Axa quick change tool post review

Good I hey guys and girls today we're going to do a little product review the a X a quick change tool post I got this from little machine shop and I am very happy with us I don't know what I'd do without us yeah before about that I had this this it gets the job done but it's a pain in the ass when you got to keep changing out your tools takes time to change it this air works really well it's part numbers 250 2000 and you get 5 accessories with a pool holders you get a boring bear holder parroting tool holder the turning and others turning this eric was a knurling tool to come with us and I really didn't like us so I went to my buddy's house he's a machinist he's got a mail and stuff what I done well what he done I got him to cut it off here and I got him to just run the mill straight through here made another tool holder the knurling tool was junk we put a lot of force on the spindle of delayed haired on the bearings I really didn't like it so I bought this guy I got this from little machine shop too and it works really well I like it a lot much better and one thing that I didn't like about this quick change tool host is that this is how it goes together comes with a little plate or whatever that slides there and you have enough I really didn't like tough you gotta use a wrench constantly looking for a ring so I made this it's pretty simple to make instead of looking for it a nut all the time there to rent to me and what I did with the boring bear holder oh it comes there's a little sleeve inside of it what I don't I press that so I could put a bigger shank boring bear in it but I'm very pleased with the set it costs about two hundred dollars with shipping and it's well weirdest if you do not already have one I suggest you get one a little update on my tool post grinder I got the other side board out for the bearing now all that's left to do is I gotta turn in here a little bit i think i'm going to get a little voice for my lathe I'm just going to clamp this in the voice I think that'll work great sorry for the quality of the video I'm just using my phone I'm new to this posting on YouTube and stuff hoping to get a good quality camera here so in the videos will probably be longer with more with more detail and more of me showing machining stuff this it sucks with a cell phone I can only you only got so much space on it and but anyway please subscribe there's lots more videos to come I'm going to be making a lot of stuff and delays and we're going to be doing lots of fun things ok c is for now
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