Banila Co. Clean it Zero BEST makeup remover!!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel today I'm going to share with you my most favorite most favorite by the way most favorite it's my favorite makeup remover ever I mean I've tried.

Many makeup removers from the wipe makeup removers to Himmel based makeup removers to the my creams cold creams and facial washes everything just seems you know nothing.

Wow about them there are this product right here I must share to all of you makeup lovers out there especially you the pur full coverage I mean it seems like it's a makeup remover but it also makes my skin.

Soft it gives me that certain glow it's kind of like a moisturizer for me at the same time.

Banila Co. Clean it Zero BEST makeup remover!!

Are you ready it is no other than didn't wait imagine a glare. This is um the clean it zero by vanilla Co yes it's a Korean brand by banila co and look at this look at this packaging it is just.

Cute look it's.

Girly banila co hmm my light I think I need lights in the back men in.

We need an ability ness anyway, this came all the way from the Philippines I got this at the launch of vanilla Co and when not open at all I'm sure I will definitely buy more.

It comes in a in a container like this and then when you open it sorry Mitchell it comes with a your Korean products always comes with a little spatula know I love spatula they're.

Cute it comes with a little spatula I used it last night that's why it's Canada you know.

How do you use it oh how I use it see it's it's a pink light pink cream inside I just kind of scrape it scrape scrape scrape scrape. Okay, and you don't really need too much like this look that's all I need and then I put it on my arm my arm my hand and then you just start wiping and look it automatically turns into an oil like from this - look at that.

Brown something filking it on the skin I think has amusing uh iPhone. Okay, I good then you just wipe wipe wipe wipe in the Apple Machado art is a skin but now after a I had a baby Articuno because everything is happening I mean like I didn't getting wrinkles my skin is getting dry which never ever happened before look at that hmm and guys this smells.

Good it's light on the skin but for me it smells just bomb look at that look don't get caught is going away oh wait and then sometimes there's a makeup remover that um belongs is a major just this much major key knocking ah Polanco your uncle kanina oh no holy lo. Okay, anyways.

I didn't put that much and I can already feel my skin like I don't know how to explain it guys I'll I mean I'm gonna hold your hamburger let me explain. Okay, and then you just kind of let it stay there but because it's a video get on home B listen I usually let it stay for like five more minutes but you don't have to actually um that's just me because I feel that it has a moisturizing effect I don't know if it does but because I can't read Korean you can buy this at Babu in blur yet I am.

Sorry no yet that Kenny ways I live in over five minutes after this see like and then you can either wash it off with water or you know tissue.

Let me show you look at that I'm sorry if it looks nasty that's concealer Foundation and in boom kill cough it is off right away nothing Ganesha I think he's gonna make it up and I hate those makeup removers that it takes you forever to get things off even your eyelashes panda not oh. This is just super sulit and i'll leave a link down below in the caption but I love vanilla Co everything about them and their products there are.

Many things to choose from even the primer I'll do a review on the primer grab a look at that there is no hassle I'm gonna getcha just see some poona's now a full makeup a hoe canina ha with bronzer highlighter blush on contour everything baby. Okay, I'm gonna cut her wrinkles cuz I'm.

Harsh on my skin you know boom let's go panel. Okay, okay let's let me just make sure everything is off. Okay, voila look at that it's all gone I said I don't know about you but I am amazed that it works that fast it doesn't take much of your time and your face is just super clean that again and me I don't wash it anymore because I just feel now it's being moisturize and I just feel it feels really light on the skin it's not one of those you're cold peanut butter I'm gonna get in stuff like that. This is just the best.

If you guys are looking for a good makeup remover the banila co makeup remover is just the best thing ever.

Here I'll give you one more look at it. This is the vanilla cool makeup remover and you guys just have to get this no excuses you just have to so. This is all my favorites list and thank you again for watching I hope now I helped you cut a little bit don't forget to follow my social media accounts my lyrics onine on snapchat Instagram and Twitter please do come back for updates like this and don't forget to subscribe behind you on blog page cool it's being built.

I'm very excited for that and I am excited to be coming home soon.

I'll see you guys then and thank you for watching remember be kind.

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