Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic and Resveratrol Review (oil cleanser)

Hey guys! it's Victoria welcome to my Channel today I have a review of the vanilla company clean at zero and. This is $20 I got it off of the peach and lily website actually for 16.

A super deal you can also get this off of the sofa glam website but it was sold out.

That's why I went to peach and Lily I've been wanting to try a cleansing balm for.

Long I used an oil cleanser that actually made a review about is called the rice water cleansing brightening oil and it's in another YouTube video mine on my channel if you're interested in hearing what that is um that actually was much cheaper it was only thirteen dollars and it was a pretty big bottle too it's like 150 milliliters and I really really love that but when I went to go get it on the.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic and Resveratrol Review (oil cleanser)

KaBlam website they were sold out.

I decided to get this instead and then as soon as I got this of course if they had it back in stock but I wanted to try this because actually. This is an oil cleanser also but it's in you know a more green life form which is awesome it's actually better to travel with instead of bringing a bottle like full of oil.

Yeah I really have been loving this it goes on.

Smooth and you just rub it you just take a little bit with the little spoon that comes with it and put it on your face rub it all in and it takes everything off mascara eyeshadow all your foundation and it just is.

Smooth this one has like papaya and kind of a strawberry extract I know it's definitely papaya but otherwise it smells like strawberry and it's pink.

It might just be.

And I also got this one from the peach and loli site the vanilla company clean at zero resveratrol but you would use this the same way as the other one and resveratrol actually is a poly phenyl compound found in certain plants and in red wine that has an antioxidant properties and has been investigated for possible Aunty carcinogenic effects but anyways it's a green bottle and I thought that was different than the pink one I guess same oil cleanser and let's see this one just it just smells differently it smells like aloe and cucumber and I love green anything anyway.

The color alone just attracted me anyway, I don't think it's very different from the pink one I can go either way but I just thought it was interesting because you know this one is green and this one's pink this one says it was very tall this one doesn't.

I just decided to try them both and this one was a tad bit more expensive this was actually $24 and it was not on sale when I got this one because like I said this one was twenty and I got an on sale for sixteen then and I ended up getting two of these I wouldn't care whether I get this one or this one again because they're pretty much exactly the same thing they smell very very similar there's not a huge difference between these two.

If. This is ever sold out again and. This is available I'll get this and vice versa.

It doesn't really matter I guess the only thing is if you like to see a green bottle in your shelf or a pink one thank you very much for watching like subscribe if you have any comments or questions put down below and I'll see you in my next video.

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