Black to Light Brown Without Bleach! Color Oops/Color Remover

Hey guys! it's Kimberly.

Today I'm doing a little hair transformation and I'm actually starting with doing a color remover on my hair.

I'm not actually using Color Oops but I'm using a very similar product it's from beyond the zone it's called radical color removal and it does the exact same thing basically the idea is that you can put a color remover on your hair and it will shrink down the color particles.

They can escape out of the pores.

Black to Light Brown Without Bleach! Color Oops/Color Remover

I've already mixed mine up it's kind of this paste like consistency right now which is perfect and all I did was mixed two ounces of water with the powder and I use two powders.

I had 4 ounces of water total for two powders and yeah that's basically all you need to do and if you want a greater lift you can use developer I would recommend 10 volume developer and if you have really damaged hair if your hair is not a prize you can use like a 20 developer but really you shouldn't eat it you should be able to just use the water and that should be fine you should mix it up completely I still had a couple chalking places.

I'm going to keep mixing and then I think that I would recommend you have is obviously gloves I do have a pair of gloves this time and then this color rinse you can use any kind of color rinse I'm using the roof fancy full 13 chocolate kiss I want to make sure would be dark enough to cover up whatever color ends up coming out because you're not really going to know what kind of color you're going to have afterwards and you want to have kind of a backup in case ugly or spotty or anything like that.

That's what. This is for basically you just shower when your hair's wet you put it on it stains your hair but it doesn't color your hair and the next time you shower it'll come out.

That's my little safeguard just in case I don't like the color underneath.

I'm going to go ahead and in sections of my hair and you want to make sure you completely saturate the hair with your color remover it does not smell good in case you were wondering when I'm taking a foil and literally just pointing it around this little piece not really in any special way.

The part that have gotten that color mover are already lightning I've got a really ground color up here where the color remover accidentally touched that's crazy I can't believe it's already coming out.

You can learn for my mistake if you're using foil you want to start from the back and go forward because they just gotten away I couldn't see.

I'm thinking about look at that brown I think I'm gonna run out why do I have.

Much hair Internet answer me next lesson is when you go to Sally's and the lady tells you you need to you should buy three just in case I'm trying to conserve it as much as I can but I also don't want it to come out splotchy we'll see what happens I guess.

I'm not sure if you guys saw that last part but I had to dilute the last little bit with a lot of water try to get it to work I don't know if it's going to do what it's supposed to do because it was.

Diluted and I'm just gonna focus pachi I don't know if it's gonna do anything at all.

I guess we'll find out as you can see it's already really lightening up it's a light brown right now go white look at that piece right there yeah it's lightening up.

I'm gonna be checking it every 5 to 10 minutes when it looks pretty light I'm probably just gonna rinse it out and you're supposed to shampoo twice that's what these directions says the color routes directions are to rinse for 30 minutes.

I'm I'm going to do both the longer you rinse it the more color wash out of your hair.

That's pretty much the key.

Right now the ends of my hair very light light light brown. This is all not really looking. This is the part that I diluted it and put it right on there hoping that it would do something because I ran out but the ends are really really doing good um the rest of my hair is kind of lightening not.

Much if it turns out that. This is just light brown and the rest is black that's cool too it's gonna look really nice I think.

At this point it's a white light brown and it doesn't seem to be lightening anymore.

I'm gonna go ahead and wash it out but these are very very light brown compared to the black it was before I'm pretty happy so. This is what I ended up with it definitely does dry out your hairs what I did is I got in the shower um I shampoo twice and then I just thought it rooms for a really long time that I put conditioner nix it felt super super dry I could tell it was really dry and then when I rinse that out I actually put a reconstructive mask on it let that sit for a couple minutes then I wash that out and then I did conditioner at third time before I got out of the shower just really quick after I did that I use both of these oils on it and. This is not your mother's wait girl leave-in conditioner and then a tea tree oil that I usually use.

Here's what I've ended up with it's a very light reddish brown it's actually really really close to my natural hair color I'm a little bit surprised and you can see where the dark part still are up at the top but it actually kind of looks nice because it almost gives it a really Rudi effect.

I like it I'm gonna keep it like this for a while I hope. This is helpful to some of you guys if you want to see more videos you can subscribe down below don't forget to give it a if this helped you give any recommendations for videos comments questions down below and yeah nephew guy.

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