Best Learning Colors for Children: Paw Patrol Skye & Chase Mission Cruiser Gumball Toy

Alright let's open it up and get inside oh my the mission bus coming in hot hey guys but where's Ryder I'm right here it looks like no one's driving the bus get me on there we go tires gonna drive the bus and it'll all be. Okay, alright let's open it up and get inside oh my gosh what what were you guys doing in there with all those gumballs oh my goodness that was a big surprise he popped right out of there we got you guys yeah you also got a lot of gumballs they're tasty too yeah we wanted to play with them out of our butt come on let's get it out and get in the bus. Okay, we're going to bring down all and let's get in the back. Okay, Ryder pull us to the side right and we're going to set up barriers of gumballs and you have to smash through them we're going to get some some gumballs it's key stuff lay right down for the gumballs. Okay, now we have a few layers of sticky tape let's go ahead and place our gumballs let's do a row of pink and a row of green and a row of yellow oh my goodness look do you think they're gonna be able to get past it I don't know if they will well we're gonna try right Ryder that's right you can see him in there alright let's start with Skyy go ahead Skyy oh I got stopped by the first row let's try our next guy Rocky Rocky's having trouble getting out he got through the first row. Okay, rubble your turn oh he hits the second row you got you got the furthest trouble you proceed on to the next dish the next one I'm sorry you guys you this didn't make it let's see who can do the best let's go chase oh yeah chase made it almost all the way through the green one let's go Marshall oh you got stopped right at the pink. Okay, rubble let's see you going in Oh looks like rubble got the farthest this time - let's try these three again. All right, let's see how far they get this time go rubble oh god stop sit on Marshall you almost got through the green how about you chase oh you missed the whole track alright you guys get back in we're gonna try it one more time let's start with yellow check out that one. Okay, now let's do green. All right, our Astro is pink. Okay, are you writers ready. All right, let's send you off go first chase oh you didn't make it all the way how about you Marshall Oh Marshall hit the yellow line. Okay, rebel your left Oh Marshall barely beat out chase and rubble barely almost didn't beat out Marshall good job you guys rubbles the official winner cuz he has a drill on the end. Okay, and look we have a special surprise in the back of the bus Oh what is that Oh brighter yeah drive your bus right look it's a microlight squeeze me paw Patrol let's open it up and see what is oh my I'm.

Happy Zuma look at him he's all squishy and he has this little thing.

You can sing in and check this out we scream it is lights up on the bottom of this little body it's a blue light microlight the hats funny quick boop boop boop it's a luma flashlight if you ever in a dark place you can always pull out we want to help you alright well say by the rider in all of his pup by paw patrol paw patrol what happened to all of your head we don't know they just disappeared what what are we supposed to do now we have to go look for what we can put on our head because a little how where ours are. Okay, we'll have to go look for some stuff. All right, let's go oh look what we found it looks like a rainbow I bet we can split that up.

It can all work on our heads yeah let's try it. Okay, you guys wanna try this play-doh on your head. All right, these are going to be small little heads.

Best Learning Colors for Children: Paw Patrol Skye & Chase Mission Cruiser Gumball Toy

Look kind of funny I don't know if those work sure they do better than nothing yeah but you don't even have eyeballs that's true.

What are we going to do now well I guess we got to keep on looking. All right, come on small rivals sky and cheese come on hey guys look no way am i putting that on my body come on it as eyeballs we gotta try it yeah I guess we should [Music]. Okay, let's take the play-doh heads off old ones are kind of fun while it lasted.

Now let's try these lowly spiders Oh how's that we have eyes I can see we look disgusting you look at my spider head legs jiggle oh yeah I don't really like how this feels we should go look for different beds. All right, mmm chicken chicken we can't put chicken on our heads sure we can see I don't even have a head anymore yeah let's do it can't take all these spiders off let's try some chickens here we go look all these chickens are too big I can't even move oh it's too heavy I can't even walk yeah Oh No good riddance I couldn't even walk with that giant shake it on my head ok take the chicken away I want the gumballs do you think we can find some gumballs sure let's go find some I found some gum oh hey finally something that will work yes I love gum balls I am buried the pink one I get the pink one sky well I want the pink one no you have the blue one no ok.

