Backsplash - Peel and stick mosaic wall tile installation

Alright this is one of my rental units and we just change the countertops and they head for mica going all the way up the back here the backsplash and we wanted to put this stuff down here this is a peel and stick it looks just like real you know stone and glass or whatever it's a cheapest way I can think of doing it without all the work but the problem is this stuff's only sticks to a nice smooth finish so this was just regular plain wall like it would be here we would have had no problem but the problem is now we have a damaged wall it's got this the glue from the for Mike on there which is like a rubber contact with rubber cement glue it's damaged so there's holes in the wall rather than I mean I can't really sand this because it's rubbery I can try paint thinner but I don't know what that will do to my drywall and the paper is all messed up here I have to put the you know joint compound and all that stuff to smooth it all out rather than doing all that work I decided to just put this it's called the thrift board pick this up a bit I think with Home Depot and it's got a nice smooth white panel where the board is is that a white smooth finish on slobbin I'm going to do I'm just going to cut it in the sections where I need it and put some liquid nails to hold it down and then that'll make this stuff stick really good and I'll show you as we're as we're doing it all right we just finished putting the liquid nails on here you just find a couple little beads like this to be all right and now we stick this on there now we're going to finish out the rest of the backsplash like that now this is a nice smooth surface and that Tao is just really nice and then when we're done we're just going to caulk the ends up and you know what unless you really look at it close you really expand so the average person won't be a literally fill at first glance these aren't real tile all right now once you drew up where your switches and your like your sockets are yourself a drill a pretty large drill this is here and it's like a hole type saw I mean a hole I don't know what you call these things but get yourself the drill and in each corner and then with the jigsaw you can cut it up just follow your lines all right once you made your holes for your light switches and your plugs put your construction of these adhesive on of course first make sure it fits put your construction adhesive on and then you ready I okay you go all right we just finished putting up this panel here because we have damaged walls and now we're starting to lay our ceiling stick tiles I laid my first one on your first one you're going to want to tear off the first tabs that are on because what you're going to do is start overlaying these are start over laying on top of the next that so you want to tear your first tabs off right here what I was doing I'm just getting a straight edge putting up it against there like that just give it utility 19 cut that and you can start your first one your next one you're just going to overlay these tags right on top of there like that now I got a plug right there electrical flow what I did is I just marked it on this idea what I did I just laid it up against where it should be with my utility knife just poke a hole in the top and bottom where it should be now just transferred it over here with a little straight edge and now what we're going to do you're just going to cut that out just cut only where you did the line okay before you peel the backing off make sure everything looks good and it looks pretty good and I'll tell you when this stuff starts to stick it's very hard to take off so make sure you have it on straight you try to peeling it off you start peeling paint off and all the other stuff trouble now it's best to start at the bottom make sure your bottom is up against where you want it and that's it okay we just finished the bottom roll show you how that come on and they went I'm pretty good this stuff is really nice to work with because I mean you can use a utility knife or pair of scissors so all we're going to have to do now is add the upper part and just this little piece here under the stove and what we notice was pretty cool for this piece under here it's two and a half inches and it just worked out that the this piece here is the pattern keeps repeating itself every three three rows so you got one two three one two three one two three and it keeps repeating itself that's and it worked out to be two and a half inches here so all's I have to do is make my cut every third one and it fit right underneath it so that worked out really nice but this stuff is really easy to work with when you're putting it on I would say just lining up the bottom first lamp light up your edge and this one first tab here and once that bottom edge is lined up just start from the bottom and just roll it up and it should fall into place you can peel it off again just before you you just make sure that when you when you put it on don't push it down yet just make sure everything looks good and then push it down with your hand otherwise it's really hard to get off now I'm using that the glossy board here so it sticks good but I'm able to peel it off very carefully now on regular painted wall I'm not sure you might end up peeling the paint off but whatever you do just make sure you line the bottom up first and that first tab here to the to the one next to it and just start and it just push it up to you know to the top and yeah I'm really happy with it so I'll show you when we're all done okay just one more thing I wanted to add is now that we're doing the upper part here you probably can't see it in the video but there's a line here that goes up where the two tiles meet now when you're starting your second roll if you have to start your second roll just start put your next tile in between you don't want it like that because this way it'll break it up a little bit and you won't be able to see that line if you could but you really can't see it so I'm just letting you know to start put your next role where the line is between the two tiles all right okay we just got done with the kitchen backsplash and it turned out really good I'm really happy with it we had just enough tiles so we figured this out with none to spare this stuff is really really nice it saves so much time compared to the real tile of course real tile is better but the nice thing about this in a couple years if you don't like the look anymore you just peel it off and put it there you know something else you like but you know what the average person is really not looking very close will not know that this is not real tile backsplash so and because I had to put that board back here that I showed in the video now all that I'm going to do now is caulk this and it'll actually make it look like more like real tile because it is you know up over the wall raised I should say raised OH but anyways that's the only reason why I to put that board in because my walls were really damaged norm you wouldn't have to do that but you know if you got damaged walls or whatever put the board on and just liquid nailing this stuff will go over if you have some ugly tile already in your kitchen it'll stick perfectly to those tiles so it's pretty cool the Home Depot has got the same thing basically different patterns and stuff but I got these at Lowe's I like this we like this color combination because of the floor and the countertops and everything kind of bring all the colors together so that's it so this kitchen had a major transformation I'll give you some before and after pictures all right guys let me know what you think you
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