Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing, 1 Pound

Hi guys welcome back to my channel for another video as you can tell I'm not in my usual grounding and actually in my master bathroom and that is why there is a weird echo in the video wanted to apologize for that.

Bear with me elicitation this video I wanted to be in a bathroom because things might get a little bit messy and I don't want to lose my carpet and they can tell from the title of this video I am going to be doing one of my favorite space map. This is math that i have been using for over two years because i have struggled with acne in the past in my teenager and early adult years I do have problematic acne prone as well as oily skin it definitely is a miracle mask and I cannot leave enough about it but not i'm talking about a receipt I'll and do the aspect secret Indian chillin clay and. This is what the container looks like 50 a little container has one pound of pure product and it is a house of warrants pages from ten to fifteen dollar I thought I call amazon is definitely in a deep pore cleansing mask because i have used it for over two years now and it leaves my skin.

Rejuvenated and.

Clean and sometimes it's all sorts of wonderful and it is a hundred percent natural calcium bentonite clay.

We I repair this map is definitely catered to more oily acne prone skin does not be different ways to mix it up to suit your skin type.

It definitely is versatile like that now that's a little bit about the product I want to do a demo of how I mix prepared and have to apply the month and I have fresh thinking ahead absolutely not be on my scale as a moment the sort of thing that you need to press this map is something to mix it up with and the best thing that I have sound is to use apple cider vinegar is the apple cider vinegar that I have used. This is an organic brand of apple cider vinegar by the grand your fingers but it really doesn't matter as long as you have unfiltered roll-out cider vinegar it works out. This is a disclaimer that you have really sensitive skin said if you have to dilute the apple cider vinegar do not mistake to be effective in clay strictly with the apple cider vinegar and you're using a synthetic material that we try a little bit on your job on your cheek on the side be how your skin is really because it is definitely a powerful product and it's definitely something that can burn your skin if your skin is to senses what is also many if you have to or do a little test patch on your skin for the next two minutes and tutorial is clean makeup or a lot of people will apply math their fingers I think that is not sanitary and my experience is that too happy that they needed to make up much that you don't always be used for makeup to apply all your mouth and after I've done with this I always clean it and dry it until we until line next to you and I got this very interested for a dollar at the dollar store and the next to Anna said we need is a soon and a bowl. This is a little kitchen bowl that I have that I only use for mana and I also have this plastic spoon heads of the nature of the product you are not to use any metal object you apply to make or to stir the product with reason why you don't want to contact Mel to the product is because of its properties.

Now that you have everything that you need let's stop mixing going to be taking my Indian the clay opening the box. This is what the product looks like as we can tell it's in a powder form I'm going to be taking my plastic spoon and pretty much filling up my stone and I'm going to pour it like soul into the bowl. This is definitely enough for my full face and my neck area next I'm going to be taking my apple cider vinegar I'm going to shake it up and what you'll know is as as apple cider vinegar start contacting the Aztecs claim that it will start sizzling up like.

So I'm not sure if the camera is picking it up and I'm going to take my brush and start mixing it in in this case I put a little bit too much of apple cider vinegar but don't be scared you can always add more product in there and mix it up now keep mixing until there's no more lumps of product the best consistency to have for the mask is making sure that it's not too runny at the same time it's not to drawing.

Definitely play around with it and after a couple of tries you will get it to your liking and that pretty much is the perfect consistency but now that we have the product already make I have a hair tie with me I'm going to go ahead and tie up my beer.

It's other less space I'm gonna take a little bit of the product why do we all of the action and sorry for you know Mike I wanted to make sure that you are not making any contact with your licenses because it will burn one final I know al cider vinegar on your face can be quite controversial for me it's always worth the downfall of it is that it smells like feet.

It's pretty happy another reason multiplying product for any face products with a brush is that you get a very smooth application and you know we've seen a lot of product as you can see I'm going all the way down my neck I am shy mouth to get it in my hair but it's sometimes hard to avoid the hairline but don't worry it will come off I think that pretty much taught everything she does recommended time I love leaving the mask on your face depends on your skin you have a very surface can that 5-10 business but if you have more tolerance skin like I glue and into to 20 minutes even do a pretty cool when you first try on and your skin starts pulsing and could really feel it working and you can tell physically if it's drawing mass will start becoming very very dark on your skin whatever area is still wet means that it is not fully dry.

I always recommend to let them ask fully dry before actually start washing it all they recommend for people to use this at least once a week and there is.

Much more information on this particular mask will definitely research do your own homework and fifa the right one for you and i'm going to let them dry off and i'll see you guys about 50 minutes seidel in the mask is a pretty much dry and the reason i'm talking really funny and has a normal facial expressions is because it's i can not you know it is really really hard and i feel it pulsating which means it's working you're going to go ahead and wash it off now it's pretty simple to wash it off just make sure that you're using luke warm water and as i'm washing the mask off i'm also going in a circular motion and exfoliating because it does get more grainy as it starts washing off it takes a couple of minutes to definitely wash off the mask and make sure you're using a clean towel and patting not scrubbing or rubbing your face dry. This is how my face is left after I use it my skin is really growing and it feels really clean and I definitely feel some of the pulsating sensation feels like it's been given a deep detox plan after this I do not put any makeup on my skin but the only product I put after and my skin is good old coconut oil and. This is my colleague grill and the reason I use coconut oil is because it's amazing for your skin and there's.

Many different healing properties to this.

We can I put on coconut oil and not anything else is because enough is very powerful and it definitely leaves my skin feeling a little bit dry.

I like to rejuvenate my skin and because the moisture back on it and what better way to moisturize and we coconut oil and on that note that concludes today's video I hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial and I hope you guys learned a thing or two and if you have used the ethically or you are going to be using the Aztec clay after watching this tutorial don't forget to leave me a comment down below and telling me how you liked it or what your feedback on it was and I really appreciate you guys watching this video to the end don't forget to subscribe to my channel about the video and also in the description box down below I will be leaving all my social media links I'm an active user of snapchat and Instagram.

Definitely click on over and although me on my day to day adventure I hope you guys are having a blast day and i'll talk to you all in my next video bye.

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