Baby Alive Making Snow Cones! New Snow Cone Maker! - Baby Alive Videos

The toy heroes yay hey guys toy hero Laura here and today I have Molly and Daisy with me and we're gonna do something super fun we're going to try out this snow cone machine. This is gonna be.

Awesome guys.

Come on let's open it up and get started laughs snow cones yes I do I love snow cones how about you Miley I liked us snow cones - I can't decide if I like two blue ones or two wet ones I don't know either I think I like the blue ones best though Daisy. Okay, guys here is the Snoopy snow cone machine isn't this.

Awesome I had one of these when I was a kid and I thought it was the coolest and it made the yummiest snow cones I can't wait to try it out Snoopy guys and he's actually the top part of the snow cone machine and he's what you use to push the ice down.

Baby Alive Making Snow Cones! New Snow Cone Maker! - Baby Alive Videos

It turns into a snow cone and then there's this super adorable little snowman here and he's actually what you fill up to put your like fruit punch flavoring in.

That um your snow cones taste super yummy and then look it has this little tiny shovel.

That you can like scoop out your on your snow cone mix it's.

Adorable guys we got the fruit punch flavor with our snow cone machine.

I'm gonna add this with some water and then put it inside the snowman.

We can squeeze the flavoring on to our snow cones when they're done here is the fruit punch mixture inside the container this looks.

Yummy and I have to tell you guys I did try a little bit and it was super delicious ma'am your nose was a try it before we do oh sorry Molly I just wanted to see if it tasted yummy hello. Okay, I guess I forgave you mom. Okay, guys here comes this super fun part I'm going to take the little Snoopy out at the top and now I have some ice and I'm gonna pour the icing hair like this woo I don't we needed one. Okay, here we go here comes some more guys alright alright guys I am just making my first snow cones are you ready here it comes isn't that cool guys [Applause] and that's how you guys make the snow cones now we have to put some of this super yummy fruit punch on it just like this oh look how yummy that I'm snow cone is guys. This is.

Cool yum-yum-yum-yum-yum this was the best snow cone ever this was awesome takes full pot sing everybody we had.

Much fun making snow cones with the Snoopy sno-cone machine today they were Willy yeah me and we hope today you like to watch a video. Okay, kisses see you next time bye hey super duper awesome heroes thanks for watching subscribe to our Channel.

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