Basic Glass Cutting

Okay let's cut some glass for practice we've got a small piece of clear glass four inches grab our glass cutter notice it has a screw you want that pacing up has a little wheel on the end that cuts the glass but not your finger when you score you always want to go from one edge to another and you can pull toward you or push away from you it doesn't matter using nice even pressure is the most important thing and getting a good score you'll see that very faint line kind of like a strand of hair on the glass it's a good score I'm gonna grab my running pliers they also have a screw which you want pointing upward and there's a line right here which you align with the score has curved jaws that applies even pressure on both sides of your score to run that score and every few cuts or.

You want to take your cutter wheel and run it across some paper toweling that's been soaked in cutting oil it keeps it clean and lubricated to cut on a line you simply take your sharpie and your ruler to make a line on the glass this comes in handy especially working with opalescent glasses there's my line get my cutter make sure there's screw is up and this time I'm going to push away from me.

I can keep an eye on that line as I make my score nice even pressure grab my running pliers I'll line the line with the score squeeze gently and run it you can also cut gentle curves with a glass cutter I'm gonna push my score away from me.

I can see my line I've drawn better got my score and to run it I'm gonna start from one end you can see that it ran partially and I'm gonna finish it from the other side and these are glass nippers great little tool they've got round wheels that when you squeeze them together break or nip off pieces of glass you always want to use them with a container nip downward in there.

Basic Glass Cutting

The glass doesn't fly around you can nip small pieces like we're doing here or you can use the tool to shape a piece of glass by nibbling off little bits at a time.

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