Art Party Friday (Crafty Maven Getaway)

Hey there is fasten a month on the crafty maiden getaway for art party Friday and what I'm doing here today is I am working on ikat 2017 which is short for index card a day and it was created by a wonderful lady and you can find her over at Daisy yellow art calm and the first prompt was sunrise.

I know you see me going ahead and I put on some drywall tape and I'm adding black gesso and I'm sure you're thinking I just said some lines and I'm adding black gesso but you will see the end result you can you'll see the sunrise part it's there I promise you.

I'm giving this a quick dry do you see this huge massive gesso this was from black art like $90 I will never finish this gesso I don't remember to use my black gesso often enough and this thing is massive like it's cute anyways sorry about went on there.

Now I have this card which is actually cardstock that I went ahead and cut down myself and two three and a half by five apparently I do not have any index cards in my life and then I'm going through my stencil bag. This is where I keep all my samples and I chose the circle stencil I believe it's a Dini do you know lately or a diner brave least and.

Art Party Friday (Crafty Maven Getaway)

Is a dead lucian stencil it's one of those I don't know which one and then I'm using my gelato here so. This is the white gelato and I just wanted it through the stencil and that was it now here's where I have a lot of trial on era I thought I was going to be able to do that same concept using all of my yellow gelatos up here and what I'm doing right now is just checking the colors to see which one I want to use and I was really going for like a bright yellow because I get in sunrise.

I picked this lemon one and it's beautiful and you're going to see the mess that occurs see that looking back it's awful.

Then I'm like oh maybe a paint brush will work and all I could find on my desk oh. Okay, all I could find was this water brush and that wasn't working and I was like. This is just a hot mess.

I definitely end up with a bit of trial and error because then I go back to it again and I'm like oh maybe if I just paint it on yeah that still didn't work and it wasn't working and it was still looking like a hot mess now I know you heard that beep I am on lunch break and I'm trying to do this voice over very very very quickly.

That I can get this video up I was up super late last night and just did not have the energy to edit the video and do the voice-over.

Now what you're see me doing is I'm mixing this lemon gelato with iridescent medium from.

I'm using the ear doesn't mean iam from Michaels it's super cheap it's like four bucks and mixing it and I chose that you're a different medium.

That I could have some shine now I know you've seen me use shimmers paste before and I don't know what why I didn't just grab my lemon paste but I didn't and I'm. Okay, with that because I'm really happy with this end result.

Then I grabbed my black mixed media travelers notebook insert from my shop because. This is the insert that I'm currently working on and I had to say. Okay, okay.

I had all this leftover paste and I didn't want to waste it.

I serve it into this notebook and after putting it on both pages and it not being perfect on the second page I was really really happy with the outcome of it I just don't know what I'm going to end up doing with it I'm going to figure something out then I have the Jane Davenport paper path.

I thought I was going to use this space and I went ahead and to cut it out and then I put it on top of the index part and realize that it's the same size as the index card basically.

That is pretty much a no-go for me because it's way too big I then went to my desk I am thinking thinking and I have one paper doll left from calico collage from a previous mixed-media work that I did and that's what I end up using but first I go through these little cards here thinking that I'm going to use those and those don't those don't make it either but I figured I would leave this in here to the video just.

You can see that just because it's a small little index card it doesn't mean that there isn't any thought that's going into this process and it doesn't mean that I don't take the time out to figure out what I'm going to put.

Here's a little dress I'm going to cut out the dress on the arms and there I'm not going to use any feet and I'm using my favorite favorite favorite favorite glue is the fabric track glue and I'm just going to go ahead and glue everything down you're going to see me pop up you're going to see me pop her up on some fun film and now I'm just going to let music play out for the rest of this video over here at my school is the eighth-grade prom.

All of the eighth graders are leaving early.

That they can get ready because you know it's going to take them like seven hours to get ready a prom doesn't start until six o'clock but they are allowed to leave early.

I'm going to keep getting that interruption at this time and I'm just going to go ahead and say something I hope this video inspired you if you want to check out I can't 2017 don't forget to check out the daisy yellow art website and then school you'll find all of the information on from there and make sure you go ahead and subscribe to the crafty maven getaway thank you very much for watching and I polish eyes for all the noise but I really wanted to get this video up ah you.

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