Best AXA Quick Change Wedge Type Tool Post Set 6-12 quot Review

I've been wanting a quick change tool post set since i bought my lathe in fact i was gonna order him at the same time but i held off for fear of getting the wrong one I knew I wanted the wedge type AXA is the size of the set and for some reason wedge seems to be more preferred over the piston type that you also will see and I'd pretty much settled on getting either the chars or the little machine shop which if you look closely appear to be the same tools even though the picture is different and then I found this set on amazon which looks like the little machine shop set same pitcher but 60 bucks less and so there was one favorable review at the time and I figured why not so I pulled the trigger and bought from amazon to my surprise when I got the tools they were shipped from chars and once opening the box found a showers invoice and also tools all labeled as chars so bought on Amazon advertised to look like a little machine shop but ultimately comes from chars and is charged tools let's take a look at him now everything was boxed up nicely and wrapped in plastic and coated in cosmoline so you will need to do a little bit of cleanup I used brake cleaner and then wiped everything down with some wd-40 and I think that'll I think that'll do the job I'm not going to go over what's included in the set all these different tool holders are listed in the description below you'll also find the links to all three of the websites and what I don't show in this clip is the adapter plate which you'll need to machine to fit your lathe as well as a stud that will hold the tool post down to that adapter plate let me show you what that looks like the old for way to a post has a 10 millimeter thread 10 millimeter threaded stud it's 1.5 pitch and that goes into this t.t slot or plate for the t-slot the block that that chars gives you is too short and too fat and doesn't have the shoulders machined into it and so it's not going to fit the thickness is ok but you're going to have to machine the rest of it to get it to fit into your compound now I don't own a mill and I no I don't have any friends locally that have a mill so I was going to go to a you know a professional machine shop and with my specifications and haven't machined the nice thing about going with the bigger with their block or if you create a new one that's the the right length just out of a piece of scrapped steel or whatever you have is you get to use that bigger 14 millimeter stud or you can make your own this is ten millimeter stud or ten millimeter threads on the bottom so i can use it on the old t slotted plate with 14 millimeter threads on the top to hold down the tool post this is the same one you saw me turning in my last video on how to cut metric threads and i have to say i'm very pleased with the results i just installed it last night so it doesn't have a ton of time on it but i have no reason to believe this isn't going to work however if it fails i'll post a video of that in future and i'll put a link to that in this video to make sure everybody's aware that creating your own stud is not going to get the job done however like I say I'm confident this is going to work the other thing i did was tram the compound or tram the tool post into about a thousandth of an inch parallel with the cross slide motion and then i installed this tool holder and my turning tool and trimmed it and found that it was within a couple thousands of parallel of the tool post so i'm very pleased with the quality and I guess time will tell how well it holds up anyway that's pretty much everything thanks for checking out the video don't forget to Like and subscribe and post your questions and comments below
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