Best Gaming Headset? (PC, PS4, XBOX ONE)

What's up guys? Lew here back with a factory-fresh video for your consumption today we're going to be talking about a very high-end gaming headset as you'll notice there are two of them on the table hmm I wonder what the extra one might be for don't go anywhere but before we talk about this headset I want to mention something special I want to address the elephant in the room the fact that I am not wearing my usual hooded sweatshirt sort of my uniform as most of you know today I have stepped up upgraded the fashion game and I owe it all to 5'4 clothing that's right this beautiful looking shirt right here which is actually surprisingly high-quality came from 5'4 they sent me a bunch of other stuff as well cool company brand new concept $60 a month gets you a hundred and twenty dollars worth of clothes.

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You don't have to keep recycling the same old gear and you don't need to think about it very cool I'll drop a link down in the description go and check them out five for clothing alright let's jump inside this box right here and take a closer look at the gain 0 from Sennheiser big Sennheiser fan and hey now we're going to look at their gaming headsets.

Today we're looking at the game 0 headset from the game series it's sennheiser if you're unfamiliar with Sennheiser they've been in the audio business for a very long time famous for their audiophile grade headphones and now they are in the gaming headset space with what looks like a very compelling package obviously you've noticed there are two boxes in front of me and as I mentioned before there's a reason for that I'm going to give one of them away to you guys meet lucky viewers and we're going to do it very simply just subscribe to both of my channels both of his channels what is he talking about some of you know others don't I recently launched a brand new channel here on YouTube called more top 5 dedicated to the world's coolest top 5 videos at least I hope I've only uploaded two videos at this point.

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It's very easy for you maybe we should look at the outside of the box first to get acquainted with the game 0 supreme comfort acoustically ceiling memory foam ear pads that is good I like a nice acoustic seal 2 year warranty frequency response ten to twenty six thousand Hertz it's got a headband of course thanks for letting me know three meter cable and they are three hundred and twelve grams another thing I noticed is that they have double XL ear pads. This is huge for me I love over the ear style headphones of the most and give me the best seal from outside noise and they also happen to be the most comfortable for extended listening sessions whether that's for gaming or for music inside the box we have that I just say whoo we have a very nice traveling case a hard shell with a nylon exterior and everything appears to be enclosed in this case.

Let's go ahead and open this up a nice little zipper and then the actual headset with a little bit of foam on the top.

Look at that they fold nice and flat for travel having something that is portable is definitely something that I appreciate and I think a lot of other users appreciate as well if it can be small and compact then why not something interesting about the boom like is that it mutes when you lift it up.

You don't need a separate mute button as you lift it just like this it's a little clip that you'll hear and that will essentially mean that it's muted.

You won't need to worry and then when you bring it back down you are back in action and speaking it's a little bit bendable and as I mentioned before it is noise cancelling you have very cushiony padding here very cushioning well cushioned padding maybe and they are big ear cups as you can tell in this image right here one thing I will say wish it had a removable cable it terminates into a headphone output as well as a microphone output this can be adapted for console if need be otherwise you can tell how that will interface with your sound card on your PC.

I guess I should try them on and see just how comfy they are before I do that there's also a hardware volume control in this location over here. This is important obviously.

You can adjust volume on the fly without the need to go into any kind of settings or reach for a remote or anything like that it's right there on your ear cup alright time for a fashion show let me try these on real quick yes stupid comfortable guys I could wear these for a long long time they go around my ears very very well and they also isolate my own voice from me which implies that they'll have a great ability to also isolate from other noise that's being created in my household and trust me there are other people creating noise and I think that happens in the average household should I just continue this video with the headset on. This is a utilitarian device. This is a tool and the goal here is to hear as much of the game as you possibly can.

You want a nice sealed ear cup that goes all the way around your ear.

You can have that competitive advantage that's my opinion and trust me I've tried a lot of different headsets we just throw something on real quick you obviously won't be able to hear it because it's sealed.

While you may hear a little bit going on this ride together folks you can tell anytime I'm doing critical listening I always close my eyes it's how you know it's mission-critical. All right.

Nothing scientific just plug directly into my phone which is obviously not the ideal listening scenario for a large set of headphones or a headset for that matter but I was very surprised you have a controlled sound very accurate feeling tight which is important for a gaming headset or I guess music headphones for that matter a lot of people are looking for that flat response.

They get an accurate representation of what they were meant to hear I could see that being important for gaming when you're trying to use sound to designate the location of a particular gunfight or something along those lines you want something accurate instead of something that may be enhanced.

As mentioned I do have an extra gain 0 headset that will be going out to one lucky viewer simply make sure you're subscribed to my new channel more top 5 as well as here on unbox therapy and then leave a comment on one of the videos on the new channel saying that you want to win the game 0 headset obviously if you guys enjoyed this content please make sure to leave a thumbs up down below all the stuff I talked about is going to be down in the description thanks as always for watching and I will catch you very shortly on the next episode as well as a new top 5 video coming on that more top 5 channel jeez that was a lot that I had to try and fit in to this video I'm gonna go test these things out what should I play.

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