Ask MBB: How To Get Bold, Full Brows That Still Look Natural

Hey everyone it's ham for makeup and beauty blog and i'm here at the new mac store at 45 cal streams and we'll just go with picture sembilan one of my favorite you're.

Cute one of my favorite senior artists here at Mac and today we're going to be talking about rouse it's another episode of ask mbb and yes victor will be answering all of our deep dark questions about browse actually this one's one for me.

Victor yes how can you get my brows took a look nice and full without appearing overly done like there's a kind of product in there sometimes I would like to wear a bowl drought without feeling like BAM look at my eyebrows I feel like I tend to over fill them and.

Much product in there because I do want to hold brow but um I wish I could figure out a way to get my brows full yet.


Can you please show me the light that's showing you the secrets well you know keep in mind that browser really on trend right now and they're also.


If you overfill in your browser sometimes you can look angry if you don't fill in your brow not sometimes you don't look at its expressive right.

My favorite way and. This is just something new that I've been doing for the last year or two is I still enjoy filling in brows with an eyeshadow. However, instead of using one of these sort of Ingle brushes that really kind of create that relief applying brow we can see the tail and you can see where it starts I've actually switched to our mac number 219 pencil brush not miss you guys yes.

Instead of this guy I'm sure peeking at these right here but instead of just doing a detailed ankle brush I do this on the end but in the very beginning of the brow I start with a fluffy brush like the pencil brush I also use two colors.

On the beginning portion of the brow I'll use a medium brown and then we'll go to the tail where I use a darker brown what do we have here.

We have cork and we have espresso.

In a way you would almost be doing an ombre brow going in from your light sort of caramel e brown to actually something that's a bit more like you or low light.

If you think of highlights and lowlights you get your highlight that you start with and then you go into your low light and if you go from a fusion of light to dark you'll create an ombre brow that's really really soft you'll still get your pal but it won't be overly aggressive and overly block doesn't done excellent.

Well I member annette.

Can you give me some options like for my blonde friends i'm a redhead friend yeah absolutely i think it's basically about just looking for two different colors.

If you were blonde you might go from a color we carry called wedge into cork if you were redhead gosh you could actually start with rub wedge as well and perhaps go into a color we made called saddle.

You basically just want to look for what you really are what you've been using and then find the lighter version and get this pencil brush and you'll be all set to really do that ombre beautiful softer bro it's about keeping it light in here and I think that's where people go wrong as they go a little bit deep in here and things start to look a little darker heavy or angry. Okay, thank you browse I know that's what we want.

You guys stick you again for watching thank you pictures for giving me 411 on like beautiful full natural rose thank you guys for watching and I'll see you soon bye.

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