Banila CO Clean It Makeup Remover Review

Hey guys!.

Today I'm doing a review for clean it zero purity by vanilla Co V a ni la like that. This is a box and I wanted to do this review because when I was looking for reviews on it I didn't really come across any that I really could relate to or that stood out to me very well.

I wanted to do this one because I thought well you never know if you're like me and you want to try like different products and you look for a review so. This is a Korean brand and I bought it from the site.

Go bloom calm and I found after scouring through like a bunch of different sites that this one was like a pretty good price as well as the siping pretty trustworthy also their shipping was like really really awesome I ordered it on like a Tuesday or something and it came here on a Thursday.

Banila CO Clean It Makeup Remover Review

That was.

Awesome I did not expect that say makeup remover excuse me I like cannot talk.

My makeup is a little bit crazy right now I only have eyeliner on the one eye as you can see I have waterproof mascara on I have some eye shadow my eyebrows I have this super red matte lipstick.

None of my makeup is really like flowing together but. This is just for the sake of showing you how to remove the makeup.

I didn't feel like I needed to have a really solid look going on or whatever.

Let's get started first I want to say this packaging is.

Cute they have these little raindrops on here and like they're raised bumps.

When you put your finger over you can like feel the bump I don't know it's really pretty I love Asian Beauty cosmetics packaging you know cream products their packaging is always.

Cute. Okay.

You open the box and inside is the makeup remover and it's in this really pretty sleek bottle it has korean instructions on the bottle but on the box it has instructions in English which is nice I don't know Korean. Okay.

I've used this a few time excuse that but when you open it you have this cover right here and it comes with like a little sticker or something cute and then you have a like safety lid which is always good and it has the little what is this called but it's like a little plastic spoon looking thing to help you take out the product in a very hygienic way so. This is what the product looks like it's like a solid and it has like a slight smell but to me it's a very clean smell if you are very sensitive to smells you may not like it. Okay.

Let's begin I have clean fingers and here's.

Much. Okay, I'm gonna use this little scoop I only took out that much you it's been about I would say five minutes and my lips I put some on and then I wiped them off in the bathroom and because this camera has to be like constantly charging I'm not going to take this into the bathroom.

I'm gonna try to wipe it off here and pretend that I'm in front of my bathroom mirror and yeah as you can see it's kind of like melting have left the product on and then what it's supposed to do is like melt off the makeup as you let it just sit who is I like to wet my cotton ball with just water with just water because that way it sort of helps it's not like oily like it feels like greasy but you know it's makeup remover.

I like to just sort of have water on the cotton ball in order to like get it off butter let's see I think that it does a bear I think that it does a really good job and melting off the makeup what I find is that sometimes I have just like a little like bits left Korean Asian multiple step skincare routine I know that after they removed their makeup they do a second cleansing which is like a foam cleanser which is supposed to help remove any extra dirt and makeup that's on your face I know that there are more steps that come that are supposed to help just even cleanse the face more and I've been.

Interested about Korean products lately which is why I wanted to buy this remover and I have to say it does a really good job at melting the makeup removing it is.

I mean it's it takes a little more process and you're a typical makeup wipe or like like on oil you put on a pad but it's essentially just melting the makeup and I thought that was such a new concept and I really wanted to try it and I am really happy with this product I think I purchased it for a $25 I believe or 21 something like that and you know will I buy it again I'm not sure but I really love trying new things and especially this type of consistency as you can see it's like I don't even know how to describe it it's like it's a solid and then when you put it on it turns to oil when it removes the makeup.

I thought that that was really cool I have not broken out with this product I have not experienced any more redness in fact I always get red around my eyes is when I take off my makeup but my eyes are actually looking a little less red then when I use like a makeup wipe which I thought was like something called him just - no but I will say that it's a bit more time consuming although I've been like really and sooo just like you know been good to my skin and taking the time to really clean my face before I would repurchase a product like this again I would want to try more of an oil one because you know it's just like fun to try new products and not found this product to be drying in fact I found it to be like kind of soothing and the one I know that they have a few different types of this cleanness remover I know that there's a pink one there might be another one this one is for sensitive skin.

That's why I purchased this one because I was a little afraid that it would break me out or it would um do something but otherwise I really like the shape of the bottle you know the appearance is a ton for me definitely like a ten in terms of getting the product receiving it you know super fast super like awesome the melting I think works really well the wiping off works really well but sometimes but there is some residue still behind.

I would definitely cleanse with a second foam cleanser because in order to fully wipe off the makeup. However, I would use this one only for my eyes and probably my lips because for my face for the foundation you probably the foaming cleanser for my face makeup because I feel like it's too much to just smear it on my face like that um and that is all I have to say.

Yeah thank you guys for watching and I'll see you in another video bye bye.

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