Atlas craftsman lathe quick change tool post upgrade to a oxa

Right well got another little project here this tool post here this is pretty much the same one that probably came with it although you know this one didn't come with it and it works alright my little uh Oh report it's a little piece here this is the rocker I guess you would call it but that's what lets it you know rotate where you get the height but I don't know if you can see it there is had a hard life chips beat up not very smooth anymore in fact over here it's even getting bent a little bit right at the end anyway that's the works but I was looking around on that there I ordered myself the t-slot nut that's 3/8 the 18 you think I know anyway need to get a stud for that and a little spacer here and I got this here I had this here for a while I was going to use it on another little late I had and right this bolts just stand-in there but uh this is a oxa tool post you see the numbers on there don't really matter too much I believe these things are made by tormak I got this one from little machine shop calm I got it for another machine that it was more appropriate for but I figured I might well try and get it on here ax a would fit this this size here sighs machine so we're gonna need to make a stud we've got kind of a weird deal going on here it's 3/8 on that and the nut up here probably the internal of this is a 10 millimeter so I'll have to probably make one I don't think I can just find one like that but any right so that'll be another project I got lined up here I just put this spacer here so that I could get enough height I don't even know what it is I could measure it I guess here then let me find a micrometer oh let's see George around here we go see if I can [Music] lose all right okay you can't read it it is 400 and there's almost four hundred and seventeen thousands so probably four hundred thousands would work fine I guess but that's just what I turned it down to any rate I'll let you know how that goes when I finish with the stud
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