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Hi guys it's time for my August favorites I'm finally on time I'm fine not like a month late during my August favorites qez remember last month I was like it was a month overdue this month i have several products to show you let's start off with some skincare shall we skincare skincare. Okay.

This first product ah just really excited to show you guys these products because I've been really loving you. Okay.

First product is from Japan. This is the pure natural aqua gel it's a liquid exfoliant yes if you guys haven't heard of liquid exfoliant like I haven't heard of it before I went to Japan either and when I found out that this act like this I'm like what imma try it and actually stocked up on like three bottles of these because I heard it works great like it's the number one bestseller in Japan.

When they say its number one in Japan you have to buy it right.

August Favorites 2015 | Viestelook

Yes. This is not like any of those microbeads scrub exfoliants that you find here. This is literally water cloudy water and how you use it as you take one to two pumps hey Riley do you want to come say hi that's my little dog you're probably heard his like in my last favorite and he's back again you pump one to two pumps into your hand and then you just apply to your skin to rub it in a circular motions like this but on dry skin.

Like dry face dry fingertips and you just move in circular motions very gently if you feel that it's like tugging or it's dry you can add a bit of water.

That you're not tugging your skin true too much I use this about once a week and after I use it every single time my skin can.

Soft it's like a baby's bum it's really really soft and it does a really great job of like cleansing and removing any impurities speaking of exfoliant next one is by st. Ives and many of you have probably seen this at the drugstore it's the same as blemish control apricot scrub I use the uses in the face sometimes but. This is really harsh they actually has pretty big-size microbeads I'm not really micro than if they're big but they have really big bees in here.

I use it for the body now instead and don't use it on the face for exfoliating but what i really love this guy for is to get rid of breakouts like minor breakouts i would leave it on overnight actually.

Before I go to bed I put it on and just leave it and if the breakout is not true major like not those humongous ones that had a marine through skin and it's super painful and you know that's going to pop a pet out no matter what it was not that kind then this guy can actually get rid of it it's really amazing for that because it has 2% salicylic acid and my skin loves.

Let's look acid it does wonders for my skin.

And it says here this one is actually oil-free.

It's like acid acne medication.

It's really great for that um sink as you guys know that they have different kinds like they have the green tea whatever tea but you have to get the blemish control apricot scrub if you want to use it for controlling breakouts and stuff the next product is for lashes. This is the can make lash care essence is still lash serum and I use it day and night and it's like a mascara looking thing it's clear and no scent or anything and it comes with a doe foot applicator.

What I would do in the morning and before bed is to apply on my lashes upper and lower lashes like I would mascara and I just leave it on and just about like a week of using it every single day I already noticed a difference I feel like my lashes a lot softer it's a lot stronger.

Next two products are foundations and I just I can't wait to tell you guys about these I'm actually planning to do like a demo review video on both of these foundations.

I'm not going to talk too much about them but i just wanted to show you what they are because i have been loving them in month of August the first one is by to face it's they're born this way foundation. This is amazing if you have dry skin combo skin and even oily skin people I've heard have been loving this.

I personally have dry skin and not a lot of foundations meet my criteria because i don't like foundations are mad I don't like foundations that are too thick and drawing or it clings to dry patches and things like that and there are tons of foundations out there that are just too drying for me.

I tend to be more of a like a BB CC cream koenig L because I like that light do we finish now I finally found a foundation that has a coverage of a foundation that has a lasting power of a foundation but looks like skin and it's even better than some BB creams I'm like ha yes to face your amazing you did a great job.

This foundation gives you a really gorgeous finish on the skin it doesn't look like you have foundation on it's just very dewy very light it gives you a very even complexion by the same time if you need a coverage it has a coverage it has medium buildable coverage.

If you were to build it up you can get an almost full coverage with this foundation which is pretty insane because if you think about a foundation that's like a really natural looking you won't really you know tie it with like a full coverage foundation because those are really late masks like usually but know. This is really natural is very dewy it gives you a nice glow it doesn't make you look oily it makes your skin look like skin and it gives you coverage like where do you find a foundation like that. This is just the perfect foundation that I've been looking for all my life it's here it's finally here and the second foundation is mega forevers Ultra HD what I love about this foundation is that it really looks invisible on the skin in person and in videos.

You know how some full coverage foundations they just look like mass the skin like people can tell whoa she has a whole cake a foundation on her face but no this one's really sits invisibly and it just kind of sinks right into the skin after you apply it.

I love applying this with my damp Beauty Blender and it just soaks right in and it just makes your skin look flawless it just looks like you don't have foundation on that's what I love about it and this one has included dry patches it dries van tranh satin finish and I got this in the shade why 225 which is equivalent to the old 117 also equivalent to max and see 20.

They have different coatings now the Y stands for yellow undertone and there are and then followed by number is for pink undertones.

This one's yellow why 225 and that's it from my August favorites I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll catch you very soon in my next video bye guys.

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