AWESOME! Roast Pumpkin Seeds! Pepitas! Great as Snacks or on Salads! Sprig Barton

Ready whoo we've got a pumpkin so what do you think Halloween well maybe maybe not but I got a roast pumpkin seeds they're really tasty for snacks and stuff and if you're going to make something else out of your pumpkin did throw the seeds way roast them and treat them like a nut mmm well at least as a snack snack or put them on salads let's see how to do it oh you can see I've got the top off the pumpkin and pulled out the insides it's in the bowl I've already put some in the sieve there but the main thing is to pull the orange strings out of away from the seeds and it's quite easy it's even easier if you put them in a bowl full of water and then kind of grab the seeds in one hand and pull the string out with another hand several seats are stuck to each string and after about 10 minutes I guess it took they were all done so it's worth it though rinse them with nice clean ice-cold water like we have here and then I let them dry a bit put them in the bowl and I've already put on a sprinkling of salt and a couple tablespoons of sunflower oil mix them up and then put them on my baking tray which also has baking paper on it which you don't need the paper if you don't want to and spread them out nice and i'm cooking mine in a moderate oven 350 or 175 F&C for about half an hour some people cook it faster at a higher temperature but that's this is what I did they dried out nicely I didn't have to worry about them burning really because I didn't have the heat up to high and they turned out quite good going back in after a stir stir them halfway through and then get them out and there they are they look roasted and they taste great a good snack and good on salad good stuff
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