Chase wants the pink one what color do you want Marshall yellow ok how about you you want blue ok sky you're getting red that's pretty close to pink what's your happened yeah how did I get Marshalls head full I ate them I put a red gum ball on my head on my body oh my gosh and I had a pink one hey blue. All right, honey yellow Oh No why are we going to do we have the wrong heads on we need to find some more gumballs ok let's go oh thank heavens we found some more gumbo yeah and I'm going to eat a blue one get back that sky or shape I don't know you are. Okay, let's do it right this time. Okay, guys we're gonna have to replace all your heads with gumballs whoa your head just disappeared oh well these we have these gumballs yep.

Let's give you guys the right colored gumballs chase chase you gotta leave it on if you want it to work. Okay, let's see if anything happens oh my goodness yes I have my own head and my body on yeah hmm oh I'm.

Happy you guys got your body mm-hmm oh good don't you guys go off leaning your heads anymore cut that out don't you guys go off losing your heads anymore. Okay, ah cannonball whoa sky where did you go cannonball oh oh that didn't feel.

Good did it oh man what happened to what why isn't there anything in the pool for me to jump in we have to take everything out because there's just too much stuff in it what how is there ever too much stuff do you think there's ever too much stuff in a pool no especially if it's water or soda or candy there's never too much in a pool. Okay, sky. Okay, you're gonna have to find someone to fill the pool up hmm who do you guys think I should find to fill the pool up hmm how about papi I should go find papi and have her help me. Okay, let me go get papi did someone say my name I heard someone say my name I think it was sky but she went off to look for you oh no sky hmm. Okay, well what did she want something about the pool it looks awfully empty we're going to have to fill something up hmm I have the best idea let me go find something I couldn't find papi Oh under go lay here do nothing fire in the hole oh it's starting what what what is that what is it it's a gumball I found and I'm gonna go get some more no way papi bringing gumballs we're going to start with red gumballs and we're going to send them down the slide here cover all the red gumballs how many red gums all they're going to come there's.

Many really in sky are you.

Happy about the gumballs yes I love filling the pool with yummy gumball. Okay, well let's get to a few more red ones they just keep seven kicks kai what color do you want next let's do orange. Okay, let me go get orange here they come yay for orange gumbo what color are we going to do next guy I don't know what color do you think we should do next how about yellow. Okay, let's go get yellow. Okay, that's enough yellow one what color is next Green like my cape and my crown and my shoes I really like green. Okay, we have all the green gumballs we only have a few colors left yeah let's do blue net like chase. Okay, guy you're gonna have to get out of the pool there's gonna be room for more colors. Okay, okay how about right here that's a great place. Okay, the next color is going to be pink like my hair mm-hmm and like sky sky love pink -. Okay, only one more color what color do you think it is white we're gonna do right there's a lot of white some love whoa. Okay, sky I got got you all of your gumball now are you gonna do your cannonballs yeah let's do my cannonball cannonball Oh guys where did you go come on there sky where did sky go she's gone you know what I'm gonna do a cannonball - and let's see if I can find sky cannonball cannonball cannonball quick where did poppy go they did cannonballs and then they just disappeared us. Okay, let's try search around and hear some more Oh what poppy where'd you come from I did a cannonball in the gumball and then I just turned tiny I don't know what happened I'm gonna keep looking for sky [Applause] [Applause] poppy what we found sky you guys turned tiny when you jumped into the pool I know and look how awesome now we can go down the slide and swim around and not be too big. All right, well let's go down the slide then. Okay, well that was guy and poppy playing in the pool. Okay, say bye.

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