Art Journal #5: Hello Halloween

Hello oh dear since halloween is near I thought it could be fun to make an art journal with that theme I started with doing a quick just washed my delusions are journal i'm using this mask paper to stamp my image and i will stamp a moon because i don't want it to be affected with the pains that i will apply to all the page this will help to keep that area clear for me i'm using a beautiful moon stamp by Lavinia. This is a new release by them I will stamp it on this masking paper then I will cut the image and put it on my notebook it's takes.

That part of the page won't be affected by any painting that I am going to the rest I will create a night sky here.

The colors I'm using our from the stress paint chipped sapphire blue print sketch dusty concord and wilted while it i'm applying the paint with a baby wipe but it's not solid i'm using it a little bit close to dry just moist enough otherwise it will lift the paint and the paint will be very pale try to apply the paint building the color slowly because if you use the colors very intensely at first you might not like it and then there is no way of removing it. However, you can always build it more and more making it darker and darker you will see here at first it will look bad like it's muddy but when you build the colors it will really look like a night sky and here is my night sky and when I lift the mask it gives me a nice space to stamp my moon afterwards I'm going to apply a little bit distress ink in black suit around the edges of my art journal this will also add to the night look and give a nice bordered my page now I will do my Styles it's really easy i'm using picket fences just paint again i will add some water and do some splashes with this brush and it will really look like a night with a lot of stars now it's time to stamp my mole i really like the look next I want to do some paper piecing on my journal i'm using a stamp set that has halloween elements on it i started using this little bat and i will stamp a lot of them on this card stock and i will cut them I will only show you one after I cut it i will go over the edges with a favor castile brush in black.

We get rid of the white edges and also it will look like it's perfect it covers all the mistakes that you do next I will use the spiderweb to do some white embossing i'm using my razor bank ink to stamp the image on the corners i'm using well embossing powder in a pack light and i need to fine embossing powder.

Art Journal #5: Hello Halloween

It goes to the details to wait a little bit more interesting on my background I decided to use this alphabet stamp by stampendous it's really cute and I will take a three and one and from this set to make a 31 and I will stamp it randomly around the page because Halloween is on 31st and i'm using this switch from the same stamp set i will stamp her like she's flying to the moon now it's time to stick my bets I will use this glue pan which is which has a really fine tip I really like it I say it every time and you will see that i'm not going to stick them totally flat i want the wings to be in there a little bit.

I will only apply the glue in the middle of to that now it's the most exciting part I'm going to tear this page a little bit on the right side I want to create an interest like this and that's why it's very useful to leave at the pages at the front and back empty.

That when you have ideas afterwards you can apply them like this I'm going to color the back page with black i'm using dylusions here and i will stick these cute little googly eyes as if they are ghosts looking through the page I will select different sizes and i'm using this little matte medium by a ranger it's really useful it has a very fine tip to stick little images and you'll realize we have some Sun now shining through from the window I didn't expect it but you can never complain the son-in-law dog.

He ride the googly eyes now I will stick to two pages together next I will do some stenciling with the stencil that I created myself I did it with my digital cutter I will link some other similar three stanzas down below and if you want to learn about how to create a stencil yourself please leave a comment down below I will answer you I used dylusions black paint with a blending tool here now i will stamp the sentiment that says Happy Halloween I will emboss it again with white embossing powder and then I will stamp bull with the same alphabet set that I used before where my ghosts are I used my anti-static powder tool just to avoid the powder to stick somewhere else and I am white embossing it again lastly I'm adding some twinkling stars with my white gel pen and before I finish I want to distress the part of the page that is torn.

I'm doing it here and not to leave it completely white I'm adding a little bit inch on the edges what I am using here is distress ink in shaded lilac and dusty Concord giving a little bit highlight to my witch with my white gel pen and it's finished i hope you enjoyed watching it if you did please don't forget to hit the like button down below and subscribe to my channel you can see all the close-up pictures at the end of the video or in my blog see you next time.

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