Hey guys! it's nick here and I'm late again because I have no time to do anything with my life because I'm a mess hi um today is Sunday that I'm filming I'm supposed to put out videos on Thursdays high five Nick you're.

Good at this being a YouTube thing ha but I'm in this corner because this corner means my room's a mess and I'm ashamed of it hi I'm Nick today I want to do a thing that I'm going to start doing monthly may be called a big beauty sit down because I see.

Many different beauty things that I want to do but I don't have the time to do separate videos for them.

This kind of just gonna be like a little hat a big thing yes where I just do all these different things in one video like I am going to be doing my Sephora plan boxing some of my favorites and then reviewing some of the products that I've kind of used up and emptied and telling you about what I liked in my last word play.


It's like an empties support play and favorites video all in one big beauty sit down. All right, let's start off with what I really enjoyed from my last support play box that I used almost every day and I actually really fell in love with this way hairspray thing I've used it like almost every day and it's almost empty just sad i'm going to go buy a new one soon because i've used this almost every day and like i get.

Many compliments and how good my hair has been looking recently and liked yes Queen and then that light flash probably in my light bulb disco oh no oh I'm leaning on the light cord hahaha I'm.

Good at this ha nice and then the other thing from my before play box I like last time was the perfume sample that I got which is the citrine thing I'm probably not going to go out and buy this because it's more than i want to spend on smelling good which if you know me in person is not a necessity but i really liked how it smelled it was it was pretty nice and I'm again almost done with it because I wanted to spell dicen quite a few times in my life ok now on to this month's afore play box for august i have definitely already peaked in here i have definitely already taken out my sephora play card because i am awful and bad at waiting hi my name is Nick nice to meet you I took my support play card out but I haven't pitched for yet which is why I don't have a big bottle of this yet but in here it tells you all about the stuff i am probably not going to be using all of this stuff because a lot of it is in cruelty free and i don't fuck with not cruelty free which is why the benefit bronzer is not on my thing i gave that away because I didn't want it because I can't I don't fuck with cruelty with non cruelty free other than.

Far as personal brand because I'm like i already am giving my money to you.

Why not use your shit even though I know it's not cruelty free because you have to sell in China makeup politics I'm wishy-washy and bad at everything the first item in here that I definitely have already taken out and used is the perversion mascara I have taken it out and used it because I need new mascara and I'm really excited about it because yes Urban Decay God's perversion and I'm perverted.

Is this mascara for a good match none of the books the clean perfume clean reserve scent perfume blonde rose inspired by and escaped to a warm bubble bath infused with rose petals and a daydream with notes of rose peony jasmine musk and sandalwood I do love the scent of sandalwood but I don't like the scent of flowers.

We'll see that smells like bug spray no I'm probably going to hate this and never use it I love Lancome not cruelty free hi sorry that seems rude but like fuck I don't I don't fuck with cruelty free night with non cruelty-free I can understand vegan not vegan but like not quilty free it's like the make up for ever artist shadow hello yes Queen I love I shadows and makeup forever is a cruelty-free brand you go what up and it's a pretty color it's like this like ma be color I like malls let. This is in the shade something's falling from my wall with duct tape what ah um. This is in the shade I 544 highly saturated iridescent pink granite I shadow made with a unique gel powder formula ultrafine pigments for smooth color nice. This is the Sephora brand I pencil lit it's in a brown color which I y'all know I love putting poop in my eye hello it's like my favorite color I've outputting like Browns in my waterline cuz it just makes me look like I sleep in a dumpster and that's like what I'm going for yeah and then the last product is a Claddagh Lee I lifting bro palm I don't know if their cruelty free I don't think they are next Oh bragging now on to some of my favorite alright.

First up are these fucking makeup wipes I got it Ross Dress for Less for like four dollars because yes I have never felt the urge to use makeup wipes in my life before because I'm i usually will just shower after I put on makeup because like fuck but these have kind of changed my life because makeup wipes I love them it like lets me not have to take a shower for like a day and you all know my aesthetic as I said before is I want to look like a sleep in a dumpster I guess um I had the coconut oil one and I used it all I have a rose one in my bathroom and then I recently just and. This is also one of my empties oh yeah uh and then the. This is cucumber and I love cucumbers yep my next favorite it's really dirty because this packaging is awful although it feels nice it gets dirty.

Fucking easily like fuck it but it's the modern renaissance palette by honest nasty of Beverly Hills um ah Nastasia Beverly Hills multiple beautiful and close place in my heart because they sponsor RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag Race is by addiction I like shoot it up into my veins first of all all stars to holy fuck holy fuck what's going on I'm losing all control but yeah this palette is beautiful you know y'all know I love warm toned anything and these are like the beautiful warmest tones you could get in makeup yes God my only downfall is that it's not vegan because they have to use carmine to get all of these red tones which is kind of an but again I said I can understand not vegan because carmine is like one of the only ways to get like a beautiful red pigment but i can't understand not being cruelty-free but honest a sea of Everleigh Hills is cruelty free and also the fucking mirror and. This is probably the best I'm blinding you are and I hello these are. This is probably the best mirror i think i have ever seen any fucking makeup palette like it is.

