Belly Casting Kit Giveaway

Like that on there. Okay.

You've seen our little mommy-to-be here growing right I'll check this out she can now forever remember this moment honey it's. Okay, I've been like seeing all these cool products and. This is by a proud body they do these belly casting kits and it's really cool cuz a lot of moms are doing this you put the mold on your stomach and it dries and hardens and you take it off and you can do different things we've got some video where you can like you can paint them you can hang them in your nursery that's really cool i eat together and that's a great way to use it neat we're going born yeah it is a green is like like like you crack the egg or some yeah.

They were really really awesome and sent me a couple of these and I thought you know what let's give them away because they could be a great gift for you you could give them as a shower the shower gonna stay on you could do this at your shower if your friends don't mind and you don't mind have them cast your belly well because it would be hard for you to count of cash you know you see on the front here. This is all the stuff that comes in the kit even comes with ideas for decorating and you get several pairs of gloves.

You could absolutely do that everything you need is in there.

Belly Casting Kit Giveaway

I'll see go to gaol time calm there's a little fun stuff section uh-huh and we're gonna give these away you can enter there and check it out and no we're we're doing it they do other stuff to do they do like tattoos and henna summits it really neat awesome it'll be fun awesome.

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