Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Clea Review

Back and I'm doing a really really quick video today for you guys just on a facial that I really really love and I use once a week to keep my complexion glowing bright and toxin free.

Here we go let's get to it I'm using apple cider vinegar. This is my favorite one but you can use any kind you fancy I like to use organic on my skin and I mix it with this Indian clay now I take a teaspoon of this and I mix it with just enough apple cider vinegar to make a paste now don't panic when you see it starts to fizz up. This is supposed to happen and we'll show you that the apple cider vinegar and the clay are mixing I use a Real Techniques brush to mix it all together into a perfect paste and you can add as much as you need of the clay again to make it the right consistency for you and then I just take the same brush and apply this all over my face now I recommend using a thick thick layer such as around a quarter of an inch worth if you can make it make it that bigger on your face this will feel a bit funny at first because you're probably not used to slathering something on this 50 I promise you the thicker the clay the more stiff it will be acting all of those toxins out of your skin and out of your system all the way down from my neck to my chest so. This is it when it's on I'm now going to wait for it to dry I've got time now to go and grab a but a large or do some errands around the house obviously it's not that it's like this looking crazy but yeah I'll be back to show you what it looks like when it's dry see it starts to crack but don't worry. This is all part of the plan.

Now it's basically almost dry I'm struggling to talk I'm going to go and wash this off and have a shower wash my hair.

I'll see you on the other side I've just done that the shower I've rinsed it all off I just use like a natural sponge where you can literally just drench yourself in the shower and it becomes mud again and you dislike.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Clea Review

In circular motions just wipe it off now they stay on the packet that it causes a little bit of redness but if you can see on my chest and just on my cheeks just a little bit too pink this little bit of a pink red flush that gives you subside within about half an hour I've got some really bad under the skin spots at the moment I'm trying to tackle those and. This is one of my favorite things when I get breakouts because it really pulled all of the dirt and the grime to the surface of my skin and helps me is eliminating all those toxins I'm not using moisturizer at the moment because I'm trying to reset my skin I'm going to do a video on that as well with my facialist kate Kerr she's amazing I will leave her link in the description box below Kate basically explained to me that my skin's natural hydration system is kind of shutting down a little bit because I've been over and I've been sort of overzealous with products and things I'm really stripping back to my regime and I'm just using this SkinCeuticals @mr cell renewal b3 I showed you guys this in a previous video but it's actually like a really lightweight serum and I just take two pumps and wrap it in gently around the eye area all the way into my hairline that's it I hope you've enjoyed this just a super super quick video and to show you something that I absolutely adore and use frequently I wanted to share with you guys I hope you've enjoyed it.

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