Banila Co. Clean it Zero Review + Demo

Australia is hot and I have to wear a frickin humble hi everyone it's Janelle and welcome back to my channel this video is probably going to be up a couple of days late because it is currently through the new year there's a money on sale and we'll take our time.

Today I'll be doing a quick demo and review of vanilla code clean it zero. This is the jumbo size which is 180 bills is what these are called slacks this one is the sherbet time and they do come in a lot of different colors to suit different skin types as well it comes in a plastic cover as well as a mini spatula sorry the consistency of it itself is a fun it feels kind of oily to the touch and I know a lot of people don't want really oily feeling things at the moment though the quickest thing I've done its cometh the back of my head's in a bunch of stuff now I'll show you how you can see it is super oily especially would be lip products and think it just me is everything all around if you can see came off like really easy it's just this one lip tint here is having a little bit of trouble going away and you can see that everything except adjust this one lip tint was completely wiped away even the gel eyeliners and waterproof mascara came away through the evenly since you do need to wash this off this border it does take all of the oiliness feeling away.

Your skin don't feel clean it doesn't feel oily and sticky and by meanness actually have to moisturize your skin while you're rubbing it in to remove all your makeup.

For me I really like that because a lot of cleansing bones do actually end up stripping your face of natural oils which can actually make your skin a lot drier and I found it to be really gentle around the eye areas as well as opposed to using right cleansing wax we have to like rub at your eyes I did mention. This is the jumbo size the regular size is about half of this.

Banila Co. Clean it Zero Review + Demo

Yep I guess that's pretty much it for this video thumbs up comment subscribe I'll see you guys next time as usual these guys rolled it.

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