Best Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Photo Printer Discontinued by Manufacturer Review

This episode of soldierknowsbest is Bart's you buying Netflix hey yourself gasoline knows best here here about to give you my review of the canon pixma ip100 portable printer now I was in need of a printed solution that can take with me anywhere I hate trying to find a printer or find when it doesn't have any ink I wanted something for myself.

I decided to go with this one they're gonna see how it turns out but first I'm going to talk about the design and their hardware.

I say it's about the lengthwise it's about the same size as a local bread and it's about half the height of that I put my mouse on top of his brain just to show you the height difference there and.

The printer is pretty compact I mean it can fit in most laptop bags and also easily in the back package as well.

You'll be able to carry this thing around with you no matter where you go on the left hand side you will find the power port in the right hand side you will find a pictbridge connection port and also to the regular standard USB connection port then ready to go to start using this bad boy just need to lift up this top lid here a little bottom piece of fall down there and also this little trade the top you can actually extend upwards to hold the paper Vetter has a couple buttons one for the power button also to another one for a paper feed button for paper jams or things like that and I'm plug in all your cables and now you're ready to set the go to start printing from this thing you can also get a couple optional accessories for this printer if you wanted to it does have a battery patently get you about three hours worth of use or about 290 pages worth of use and you can attach right there on the back of it also due to does have a out a bluetooth adapter that you can plug into it and now you can print wirelessly from your cell phone your tablet or your computer now it's going to get to the most important thing about this printer and that is the printing capabilities of it I wasn't printed well it does print pretty good it's about nine pages of black ink per minute and i'll get about six color pages per minute and the overall DPI is pretty good as a 9600 x 2400 color DPI.

Far could be printing pictures and things like that it will look pretty good now.

I did print out the picture of myself here that was drawn on the ipad actually never seen that i got a video of it here on youtube I put a annotation somewhere of it but anyway, that's a pretty this picture just on regular paper not even photo paper and I was pretty impressed with the overall results up and then kind of market this as a portable photo printer even know if you print documents and things like that but I was pretty impressed with the photo quality of it and also going to be hooking up your camera to this printer directly itself in printing from it it does have an auto image fixed capability that will help you know fix your pictures and add a little different enhancements to it to make the overall picture better when they actually does print it out.

Overall I would say I was pretty impressed with this printer I looked at a whole bunch of these and I say. This is probably one of the most compact printers out there they had really good performance I was really impressed with it I print tons and tons of pages with this doing some military stuff and it did perform very well a couple things that could be fixed with it the overall start and boot time of it does take a little while to get to your first page and going to start printing but that could be improved on and it's not the most and it's not very very loud as the princess also to is not whisper quiet.

They could improve with that later on then that would be great again I'm kind of reaching on these things but overall the I would say this printer was pretty good and no problems about it.

If you are in business or do a lot of traveling things like that you know.

That you can always have with you to print is to a probably the best choice for you.

You can find this printer for about two hundred fifty dollars online or you can actually find us in retail stores too so. This is my review of the Canon ip100 portable printer but before we had any guys going to take one of the best sponsor for this video and today's sponsor is Netflix you haven't tried out netflix instant streaming where they can stream movies directly to your TV set being an xbox or Apple TV or Playstation and attend oh we almost anything out there now can stream netflix including yourself on your tablet you definitely check it out they have thousands of movies to choose from no late fees no due days nothing like that.

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