Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm (REVIEW + DEMO!)

Hey guys! welcome back to my channel it's Anna here today and today I'm going to do my first ever first impressions video I'm going to do it on their product that i've heard about for a long time and I've always want to do in my hands on it it is the vanilla coke lean at zero cleansing balm in a nutshell this product is a cleansing balm that turns into a cleansing oil and that will remove all of your makeup including waterproof mascara eyeliner etc as you can see the lighting is a bit different today because i am filming at night i just got home and actually just bought this product by tonight.

This will be like legit my first real impression on this product and I also thought I'll do an unboxing color video.

Let's just analyze the packaging 5 it comes in a pink box and thus clean it zero here and nothing no especially i bought the normal version i know there's like another version for sensitive skin.

I'm just going to open this box oh and. This is the product at the top it says vanilla kerr it comes in this kind of really pretty sweet packaging and once i click to open oh there's a free spatula here which is really great.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm (REVIEW + DEMO!)

You don't contaminate the product there is a plastic separator between the product and the lid.

Obviously you don't get the product contaminated like i said oh oh crap i thought that was not the product and i just dipped my hand into it and now it's like all weird this product feels very solid ii it feels like coconut oil the smell has a bit of like a raspberry smotrel which is very strange if not unpleasant but there is a smell to it kind of reminds me of panadol if you know what that is and I just totally ruined the contacts but that's. Okay, hope you like my little burrow fee.

Today I've got quite a little makeup on I've got full face of foundation blush highlighter contour although the cameras are really picking it up I usually do a line handle all my products and also have some eyeshadow eyeliner mascara and also false lashes I'm not going to use the clothing biomol my false lashes.

Obviously first I'm going to use the face shop priceline a bright lip and eye remover first and a cotton tip to remove my eyelashes but and then I go in with the bomb if you want to review this product just click here right now and there will be a video on it.

Now I've taken my both lashes off and I've also just really briefly wet my face I just flush it with one or two times and as you can see some things are running already that's fine.

I'm going to take the spatula they came in with and just scoop I'm not sure how much to use to be honest.

I'm just going to scoop around this much not sure if that's too much or too little it's my first time with his products.

Super good on my hand feels kind of solid it's a solar texture which is quite surprising I'm gonna rub it between my palms and then apply on my face yep definitely has turned into an oil like to start off with my face makeup first because the final part will be my eyes and that might take forever and it might make everything totally black going into my eye makeup now it's gonna really gently massage my lashes.

Far it feels very gentle my skin don't feel any sort of irritation you can definitely smell that kind of subtle hint of raspberry but like if not disturbing at all.

I think that this should be final forgot my eyebrows I think I'm running at a product now this will look like.

I might just drop a bit more tiny pea sized amount now just on my eyes and eyebrows just in case I don't have enough product on i bought this book thirty-six dollars in australia and acting firm young and to me that is quite costly but i'll have to see how much product actually you need for this to get rid of all my makeup and see if it's worth it i'm just going to rinse this off really quickly.

Now i'm back I've just rinsed my face off with warm water I haven't cleansed or anything afterwards and. This is the result I'm quite liking it I feel like most of my makeup resolve my face makeup is definitely off my eyeshadow waterproof eyeliner as well as waterproof mascara are all off as well as my brow pencil things off as well I feel like my under eyes are darker than usual.

I'm not sure if I just have darker eye circles today or if most of the product is offered some it's still left over on my eyes.

What I'm going to do is just to really test this out I'm gonna grab a cotton pad these are the Swiss this one's gone with this flip and I remember from the face shop. This is pretty much a mineral base to make a remover specifically for your eye makeup annual it may come if you want and it's really good i've done a review as i mentioned.

Now i'm just going to rub that all over my eyes and see if it makes a difference well I'm actually quite surprised because there is hardly any product on this cotton pad it is completely white except for like a little bit of black stuff on it but that's bit that's about it in terms of feeling after the bomb my skin definitely does not feel dry it feels not oily but you can definitely feel that there has been oiled on it like it's not the super clean squeaky feeling that you get usually with like using foam cleansers or anything but it's not a dirty oily feeling my face actually doesn't feel dry and it's not too oily I would definitely go in with a cleanser after this just to make sure they get all of with the oil off my face and then moisturize and left on our moisturizer essence lotion whether it is with some products actually do get an instant reaction to them.

Sometimes I chase with me a bit red after using it but right now I don't think no there is no redness no sign of irritation and remember that. This is the normal one it's not the sensitive skin version of this bomb.

I'm quite impressed yeah really like it overall it's very effective and taking out all of my makeup including waterproof makeup it is great for sensitive skin it is not drying or oily doesn't leave any weed residues it does not blow out my eyes when I'm rubbing my eyes and even when I open my eyes after I dropped it it also closes off really easily if you'd only took me around 30 seconds like a few splashes for everything to come off yeah.

Now I'm going to carry on with my usual skincare routine and just cleanse and everything if you want to check out my skincare routine be sure to click up here and yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I'm going to sleep soon.

Everybody hope you're having a great day or great night.

Far and I see you in my next video thank you bye.

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