August 2016 FAVORITES || Becca, Tarte, ELF, & More!!

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be my August favorites I'm not going to tell you about how crazy it is in August is already over because it has you probably heard it sometimes oh my god august seriously is over like where's the cooler weather i am.

Ready with fall and the winter like you have no idea none i do you want to walk outside because it's.

Freaking hot I can't even deal with it you never that little rant I'm going to do my August favorites.

Let me just jump right on it and this month I'm going to add in my Becca aqua luminous perfecting foundation now the reason for this I will probably like this a lot in the winter just alone but during the summer I cannot wear this alone I just I'm Way too oily for it but times you like to mix it with my L'Oreal infallible or any of the other matte foundations like my SD lauder double wear anything that stays really mad but needs that extra little bit of you know oil even though this isn't we probably have oil but it's just you know it I just need something a little bit soft or something to lighten up that formula of those other foundations just a little bit I love love love to add this in there and has that luminous like look to it.

It makes your skin look nice and softened we're gonna see and feel like I'm trying to take it out on a date or something I love it them absolutely wonderful the next is going to be my charge please shake tape I really have been loving this and I'm not.

Happy with the color I really feel like it's a little bit too pink for me you guys have said that it's not a bit looks fine to keep it.

I've kept it and I am going to go to ult at some point just to look at the other colors and swatch on the back of my hands just to see if there is a different shade and I think would look a little bit better I'm gonna maybe I'll buy both I'll keep this one by another one but i absolutely love it i find that it's it's a nice big formula but it doesn't feel a little heavy it doesn't feel like it's taking onto my skin I don't know if it's just the formula itself or if it's you know using it cmpt sorry a damp Beauty Blender to apply with I don't know whatever it is I love it I'm absolutely been loving it I will probably keep including it in my weekly boxes just because I'm really enjoying it the next I'm going to add on is the char deist blush this right here I love all of the shades in here. This is literally the target little blush palette I absolutely absolutely love it.

You have three matte shades these three or Matt and then you have this one that has a little bit of a shimmer in it no but it's just beautiful it has a nice variety of shades just look at those you can have a different shade for every occasion love it absolutely love it the chart you really not tell apart with that this formula is amazing easy to blend out very very pigmented that will probably last names my entire lifetime it only has an expiration of 12 months which really in my eyes like six years.

On then keep it next up is going to be this lip do of that I have on right now.

It's a mixture between the color pub ultra matte lip in privacy please as well as the more metallics by Milani and shade raving mad.

I put this on first and I top it off with this and for whatever reason I have been loving it probably because it matches my hair.

I really been enjoying it I really like it the color pop is actually my mother-in-law's and I must have taken it from her somehow or another.

I gotta return that one but when I do a color pop water going on my list next is going to be the lashes that I'm wearing these are the hooter beauty to lashes in Samantha they are absolutely beautiful I haven't worn them in a while.

When I put them on I was like oh I love these things.


Absolutely absolutely love highly highly recommend the hoodie beauty flashes at least in Samantha number seven I've mentioned this in a couple previous videos that I hear people saying that it that they're heavy but I don't experience that with these I think they're great they're not uncomfortable for me to wear and yes I am used to wearing just the normal ardell washes something like everyday look but these are amazing absolutely amazing yeah next is gonna be myself the lip exfoliator this right here i just purchased this new one which is cherry tart and i love it this it has not dried out like the original one that i purchased that original one like really turned me off from them because i'm like it dries out every time I want to use that I have to scrape off the top layer just to even get it to like go on to my lips but this one has not dried out whatsoever it's amazing it really does exfoliate your lips and it tastes delicious I got supposed to eat it but I do because it tastes good.

That's just what I'm going to do now next I'm gonna do you three things that are skin care the first one is going to be clam close the Hollywood California glam glow gravity mud it's their firming treatment I can't exactly say if it's helped for my skin but I just like the way it looks I have it on it's that nice silvery like metallic one it just looks.

Pretty and I love that it's like a peel off.

You just peel it off you once you take it off you just feel like your skin is cleaner I don't know if it's firmer at all probably not but I just like the way that my skin feels after i take it off.

Regardless if it's firming it or not I still equally it feels.

I will probably repurchase although those things are freaking expensive it was like 70 something dollars for this good I was a Greek Amy but i think i got it at and I may be old oh poor and use the coupon.

I got for like maybe twenty percent off maybe run specials um on earth online and I guess it's. Okay, then but it's freaking expensive in my opinion but when you really think about it I guess I've had this for quite a while and I've got quite a few uses out of it.

Maybe it's worth it I don't know it just seems like a lot of money in the front that's just my opinion now next is going to beam the Mario Badescu it's the like glycolic acid toner I have been loving this stuff I put it in my weekly box and I've been using it all week this last week and I remember why I love it it's just amazing it helps to really remove this actually dead skin cells that I have left over from you know washing my face and all the makeup and still ups on there it's amazing when you think that you've washed your face and you're like oh yeah are all the makeup Bob any come and you you know put this on a little pad and use it to wipe off your face and there's still stuff on it you're like oh my gosh how many nights have I fallen asleep with crap still left on my face it's pretty purpose and you think about it.

I love to use a toner of any sort this one is been my latest go to you which is the glycolic acid toner.

I've been loving it I don't see any big difference I think it's supposed to refresh exfoliate and help soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles that our alcohol-free glycolic acid chodar.

It's mixed with grapefruit extract they work together to help dull tired skin look brush and rejuvenated formulated with aloe vera to help soothe your skin.

It's probably the aloe vera that I really like I don't know maybe grapefruit extract something but I really really been enjoying this I think it's a great product Mario Badescu is very affordable or what you're getting if you look him up online if you look at his products online on like older calm you'll see you just read the reviews for everything one of its products he has amazing amazing reviews and I own quite a few of his products and I cannot rave enough i have not gone one thing that I don't like from him now the next is going to be the Estee Lauder advanced night repair I love this stuff and I quit using it for a while just because it was storage or whatever the case may be I just stopped using it but it's just.

Nice and I really think that's helping with I really think it is helping my skin I have noticed up here I used to have like this wrinkle that was starting to form let's try to get deeper and deeper and now it's it's still there a little bit but nowhere near as much as it used to be and I really contribute that to the Estee Lauder advanced night repair. This is the one thing that I've been you know constantly using for the past two months I would say.

I mean I'm sure there's a lot of other things that are helping with the wrinkles.

But. This is the one that's been the constant in my skin my skin care routine that I can really say that I think has helped I love it i think it feels great on the skin too I love the next morning when you when i go to wash you know all my skin care off on the night before my skin just feel.

Soft and just feels heavenly the only thing i don't like about it is II smell really yeah I don't know smells a little weird but it could just be because I have an older bottle this one is probably it passes well. This is actually good for two years.

This might still be good.


This smells a little iffy but it doesn't bother me and it doesn't stick around like it just as soon as you open up a bottle you smell it and you sell a little bit when you're putting it on other than that it's not about at all those were my August favorites and if you enjoyed give a thumbs up if you own any of those and they are your favorites of this month or any month at all let me know in the comments down below doesn't that I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I will see you in my next video.

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