Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity ♥  First Impressions

Hey guys! welcome back to my channel it is.

Nice to actually be back and to keep the explanation short and sweet and to not make too many excuses I really haven't been feeling that well lately and I've been having to take some medication which in turn has been making my skin totally freaked out.

I've been dabbling a couple of new skincare products here and there and switching up my routine to see if that helps.

I decided to bring you guys a first impression on a Korean beauty skin care product and it is the vanilla & Co clean it zero cleansing balm now. This is a very very hyped product and I decide to go for the sensitive skin virgin because as you guys may know I have incredibly incredibly sensitive skin and I wanted to play it safe.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity ♥  First Impressions

I purchased mine off of amazon and depending on who you buy it from it will cost you about twenty dollars more or less and i believe that the original version retails for about the same price.

I'm really excited to try this out i am usually a fan of cleansing oils i never tried a bomb or cream before and i don't know if you guys can tell but I went a little bit heavy on the eye makeup just to really really test this out.

Yeah let's get started alright so. This is what the product initially looks like and the nice thing is that it comes with a little spatula.

It keeps it nice and hygienic and I'm just gonna start scraping out a bit now I did have to look up some instructions online because the instructions on the packaging and on the box are in Korean and I unfortunately do not read Korean.

It says to take the product and massage it onto dry skin.

That's usually what you would do with a cleansing oil as well I'm going to start with about this much product don't know that's too much or too little we are about to find out.

It does have a very thing kind of citrusy scent nothing too offensive but definitely something to know if you might be sensitive to odors.

As I'm massaging it into my skin it does start to feel more like an oil um cleanser does not stay creamy does not feel like a lotion it definitely feels oily uh but I personally don't mind.

Let's see how it does what I makeup.

It is definitely not irritating my skin which is an excellent spine um definitely something I'm always worried about and it seems to be doing a really really good job with the eye makeup.

It's basically already removed all of my mascara my eyeliner um yes ups pretty pretty good sign.

I'm going to go ahead and do the other side of my face and wash it off it does pay to rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

That's what I'm going to do.

Now i'm back in completely bare face.

Let me go ahead and start listing some pros for you and the first and most important pro is that it's really really effective.

As soon as it touched my skin it immediately started to dissolve the makeup especially the eyeliner and mascara that was really impressive whereas with a cleansing oil you probably have to massage it into your skin a little bit longer to really get it to start breaking down all the makeup this worked very very fast basically immediately um another thing is that I could have probably done with half of the amount i had scooped out into my hand.

You really don't need that much product to get it to work and it didn't irritate my skin whatsoever.

That is always an excellent sign now for some cons I can't really think of a con other than I noticed that it wasn't necessarily hydrating but then again i don't think i've ever used a cleansing oil that is.

Maybe not a con to something to note and then of course as with any other cleansing bombs or oils you want to follow up by actually cleansing your skin.

That is just something that you always always want to do.

My final verdict is that i am very pleased and impressed with this product i really hope that i keep enjoying it i will definitely keep you guys updated and i'm curious to know if any of you use this product or the original version if you have let me know in a comment down below I'd be really interested in getting your opinion and they won't think you guys found this video entertaining and or helpful like always all of my links will be down below.

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That you're notified every time we put out a new video thank you very much for watching thank you for stopping by and until next time bye.

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