Best How To Shave with a Safety Razor

SHAVENATION.COM: Hi Brother, How are you doing? So you moved to Vegas, and I promised you I'd show you how to shave with a Safety Razor. The razor I gave you. With the blades and the brush, and the shaving cream.

So here we go, Let's get started! The 4 things you need: Your shaving cream, your brush, your razor, and a blade. So what you do is grab your razor, take the blade, insert it over the post Insert the post into the handle, tighten it down. You're ready to Rock and Roll with your razor! Grab your brush. And, I like to let it sit in a cup of water for a couple minutes. Hot water. And fill your sink bowl at the same time while you wait for that for your brush to absorb the water, so it makes a nice cream for you for you. Shake off the water. Just give it a couple of shakes.

start to run it around in your shaving cream, like so. just get it on the tips, you don't need to go crazy with it. And then, I'll set the brush down for a second, wet my face, Hot water from the sink. Like so.

You'll grab your brush, and just start applying to your whiskers, in a circular motion, like so. And if and if you see that it's a little dry, you can always dip it in the water, and add a touch. When you come around nose, you can put 2 fingers on the brush like so, and direct it, under your nose, and by your ears so you don't fill up your nose with shaving cream, and have a sneezing attack that's not fun. I've done that by the way! I'll dip in in the water... Just add a couple droplets of water on the end. So you want to Apply the shaving cream, so you don't see any skin underneath Just the shaving cream, and this helps exfoliate your beard, remove the dirt, raise the whiskers, get them ready to be shaved off, nice and clean, with your surgical steel safety razor.

Best How To Shave with a Safety Razor

No pulling, no tugging allowed! OK, so paint it a little bit Like so, Just so there's no bumps or clumps, set your brush down. Grab your razor. Dip that in the hot water also. And then clean off the runways here, so you can see where your sideburns are. You don't want to wind up with a sideburn, half an inch lower or higher than the other one. OK, when you do this, locked wrist.

None of this activity! OK? And just straight up and down, let your shoulder do the work. And let the razor, the weight of the razor against your face is all it takes. you don't need to push in like you do with a multi cartridge, just Let's get started! Cut your sideburn, just go straight down. And you'll take about one inch strokes, like so. and, when one side gets filled up, I'll show you.

When one side gets filled up on your safety razor, you head over to the other side. And that's why it's a double edge blade. You can use both sides of it. Work your way down, this first pass, will be straight down. With the grain, straight down is what we're doing this first time. Be careful at the lip. It's very sensitive. Flatten out your chin.

Roll your lower lip, and flatten it. Now, around your nose, you want to come in underneath, not from above. You don't want to clip off some of your skin on your nose. Roll your upper lip down and flatten it.

Like so... Just like that! Your neck line, straight down. Rinse, off. OK Just like that! Set your razor down. Do a quick rinse. Just get a little more water on your face. You don't need to thoroughly remove all the slickness. It's good to leave it on.

It'll still remain slick for your second pass. Start applying your shaving cream again. Against the grain, circular motion... Again, two fingers pushing down on the brush. And that will keep the bristles stiff. You'll get a better lather that way. And this is a badger hair brush Which will help you retain the moisture, Holds the water better.

Which in turn means, a better lathering of your shaving cream Paint it a little bit... Like so. OK, set that down. Clear the runways! Lets see where we're at. OK, this time second pass We'll go from the ear, towards the nose.

So straight under the sideburn. Across like so. And you can hear this working... Right? I don't have any music on. Just for the fact so you can actually hear it. What it sounds like. Under the nose Be careful here.

Like so. OK, Back hand grip. Straight across under the sideburn, flip it over. Rinse it off.

OK, now second pass, you'll go against the grain on the neck. Good! Like that... Slight rinse. Put your razor down. Grab that brush for the third pass. Start applying. I'm trying to get this done in under 10 minutes for you.

So it all fits on the video nicely. That's why, It probably will take you a little bit longer And... I recommend you do take your time when you're getting accustomed to this form of shaving . OK, I'll show you a little trick here... Which is After you apply your third coating, get ready for your third pass. Paint it. Get out the bumps and clumps. And grab your shaving cream, grab your brush, and, pull off all of that shaving cream! It will be easier to clean your brush later on with the cream all off of it.

And you can take this, and apply this by hand to your face. It's an excellent coating for your final pass. It Provides you with some really great lubrication. Like so.

Just apply that all over That's the Crem-De-La-Crem Brother! That's it! Ok rinse your hands. Get rid of that shaving cream. Clear the Runways! I didn't talk about before, the grip. You could just grip it like this: With three fingers, and thumb.

Or two fingers and thumb, whatever is good for you. Sometimes I like to put the little finger underneath it just helps you to support it better. You won't drop it for sure. You don't want to drop it on your tile floor and break it! OK, Here we go for the third pass. Start at the nose, work towards the ear. Flatten your lip.

Stop short of your ear. You don't want to clip off a part of your ear lobe. So make sure you exercise caution in that area.

So OK... And against the grain here also. You can feel around how your hair on your neck grows. Because mine grows actually towards the chin on one side And away from it on the other. So I like to go Where it's growing towards it, I like to go against it like this.

Again Like so. On the left side. Which would be your right, cause your watching me in the mirror and then on this side it grows the other way. So I go against it this way.

And your beard might be different. But, that gives you a nice B.S.S. - Baby Smooth Shave! OK, rinse off. So there you have it! I rinse with hot water. Then I'll turn the cold water on, and give it a really good rinsing. Close off the pores with the cold water. it's very refreshing! It feels really good! Then on top of that, is I want to talk about this type of shaving. Using this type of a razor with a Double Edge Single blade, you are slicing that whisker off cleanly.

And there is no pulling and tugging that you find with some of these 3-4-5 multi-cartridge, multi-blade cartridge razors. There's a lot of pulling and tugging going on with those and you wind up with ingrown hairs, because you're slicing off the whisker below the skin. So, you don't have that problem with this razor, as you can see. Nice and clean, no imperfections.

No pimples. No ingrown hairs, no razor stubble. You'll be very happy with it! Trust me! And you'll look very professional! You'll feel good. You start your day ready to conquer the world! That's all I have for now. Check out some of my other videos. I'll make some for Pre-shave and post-shave Lathering up a good cream, and the best way to prepare your face for a shave. So, Best of Luck! And Have A Great Day! Start Your Day With A Great Shave,You Will Have A Great Day! All Right! Take care, see you next time! Visit: SHAVENATION.COM.

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