I can pass cross train in this direction once again focusing on light pressure just kind of a normal technique there's really no problems ah. All right, second that's already fielding.

Smooth nah man I love the three points out climbing the slickness near my face I could definitely do another pass just with the swiftness I have but.

I'm going to reapply. All right, third Pat's cross-trained in this direction. All right, third pass I hope Wow Brett is feeling great no there's my razor jump into I think you guys know tapping new for. All right, feeling around here I'm overall it's assessing my shave at this point I see if I want to do any cleanup cheeks great mustache very great petal little pesky bears under my nose chin feels great neck I'm happy with that. All right.

I'm not gonna do a clean up test I don't really need to them happier for. This is that your go ahead and get cleaned up. All right.

That was my full three past shave with a French feather blade in a rock well six series of the three baseplate film back here. This is incredible shape Wow. This is honestly one of the best shapes I've had in a while it's very very close no irritation I'm just feeling around here it just feels great there's really no areas have any awkward edges or extra hairs hanging off it's awesome we're really happy with that and a repoint soaps I just love those soaps I feel like I've got a little bit of scent left behind which is really nice but it's not.

Much an overpower any sort of Cologne my skin dis already feels hydrated I also get that with tallow soaps it just feels like it leaves a really nice protection layer behind on my face and reform soaps are certainly no exception very very happy with that Wow alright go ahead to today's aftershave.

My previous video I called an audible but I'm going with the bear certain man reserve classic today a hen mix this up last video I switched to the matching aftershave for the soap I use which makes sense I don't why I wasn't thinking about that when I started the shave. All right, there we go. All right, no burning at all.

Tell me that I got a close shave with no irritation.

Soon back here honestly. This is a super close shape when the closest I've had in a little bit of time here and honestly zero irritation a totally comfortable shave and in only three passes I'd have to do my third or excuse me after night there in my formal clean up past their training areas just my three standard passes got my shape perfect which I'm really happy with I like that it saves time I do like doing the clean pass by meter it's really no big deal but just having a three pass shape I'm happy with really no complaints there it's really really nice.

Overall feather blades are these the best I got the package weight a little bit here don't want water sitting on blaze there we go.

Our feather blades the best de safety razor blades on the market yes I do believe.

I think these are amazing blades or the sharpest ones available and it might not be the smoothest and sometimes I am looking for a smooth blade but I'm just looking for overall quality of the shave that gives me a close shave with no irritation it has to be feather blades they also create such a consistent product it's always sharp and you know not too smooth as I said but there's still pretty smooth but you know I really don't get any aberrant blades within a pack or I've ever used any aberrant blades from feather certain company sometimes you'll get one you may gots is a dud that made it through. This is really not there maintain a really high quality standard here feather and definitely shows in their product they have a fantastic blade I'm shaving with these just with you know your standard good technique there's really no issues whatsoever you know it just creates did you close no irritation as long as you're sticking to principles you know doing your different passes in different directions keeping very light pressure and if you're out there happen on your skin of course you get irritation but if you're really sticking to good technique I've never had a problem with these blades and I do believe it these are the best blades available but now the counter to that is are these my favorite blades no because they're.

Cool there's other blades out there is a little more versatile because they are not quite as sharp.

I would never put these in a slant razor but these are still of incredible blades I think it is the best out there but they're not my favorite some people they are their favorite blades and I understand that these definitely deserve to be people's favorite blades they're fantastic blade and with the price coming down like 25 bucks for a hundred pack you know I think every wet shaver at least deserves to give these a try I think that many people will be really impressed with the performance of these blades as initially a little bit scared when I started wet shaving using a set of blades you hear like ooh they're.

Sharp and like you're going to cut you and like oh you need to know what you're doing instead of like it's really not like you know I live on another planet in terms of their sharpness it's just the next step up from other sharp blades you've use out there like Kai perma sharp this was like Gillette some o'clock super stainless just really a step up from those but I don't believe that these offer anything that would give you any negative side effects from your shave and I think you should give them a try because I know that I love them anyway, thank you guys for tuning in for today shave this someone wanted me to check out feather blades.

I decided to make a video kind of dedicated to these feather blade because I do love them.

Much anyway, there's any more ideas for videos that you'd like to see please comment below and always thank you for watching.

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