Battle of The Cleansing Balm

Hi my name is Diana and it's.

Good to see you again today I'm gonna have a battle and for future reference whenever I send a code it means that I'll be comparing two or more of similar products together and the base vessel is about cringing bone because I'll be comparing these two together why these two well mainly because I have to reason but is the number one this product has received lots of great reviews from beauty bloggers around the world which makes the high for this product is exponentially high then came my second reason some of you guys might have confusion in deciding which product to get.

Hopefully this video could help you a little bit to decide which one I'll be comparing these two products from several aspects and I apologize in advance if along this video you might see me looking down it's because I am reading on my cheap tip because I do not want to forget something so. Okay, product number one is sorry. This is vanilla coke creamy zero this one is actually mine mine is actually this I think they call it special edition because this one came in 180 milliliters because normally the normal product is leaking in hundred milliliter the second product is Hamish or cream bomb this one came in hundred twenty milliliters it only has one pipe.

In that note for this one I think a mich one because it contains a little bit more product than vanilla cool and then moving on to the price this product I think have seen that twice niche around eighteen to twenty dollars but if we compare it to the price to concern ratio I think Hamish one because in similar price you will get more product from Hamish.

Battle of The Cleansing Balm

Again he missed first one this product form is bomb of course as the name already mentioned but I think the 14 love for vanilla vanilla poo is somehow better because I can feel it decrease which means that I use less product whenever I use vanilla cool and in depth note my image might plan out faster than my banila co.

For that one I think I will choose vanilla Co banila co plus one one thing I do not like about him ish is that my image came already melted.

I think I got this from eBay if I'm not mistaken of course it shipped directly from Korea and you might want to consider this because if you're not living in Korea chances are you're going to have to ship it from Korea to your location and they possibility that it might melt along the way.

From that mode very sorry Hamish you really disappoint me on that one.

Again vanilla Co plus one let's take a closer look at vanilla Co clean zero it came with a spatula like.

And clear inner feel which easily enough to open and as you can see I'm almost done using this this could remove all your makeup melt it away quite easy enough except for that water proof eyeliner which I'm having hard time but as you can see everything melts away now let's take a look at Hamish or clean balm it will also came with a spatula like.

I think which is even cuter than vanilla call and an inner sphere which in my opinion are very tough to open and as you can see here the form has mounted which makes it kind of like a cream soup to perform but I notice that Hamish will melt away our makeup even the waterproof one is here than vanilla Co and everything is not doing like.

One of the point in using oil based cleanser is actually to clean away your makeup especially maybe eye makeup and for me whenever I use or whatever or your basement it will irritate my eyes and this product of course but of both of them irritated my eyes but I feel like by Minako EDP glass bank image.

For that one he me and vanilla Co a plus one after I'm done with renze I will pass my face to dry and I've I noticed whenever I after finished using vanilla Co I noticed that my skin is itself smoker and moist. However, whenever I use English my face got tighter you know what it means it means it dry out your skin and yes after after I put on my skincare and then put on my makeup I noticed that my skin is dry out especially in this area.

That's a big move for me actually.

In that for that note vanilla Co just one. Okay, now let's talk about breakouts does this still have any breakouts for me unfortunately for him ish it did.

I don't know why maybe because it dry out my skin.

My it messed up with my the HTML or something I don't know but it break up it breaks me out especially in this forehead area well that's actually again a big no for me.

Plus one by me Nicole oh yeah I forgot to mention one it melted.

I tried to put this in the fridge and then last it for a day or.

When I get it out from the fridge of course it came back to its original form I suppose because I don't know the original form I suppose it come back but after after that I last it in room temperature and it's very sad because it melted again.

I don't know maybe the Sun has messed up with the formula maybe uh I don't know but now the phone become as you see as you saw it become very liquidy kind of like cream soup or something for me again smell it a big disappointment for me. Okay, I think that all ok let's conclude this matter after seeing several aspect I think it's pretty obvious that I choose vanilla Co very sorry Hamish but I think vanilla Co is just simply better.

Yes I guess that concludes this video again I hope you can find this video somehow helpful and if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and most importantly don't forget to subscribe because I have I still have three featured videos in mind.

I'll see you guys very very soon bye.

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