Like high definition like I can actually see every single one of my pores and it's great I look disgusting I want to look like I live in dumpster hi look I do I succeeded and i have been using the brush with it the fluffier side is kind of prickly but yeah but the like little side is like nice and stuff yeah and my favorite colors in this our reality our love letter right ochre buon fresco and raw sienna and I've been using a lot of tempura because I'm I need to be hasty but I just totally got a whole bunch of real gar on my hand glit. Okay, my next favorite I talked about in my beauty haul thing which is the bon jovi padlet fucking everything it's all about rock music puns not only rock but also classical music but mostly rock which is my life and then this fucking highlighter fucks me up every fucking time yes God my favorite liquid lipstick at the moment is colored rain again I talked about this in my last video and it's the not my last video video my last makeup video and it's like this really pretty metallic right color it's kind of sheer but it's great let uh too um I my current favorite highlighters are the UH Nastasia Beverly Hills highlighters and I've got the glow kitten gleam which have had for a while which is just beautiful I hit pan on starburst and it's kind of upsetting me but I still got a ways to go as you can tell starburst is my favorite in that and this fucking palette I wasn't sure how I would feel about it because it's like colorful and like kind of crazy and I wouldn't be able to wear it a normal day life and then I realized if I pop just like a hint of color at the base of it and then use a normal highlight it looks bomb this fucking you get that little better unicorn in me but it's not too much it's not two extra for like daytime and then you can go full out like glowing fucking fairy princess if you want it to and it's fucking great and my last favorite is kind of like something really special to me because I made it.

My current favorite website at the moment is I tkb tradin which you are able to get stuff to make your own makeup and I made my own lipstick I actually a originally attempted to do this as like an eyeshadow but it never dried down and it turned into a lipstick and it's a really pretty color and I was making an eyeshadow palette or was attempting to and two of them matted down to the god nice shimmer the shimmers reacted differently than the mat pigments which hello I knew that would happen but I wasn't sure how they would met down.

I just kind of use the same formula just to experiment and then I put the excess into little like packaging's that I had empties of for like the longest time this was a bronzer from wet and wild and it was the biggest pan that I had.

I filled it up with all the excess from the color that I. This is and it's this really pretty orange color and I've been like putting it on and testing it like all the time and it I'm like absolutely in love with it and I want to find a way to start actually producing these and kind of selling them maybe in the future.

Sneak peek into my future of making makeup hello and I believe that's it my empty is worth things that I kind of pointed out 4G is. This is not completely nmt and. This is not completely an empty but they're kind of empty like my heart hello and I believe that's it and then um let me point out some of my favorite music of the moment my other favorite CD is in the car from right now.

I don't have it with me but I have three cities one of them is in the car that I don't have in my reach right now but that is delirium by Ellie Goulding who is my queen yes god fucking flawless beautiful and fucking delirium is amazing it's.

Different from all the other stuff she's done I have halcyon on vinyl over somewhere that way but I don't feel like getting up and grabbing it and then my other favorite right now is an old favorite of mine but I've been getting back into him in the towel city and All Things Bright and Beautiful has always been my favorite album by owl city the favorite songs on here or a yacht club for the obvious reason of lights being my all-time favorite artist ever in the history of ever I also really like dreams don't turn to dust and deer in the headlights which also because lights was in the music video for it and I'm obsessed and I'm kind of crazy and all owl city is a fucking genius and amazing and then my third favorite CD artist person is. This is another older favorite that I've had for a while but it's a great big world I've been getting back into them too and my favorite song off of the is there anybody out there album is either um everyone is gay um cheer up or I don't want to love somebody else and yeah I guess that concludes all of my favorites and my big beauty what did I call it my big beauty video thing mess hall whoa what haha I guess that concludes my video I have an album out called stripped down which you can find on this channel in a playlist link down below or you can buy it on iTunes or Amazon or listen to it on Spotify or do other things and etc I make videos every Thursday but sometimes it's not Thursday it's a lot later than Thursday because I'm a mess and I have no control over my schedules or of when I can do things because I'm exhausted all the time but I try my best and that's all I can do hi I'm Nick diamond idiot and i repeat myself a lot um like this video if you like this video comment suggestions for other Beauty things that I should get tell me that I'm an idiot hey comment down below please and thank you um tell me all about how fucked up my skin is right now because I fell asleep with makeup on last night and plug my album follow me on my social medias they're also linked down below I did you just hit the link down below and just read it just read it and figure out what I'm doing because I don't know I'm a mess hello I always put the music that is playing in the background it's down there unless there's no music like last week and I will try to find the products mentioned in this video and put them in the links below but I'm a mess and sometimes I don't have the time to do that.

I'll try hello um like comment subscribe or whatever stay tuned goodbye dddddd 52 d um pardon from from from the brim for new friend from mom bumper down and pretend oh yeah i forgot a comment on this I like the wink hi I'm Nick and I'm unprofessional could that be my new thing where I just say hi i am nick every other sentence cuz i think it's a good look on me you know i think that's a good look on me too i am as a person an idiot who repeats himself but also wants to let you know who the fuck i have x you.

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