Betrayed For Pistachios! (Prop Hunt! #82)

[Music] yeah he had a twin and his twin was named Houdini two very unimaginative parents eager to do everyday this room man I remember from class from from class doesn't say what class just from class yeah what kind of class teaches yeah magic class like Harry job magic class at Harry Potter class you guys been Professor McGonagall shit how that degree do you get with those type of courses uh you get a degree that you can use at the grocery store and you get half up you can have up you get a discount it's it's much like a senior citizens discount I don't write that Bob it's like it's like a military discount senior citizens discount it's in the same league that I don't write the rules I just follow them Hey Oh what was he what was he he was very quiet and I was like why is he not Yelp with like like a dog got his tail run over why would I why would I let it just be known what I how I'm a dog Oh chasing cars Wow Brendan what a great spot I like you boy don't don't do that don't touch that thing what Goldie don't do it what are we not supposed to do um did you find something here there's a bench back here oh I found something way more entertaining back here benches don't go back there I wanted the bed wasn't the bed you weren't the bench belongs back there there's that I wasn't the bad nog oh he's a jug under the bench interesting all right I thought I had it when you said oh there's no benches back here on the wall now I mean what that's to me why would a bench fucking belong there I mean there shouldn't be any grenades that's bullshit did you see the jug Adam because you play with Adam you have to have nice ah that's true fair enough Wow cutting cut me deep Adam is the real deal oh that was Oh quick timer okay let's go mark oh that's odd the bottle over here is knocked over that is interesting that's very very interesting you guys should look for that bottle now you have to think am i playing you for fun cause it's evidence Wow although interesting you gotta yah to think now am i playing you for fools or am I not Oh like all the bottles been messed with that's sure you could just knocked it over Annaleigh then I could also be actually a bottle and it's fucking yes right now mm-hmm it's a dangerous game we play here in prop um he this is a good map I like this map for proppant yeah it's the right size and not too many things on the map got to get creative uh which we're not very good at hmm which we are severely lacking all right I'm not gonna say severely that's a bit that's a bit harsh to you guys all of you guys I'm calling you very special mark that's that's just you're a very special person Adam is dead very a great spot what do you what do you think now Adam oh yeah that's good okay you got a good strategy I like which I think this strategy is gonna gonna take me into the into the next ya room problem mark and Goldie don't you sell me out now do you uh no I won't sell you I was gonna say huh you say they'll give you some pizza so you out I don't this but I realize you don't like waiting and watching people don't you sell me out listen don't you ghosts for them I'll make a deal we can make a deal honest yeah make me a deal goalie um well how about this is the point I'll tell you this much I'm not in my same spot as before I'm at a different spot I didn't know your last spots I know oh no I know I'm just trying to annoy you is it it sounds like it's working Adam I will hand deliver pistachios to you and he well it's cashews that he likes so talking about all right did you take them out of the shells are they are they do I have to take them out are you a bitch you can't unshelled ing taking I enjoy showing am I taking them out of the show I take them out of the shells and feed them to you personally you have to do literally nothing really nothing okay he same you're gonna leave he's behind a locker oh my god you fucking dick I'm stuck to a caiman fucking move hahaha you like my plan push what am i hold on well what is he where he's he's a bitch that's stuck on the wall and you guys can't hurt me die yes in my panic I with all goddamn you Adam you you are just your cheap whore you're a cheap whore that can be bought with unshelled pistachios god I love the Adam is such a cheap whore god damn you beat him to me personally exactly i what and you don't enjoy the shelling of pistachios I love that shit hey look I'm a busy man some days I need some in my mouth you know why he's making those amazing thumbnails in Photoshop he has to have somebody I eat it I only have two hands one for spouse and one for the keyboard where the pistachios go the third hand you know I need a I'm having I think I'm having issues you have done happiness I'm panicking I'm panicking okay you better not fucking use that as on your highlights we go to love extra pistachios happy yeah he's gonna put that in now - what a dick what a fucking dick yeah and it's gonna be him just being a hand Campbell this party no fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yeah uh-huh oh no we many great wish - are you kidding me look at out fat you're so chubby all your content he must you left the Butte gave us the slip where'd he go see ya let's get out of here do you know it's funny I thought I thought you guys were mark and I was gonna always still moving around okay you got to interest this may take a dud oh he's inside of it again I hate that's okay we gotta push him out let's what Emma I'll you I'll let you solve that case I'm looking for mark okay so duh okay Mountain nice just gonna take forever oh yeah not even killing me you can get him eventually you just gotta push on the right way you got plenty of time so he's gonna die no not worried about it how long does it take to kill one person screaming for like hours okay Jimmy oh they can't kill me I'm the greatest uh-oh I'm just gonna waste all my ammo that's all this is good this is good it's just part of the plan god this sucks haha this is part of the plan so what are you that's making it take so long he can't kill me oh this is so good oh my god you'll die eventually he's not dying yes so much help god you're so mad mark have I found you no what are you talking about it's so dull that wasn't you you sound like the Pillsbury Dough Boy right now hello a mouthful of drinks fuckin hell I'm gonna win this if I win I'm the greatest of all time no you lucked out you're the luckiest of all time the greatest is Jesus I can't get you out leave it on the glitch blame another glitch Adam I can't get to him he's just yeah we're going to win he's - we are gonna win thank you there's money way too much time on me no I'm looking I'm looking for Mark right now what they don't realize that I can't well you can't be killed you're sated hahaha I made a deal with the devil yeah just kill Goldie that would make me happy haha we saw your elbow boys how is that good I don't know how he's Elias fuck oh yeah I mean JV a lot dislodge him a little bit how does it feel Adam guys have to like work together and hold hands and maybe oh my god I was like with the prize okay there you go we are works oh what the fuck what laughs was that quickly quickly fine mark we have 30 seconds oh my god those are funnies the ever use s channel there's no way mark there's no way what the fuck is he okay I don't have any more ammo we won we got it we bolted together where was he I was the T model the entire time I went around the map Oh hide you when you were oh my god that makes me feel so foolish well played mark well played oh my god that's good hugging that to you that's pretty good that was the best round of problem ever there's a ridiculous gosh and who's who's the best team at proper now Adam and max yeah I don't know we kill we are oh fuck Skaar not feeling - I'm not oak brother marsden right yeah no chance listen I someone's a bottle they made him they made some area visibly I had no time at all I had no time I got nothing Adam is holding on for dear life right now I just saw I just saw Adam he's back to his old ways he's uh no how dare you Adam Howard someone so let's strike a deal with me and I don't know I don't really want to I'll do a class I have the pistachios mark uh mark you want to strike a deal with me dojo anywhere near you I can't feed you pistachios so what am I supposed to do just give me just any sort of deal um I don't tell you that your hair looks nice Michael who's behind that locker right there got him now please please I make good on your deal hairs very nice I want from Mark not you quiet mark you tell me my hair is nice now max you have hair like a troll doll God dare you although troll gals really do have nice hair so
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