BLACKHEAD VACUUM/SUCTION?! | Does it really work?

Hey everyone.

Welcome back to my channel today I am trying something out that's pretty gimmicky but cool at the same time it is this Panasonic pour / blackheads suction kind of device.

Pretty much what you do with this you turn it on and then you just put it where your blackheads are where your pores are and it is going to like suck all that nasty stuff out of there so. This is by Panasonic but I think it's made in Japan because you know everything is in Japanese and you know these girls here they seem to love it I got mine off eBay but you can get it off Amazon I just didn't get it off Amazon because a lot of Amazon sellers don't ship to New Zealand.

I trust eBay as long as their seller has a high rate and it has a top rated badge on it I will link the salad I bought it from down below and I got a four I think it was about forty to fifty dollars New Zealand Dollars.

BLACKHEAD VACUUM/SUCTION?! | Does it really work?

You know it is quite pricey but I mean it did an electronic gadget.

I guess there would be a little bit more pricey but for me I probably would put this about like twenty to thirty dollars but yeah I spent about forty to fifty on it it took exactly two weeks just to get to me which i think is pretty good for eBay eBay G takes like two to three weeks to get to me about two weeks was pretty good.

Pretty much what you want to do this guy is that you want to open up your pores for us by steaming your face with a facial steamer or getting out of the shower or bought either today by using a hot cloth and putting that over my face to open up the pores you don't want to use this on dry skin and then you pretty much you just turn it on and then it just sucks everything out and. Okay, me I don't have a lot of pores or black kids but I really did want to try this out because it's such a unique gadget you know and I. This is what I deal my channel I review really random beauty things.

You know I really want to try this out even though I do have pores like don't get me wrong I have got paws I got blackheads but it's not my first skin concern you know it's not as big as other people's what you'll see next is my first impression in my opinion because it's not channel.

I'm gonna give you guys my opinion on it and then I'm going to film my boyfriend he's got like a lot of blackheads I'm kidding excited because I love this kind of stuff I find it.

Satisfying like I love popping pimples I just love like this stuff I know some people find it gross but for me it's really satisfying.

I can't wait to try it on her because he's got.

Much like blackheads you'll be getting an opinion from someone like me who doesn't have much pause or blackheads and then you'll be getting an opinion from someone that has a lot of like head and very much they're you know.

You're getting opinion from two different people.

Yeah I hope that's. All right, with you guys because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a few comments saying girl you don't have black kids why are you in reviewing this I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a comment like that somewhere.

I am testing it out on someone who does have a lot of that kids. Okay.

First I have my towel here and I'm quite warm and hot.

I'm just going to put this over my face and just open up my pores. Okay.

That's not really nice as you gonna tell my face kind of went a little bit red that is just telling me that my pores are opened up and ready to go.

As you can see over here I have quite large pores closer to here and then on my nose it's just mainly pores really the not as dark or black you see like on the inner corner like these are more larger pores you.

For me I can see a little bit of oil there but from the reviews that I saw they had a lot more and I do have oily skin.

I don't know if you like this I don't really suck that much out like there's not much of a difference ok so. This is what my boyfriend's blackheads and pores looks like just a little close up for you guys and then here we are just going over his nose I had to put the volume down because we're playing music in the background and I don't want to be copyrighted for it and this was his result as you can see around the edges there's a lot of gunk annoy them but at least I put something out better than my results.

Yeah there you go.

After testing this out on myself and also my boyfriend skin I can come to a conclusion that I think. This is not the greatest thing like you don't have to have it it's not a miracle worker.

I feel a person like me who doesn't have much pores or black hairs they're very light but you do have some but they're just very light I would say you can totally skip out on this nothing special and yeah it doesn't really suck up that much stuff out of my skin I was expecting more since I do have oily skin and then on my boyfriend's skin he does have more pores more blackheads and he kept flinching away from me we're not trying to do it.

Like a hurt for him and he was saying that it's not worth it it doesn't work and then a blackhead strip is way more effective than this thing.

As a now my recommendation in my opinion skip on this guy save your money go ahead and get a facial or just go buy some poor strips those are probably work out better than this but the idea is pretty cool but no not for me.

That guys wraps up this review for today on this blackhead suction here and.

Yeah you got my opinion and you also got my boyfriend's opinion two different skin types to a different concern I really do hope you guys did find this helpful if I do leave anything out then please leave a comment down below and I will reply to you right away and yeah if you did enjoy watching please give this video a thumbs up it would mean the world to me and subscribe if you haven't already you can join my family and until next time I'll see you guys in my next video bye.

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