Beauty Battle Breakdown! Banila Co Clean it Zero vs Nooni Snowflake Cleanser Review

Hey guys! today I'm going to be doing a comparison video comparing the vanilla coke lean and co-wrote with the new new knee snowflake cleanser.

Let's go ahead and jump into the video.

To start off I'm just going to give some brief information about each product to give each product a little moment to shine.

Let's go ahead and start off with the vanilla co clean at zero now I know I've talked about this product in a pass because. This is one of my favorite cleansing balms and it just works.

Beauty Battle Breakdown! Banila Co Clean it Zero vs Nooni Snowflake Cleanser Review

Well it's one of Korea's cult favorites everyone seems to get along really well with this and I really haven't heard anything bad about this product in general now to talk about some of the unique ingredients the vanilla coke clean it zero has it has papaya extracts which help to mildly exfoliate the skin it helps get rid of dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover it has vitamin C that helps brighten the skin and it has cherry extracts which help fight free radicals which tend to prematurely age the skin the retail price of this can range anywhere from sixteen to twenty five dollars I've seen it on various websites for different prices the lowest being 16 dollars which was on peach and Lily that I could find and the highest is around twenty five dollars which was on several websites.

The cheapest I've seen it was sixteen dollars for the full size now talking about the new nice snowflake cleanser now Noonie is a new skincare brand underneath maybe box that maybe box has come out with and the reason why it's called a snowflake cleanser is because when you stick your spatula in it and start to pick up product it kind of shreds similar to that of a snowflake kind of like an icy almost now unique ingredients that this has is it has shea butter which helps moisturize the skin citrus peel extracts which obviously help again with mildly exfoliating the skin cell turnover blah blah blah blah and lotus flower extract which helps keep the skin supple now as far as the price goes on this clearly I have a sample size.

If you purchase this from the Mimi box website you'll be getting a full size and a full size retails for $16 now I actually wanted to compare these two on my face at the same time.

I could see the differences between the two right away now talking a little bit about the performances they different very slightly but I still did notice a couple of differences between the two notably the texture of these snowflake cleanser is a bit firmer than the texture of the vanilla co clean of zero now while that might be good for something eerily I like my lip cleansing sherberts2 be a bit thinner and runny almost because when this hits the skin and it turns into an oil it's a lot easier to rub into the skin rub on my eye area get into my eyelashes to help remove the makeup it just doesn't feel like I'm pulling on my skin another slight difference that I did notice is that the vanilla co still cleaned my makeup off more effectively than the snowflake cleanser now when I ran a cotton pad over my skin with a little bit of toner just to see what kind of makeup was left over after using this there was a little bit less makeup on the side that I you see vanilla Co clean it's they are all versus a side that I use the snowflake cleanser now again the differences were very very very slight I do feel like the vanilla Co clean of zero still perform slightly better than the snowflake cleanser now another main difference that I definitely think is worth mentioning is that the vanilla coke clean is zero has several varieties that you can purchase them in because the Noonie snowflake cleanser is a brand new product they obviously don't have as extensive as a product range as the vanilla co clean at zero but I do really like that the vanilla co clean at zero comes in all different varieties just to go over the varieties really quick that they have they do have four different versions of course they have the original which is designed for normal skin types and it also has a bit of moisturizing properties to it you have their radiance aversion which has via Thyssen and marine glow essence which helps brighten and whiten the skin tone you have a reservatrol version who that word is.

Hard to pronounce which has olive oil and grapeseed essence in it which helps with large pores and also aging skin and last but not least they have their purity version which is formulated for sensitive skin.

It doesn't have any added fragrance oils anything like that that is usually an irritant for those of you guys who have sense and despite all these differences I do still think that the unity snowflake cleanser is a good product just as good skandalon product but if you were to give me the option of having to buy the vanilla Coakley Nadira or the snowflake cleanser I would definitely still pick the vanilla coke lien at zero because isn't different enough and it's not any better than this.

Because the prices are very similar still I would still go with the vanilla coke lien at zero and like I said I do like that I have the option to pick different types of versions for different types of skin types now talking about these snowflake cleanser I wanted to let you guys know that there's actually a secret sale going on which I will put the link down below if you're still interested in trying the nuni snowflake cleanser we can get the full size of this and a sample size for $13 also another fun thing if you guys want to go ahead and talk to me about cleansing oils or talk to me in general there is going to be a Twitter chat held tonight at 6 p.m. Pacific time.

Definitely make a date with me come join me on Twitter hashtag begin with nuni and I will put the hashtag down here below and you'll participate in a Twitter chat along with other several k-beauty enthusiasts which I will list here as well.

You guys can come and tweet and join us in a Twitter conversation and we can talk about cleansing oils or pretty much anything you guys want to talk about but if not you guys can just tweet me any normal time and I will try and tweak you guys back I read everything including your Instagram comments your comments on YouTube and I try my best to respond to all of them.

I can keep in contact with you guys and that's pretty much it.

I was in the middle of editing this video when I realized I forgot to even mention the giveaway when I was filming this earlier.

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Hang tight for me sorry. This is shaky I'm holding with my hand but yeah back to the video.

That was a quick rundown of the differences between to clean at zero and the new new the new new knee snowflake cleanser what a tongue-twister I hope. This is helpful for you guys because. This is coming out and it is going to be a product I know you guys are going to be interested in hearing the differences with the vanilla coke clean is zero.

Yeah I hope to hear from you guys tonight.

As always don't forget to rate comment subscribe share with your friends and family and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys you.

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