Birthday Princess Reeses Chocolate

With immense Ling's it's divine Mickey's here and I'm really excited because I'm gonna munch on this or say princess Reese's oh um if you guys watched my video yesterday you'll know that this was part of the package that one of my amazing munch Ling's Alicia Aisha sent to me um and I thought. This is going to be at the perfect time to eat it it is the day before my birthday and I do know that some of you um we're wondering like oh are you going to do a special birthday video and some of you were looking forward to that and I was like thinking I was like oh my god I'm going to let them down because I'm uploading a pre-recorded video because a lot of you guys know I'm going to a funeral tomorrow on my birthday um.

I just wanted to do a little special birthday video for you guys today in this video I have some of my amazing gift that I've got for my birthday that I absolutely love this amazing beautiful rock salt lamp but I'm just absolutely in love with this incredible lava lamp that I'm absolutely in love with as well like Knittle Yoda might read some yoga yoga some Yoda wisdom with you guys um I was planning on doing that anyway, and then I got a request to do it I'm like. Okay, definitely and then little nice life is that could you think of like a more perfect nightlight for me and then I'm just dangling my little Donuts on the tops of my ears because why not.

Anyways I'm really excited to eat those little I feel like a birthday princess AHA open it from the bottom Thanks ah maybe oh gosh don't know how to open it maybe there's the reconstruction I'm not sure guys how to open it oh there you go you can just squeeze it I don't know if that's the way you're supposed to do it but we have to get in those things. Okay.

They're cute little Reese's um and they're in the cute little birthday princess paper and they look like that and then who they're kind of soft it's really hot in this house today I think it's like 95 degrees outside.

It's not like.

Hot I feel like I need air conditioning you know I'm saving it for the month it's going to be like 115 degrees you know what I mean which is really hot. Okay, oh my goodness. This is delicious Alicia.

Yummy well it sounds a little squished so. This is going to be my birthday video you guys um just eaten some Reese's with my beautiful lamps by the way a couple people let me know that. This is a fire hazard um and thank you I really didn't think about that.

I'm glad I know and I'm going to not have it plugged in like this unless I'm like next to it you know um I Pro pretty confident if anything happened I could like take care of it really quickly because I'm right here someone even said their house fire started like that my gosh I hope everything everyone was. Okay, um my grandma's house burned down one time she lost everything such a tragic thing that happens to people. Okay, these are a little bit melty.

They're hard to get off but look mmm all my words mm-hmm delicious we're just going to eat all of them.

Here I'll just put them. All right, here we're going to get down on some Reese's right now thank you just yeah it can sit right there.

I don't know if you guys I mean I just assume that most people have had a Reese's these are just like bigger Reese's just smaller I'll show you what they look like they're like chocolate milk chocolate outside with like this like peanut butter they're going to might look a little funky because they're kind of too melty on here because take it off see how it gets on there mmm like peanut butter Center you show you look at this delicious.

You can see the chocolate kind of coming off that's the peanut butter Center with the chocolate outside it's just.

Amazing and delicious open up no my mom I know.


Good good.

Delicious I gotta just eat another one because they're that good.

Most of you guys know well I don't want to assume anything a lot of you guys know that it's my birthday tomorrow's my birthday May 14th um probably some of you are wondering how old I mines turn in thirty minutes are years old tomorrow oh I still have one down here bye-bye 20s hello 30s oh my word I never thought I would live to see the day I would be 30 I'm not even kidding you guys I really thought I was going to be like you know with Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain or like you know 27 or like earlier no way did I think I'm going to get old well I'm not saying that 13 years old I actually feel really young but like now that I have made it to 30 I'm like wow you know unless something happens I'm probably going to live a long life and be you know an older person one day because um I've made it this far oh look at that.

I'm just going to do my best to enjoy every day every day of my life even the days where I'm feeling sad or unhappy or angry or having any sort of negative emotion to still be able to enjoy somehow you know because we are human beings and we do experience all spectrum of emotions good bad negative I feel like even on those really sad horrible days because I do have sad horrible days where I just want to lay in bed and do nothing I do have those days sometimes and you know what I like to do on those days I like to lay in bed and do nothing and that it's. Okay, it's. Okay, to lay in bed and do nothing sometimes it's our minds a beat of something about it oh you feel terrible you're just laying in bed you're worthless you're nothing but now I'm like I'm just laying in bed today because I don't feel that great and that's. Okay, and it makes it a lot nicer Andy. All right, Master Yoda up sit right there it comes with this little book we'll just open it to a random page shall we Yoda why wish you become Jedi hmm Luke mostly because of my father I guess Yoda ah your father powerful Jedi was he powerful Jedi by the way my Yoda impression might be terrible let's open to another page try not do or do not there is no try yes I love it I love that you guys there is no try it's either I'm gonna do it or I'm not gonna do it but I'm not going to try to do it when you say you're gonna try to do is I'm just like a cop-out like well either you're gonna do it or you're not going to do it but are you really going to try but you know at the same time sometimes I do try Oh funny oh my gosh it's almost over when they have three more yummy magnificent. Okay.

We look and see on that picture of yoga. Okay, if once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny consume you it will love and light my friends love in light let's be on that path of lemon light love in life Ward's not make great one great use your feelings you must Wars not make one great you have your feelings you must feelings tap into your feelings look a Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense never for attack yeah Yoda you command oh my gosh look at this picture train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose I like that that is good let go of everything you fear you lose then it's like everything in your life you can adjust enjoy but you're not.

Attached to it that if it was out of your life it would be like doomsday you know truly wonderful the mind of a child is.

True you guys to be able to enjoy life like a child oh goodness we'll do one more a Jedi's strength flows from the force but beware of the dark side anger fear aggression the dark side of the fourth day are they easily they flow quick to join you in a fight you know I really liked that last one about the anger fear and aggression um I have anger in me I just read someone's comment they were like I wish I could be like you I'm.

Full of anger and I just really resonated at that comment because I can get really angry and I can get really irritated those are two emotions that I really have to work with and it's like my tool for working with those right now presently and when I'm doing with right now is to when those type of emotions come up I try to recognize that there's air but not act upon them and not get consumed by them and kind of just let them wash over me like wave washing on the beach and then I move through them much quickly I'm very freeing Wow very freeing not to get attached to negative emotions like that. Okay.

Delicious you guys I'm actually really excited because I am Patrick took me out for dinner last night which you'll see in on the 15th I'm Anna I did what I eat in a day video it's going to be a pre-recorded video but I hope you guys really like it um and I got a pizza and I have half of the pizza in my fridge and after this video I'm going to render it and I'm gonna go top that sucker in the oven and I'm going to eat it I'm.

Excited about it. Okay, last last one oh my gosh Elisa's was delicious and I really do feel like a birthday princess cooking you look at many of the Yoda my lava lamp is thank you very much you guys really make my my life um full of passion and joy and purpose and amazing and I'm.

Grateful thank you very much for watching and joining me here I hope my Yoda voice wasn't too weird I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you get to munch up some delicious munchies and I'll talk to you again really really soon that my friends.

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