Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains & Decopolitan Rod: How To Set Up & Review

I so I just put up these curtain rods and this curtain I got them both on Amazon the blackout curtains here the best home fashion thermal insulated blackout curtains antique bronze grommet top beige so I got the the set of two panels that's about 84 inches long 52 inches wide both of them and this is what we actually have our house I just set up at our office I send it up not to block light because we don't have any windows in my office I actually set it up to see if it will help reduce the echo to help dampen the sound in the office when we do interviews of people we just have flat sheet rock and my hope is that these curtains will help break that up a little bit so it's not quite as echoey and helps dampen the sound I wanted to mention a few things about mounting mounting the curtain rod onto the wall in drywall here I've got what comes with the rod so it comes with two rods one rod has a rod in the middle the other rod is hollow so the three rods can actually go together if you want to have it nice and long like we're talking a minimum of I don't know eight or so feet across here or nine feet somewhere on there but if you want to have it shorter you actually don't even use one of the rods one of the hollow rods I decided to use both so I had that middle one be the connector between the two bigger rods and then you just take these they look like door handles the knobs just take these and you just screw it on to the end that super duper duper easy just screws right onto the end of the rod so you can do that as a first step you can just assemble the rod that's very easy first step the second step so I thought I was going to want to screw these braces or these mounts into the post the 2x4 is behind the drywall but I actually when I did that I used a stud finder I found where the nails were I I started screwing in and it would go through the sheetrock well but then once I hit that wood or whatever's behind there wood or metal it would start coming back and it wouldn't go in and so this the instructions recommend that you that you take a drill a very small fine drill and that you drill a hole and that you first put in these little plastic drill bits so you you whack them in like with a hammer into a drilled hole at which point you you take a screw and you screw it into the plastic fitting into the drywall so I didn't have a drill today so I just hand screwed it into the drywall and since I couldn't go where there was a stud I actually with where there wasn't a stud and our drywall was thick thick enough and hard enough that it was able to go and just find and it feels like these three brackets that has one in the middle and then the two on each side is enough to hold the curtain weight not without a problem however if you're installing this at your house these this curtain set curtain rod and curtain then you probably want to make sure that you follow the directions and they use a little drill to go into the wood into the stud and then you knock in that piece of plastic with a hammer and then you screw in this bracket using that I didn't because I'm at the office I don't have little children opening and closing the curtain I won't be opening and closing the curtain really so it's it's sturdy it doesn't look loose at all it's just basically going to sit there and help to absorb a little bit of this in these kind of empty square rooms that were recording interviews in so I put one curtain here I'm actually gonna put one other curtain on this wall and one of their curtain on that wall and I'm hoping that between those three it will make it more of a dead space where the audio will sound better yeah so for weight bearing I i'd recommend screwing into wood and and using that plastic fitting but since these aren't weight bearing they're just for show and just to help with audio I have to worry about it I like the pieces the pieces seem of good quality and build they're simple enough to use I really like this curtain we've actually used our house for probably about half a year and it blocks light pretty effectively it's also pretty soft
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