Battle of primers! Milk of Magnesia VS Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer | Best primer for oily skin

Hey guys! welcome back to my channel.

Today I'm doing a very interesting video. This is the trust into me because I have extremely extremely oily skin and I'll do the bottles of apartment today we'll be using two primers the first one is milk of magnesia and I believe this retails for 398 in walnut and the second one is the Becca ever Marc product poreless primer imperfecta and this retails for $36 in Sephora.

I want to know which of this fan will have a longer lash in power. This is this 398 one or the studies it.

On if you want to see which of this primers work better they have to be here for my left side I'm going to be using the month of magnesia primer have my left or my right side yeah but I don't even know my left I'm right for my right side I'm using the milk of magnesia for my left side music as you can see both of them drive differently this one has like a white hat and this one it's more ashy like you can see other kind of al-shabaab is not as balanced inside.

Battle of primers! Milk of Magnesia VS Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer | Best primer for oily skin

To make this even more interesting I'm going to be using a dewy foundation and the foundation I'll be using its approval infallible foundation a little real.

I don't know how this friend is off because I'm already I promise you in two hours I'm going to like it and I'm going to have at least shoeshine.

Let's see and in this foundation I am in this shade I'm in the different shape to want to get shape you. Okay.

I'll be using the new type on the controller crane and I'm in the shade deep day five um I'll go ahead and finish the rest of my face I just wanted to show you how this concealer look because I know. This is new just in case you hey guys.

I'm back. This is my makeup of today right now is 239. Okay, I'm going to go out and run some errands and I want to see how this hotel just for reference. This is the milk of magnesia and Becker yeah.

Let's see I'll be back I'll be back in like. This is I'll be checking in occasionally like two hours three hours four hours you know yeah I got you. Okay, yep hey guys I'm back and I believe I put this on up to 36 to 39 I'm not sure and right now it's it's 8:30 to 7:00 I think a skin disease.

That's about six hours and for using a dewy foundation it has held up pretty good I won't lie I obviously I'm shiny because I'm only for six hours I don't even have my makeup on I mean I have for life on my dollar basis I don't have my makeup on for that long because when I go out when I come back in and take it off and yeah it's harder.

Good normally after two hours my face gets really really really only really shiny.

I'm just going to show you both sides. This is the milk of magnesia side and I don't know you guys can see I'm that's my glow that's not oil I think maybe they look tap it on or her but that's a milk of magnesia side and. This is a Becker side in my opinion the Becca side is a little bit more oily than the milk of magnesia side but they have almost the same lasting power and that that's weird considering the fact. This is three dollars and. This is Teddy something dollars.

But my nose my nose I don't think any of the primers can hold - I don't know what to do I've tried I have tried different products for his skin I have just learnt to accept my oils someone said the oiler you are the younger you look when you're old when you're when you're older shell you look young that's what they said or don't don't it won't save me that's it I had it somewhere.

To blot my face I use any bloody shit this one is the one from Sephora I'm just going to flip my page to show you guys how I remove oil for my face when I'm outside I just take a bloody shit look at all the oil for my news please and my frying occur almonds there's barely any toilet here nicely I'm royally on moon.

That my biggest problem I thought primers are really really good I have the milk of magnesia it's not good those of you who I make up on an everyday basis.

If you feel like here.

If you're one of those people that we make up everyday I would say you should use the Beca one and I'm very very special occasion when you learn how to make up on for a very very long time then you use the milk of magnesia one but if you really don't care and you don't want to spend that is like 10 times the amount on the backup of primer if you are not about that life go ahead and use the milk of magnesia I don't I don't know what's going to do to your skin but if you will take the risk then go anyways that is my little review on book primers I've always wanted to do this because I've been using the becca primer all along thinking like it spit out of them look at my vision and it's just where I just tried together in my face to kill anybody my disgust I will do the primer.

I didn't you know what let me I came to his side by side comparison.

My subscribers they know which one is better and if you're all you guys you need the milk of magnesia in your life I don't know what they put in this shit right here but generally put in its tissue just make it you need primer and make it acceptable for trees and I don't care how much this on your device.

Guys clearly the winner is look up my knees yeah if you can't get your hands on this this a little Walmart Walgreens and you drop.

Basically if you can get chance with me please do because that partner is not primer for that shit right there is a bomb anyways guys if you like videos like this if this video was helpful please give me a thumbs up I'm really greatly appreciate it and I'll see you guys in my next video I love you.

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